Monday, September 10, 2012

Thorlo socks...Where have you been all of my life?!

Wednesday I popped into Dick's Sporting Goods on a mission to buy GU's for my last long training run and a pair of new crew Swiftwick socks. Needless to say, Dick's doesn't carry Swiftwicks so I continued to browse. As I was browsing through racks and racks of socks (For heavens sakes who knew there were so many socks in the world?!) I stumbled on a new sock called Thorlo. 

The Thorlo sock caught my attention for three reasons:

1. They were heavily padded throughout the toe box and heel.

2. They were in fun colors.

3. They were almost all sold out in the medium (average) size and that is always a good sign!!

Hmmm....someone knows something that I don't!

I turned them over and almost gasped at the price. $15!!!! For a pair of socks?! Hmmm...I thought a bit more and contemplated about my plantar fasciitis. Thought about the price of orthotics. Thought about my husband in the car asking how much they were?! (Haha!) Contemplated some more and then bought the darn things!

Let me just purchase for my feet ever!!! I am loving and might I add living in them! I can't wait for them to get out of the washer to wear them again. They are the most comfortable sock ever. I ran a few miles in them and completed my 18 miler in them yesterday. They saved my feet and get this, no blisters! The one thing I will say is that they may make your sneaks a little snug.

I decided to pull up the reviews and see if I could get a better price on them anywhere else. The best price I could find was $13.49. Well, by the time I ship them what's the difference? The reviews were beyond positive. They ranged from "Best sock ever" to "They last a lifetime"! If you would like to read the reviews click here.  Here is just one of the many reviews below:

No other brand existsfor me
JMX Running SocksSeveral years ago, I received a pair of Thorlos (I think they were micro mini-crew)for testing. I don't remember, but I think it was in Running Room store magazine I found the coupon for that purpose.
Until then, I tried several brands of socks and I was quite satisfied.
But when I used the Thorlos for the first time for my workout, I was overwhelmed. They were soft, thick, extremely comfortable. I had the feeling that my feet were really protected. It was an invisible shield, not the socks. Because of their thickness, I thought they would be more difficult to dry than thinner socks, but I was wrong. Drying time (on the air) is not much different than other brands I used before. Maybe a "little bit" longer, but not significantly. However, the comfort cannot be compared.Since that day, only Thorlo exists for me. Crew, mini-crew, whatever I find in my local store, they are all the same on my feet. And I adore them.

Needless to say, I am asking myself "Why haven't I heard of these socks?!" "Have I been in the dark?!" Maybe, but I sure am thankful to have found them so now I am sharing the love!

Until next time...Happy Running!


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  1. Havent heard of them but ill have to try them now.... having foot pain and maybe thatll help well see thanks for shareing!