Monday, September 24, 2012

The Sexy Mother Runner Weight Loss Challenge!!

Are you ready to lose a few pounds?! Me, too! Today was the breaking point for me as I stepped on the scale expecting to see what I have the past few weeks of a 10 pound weight gain since marathon training began, but in fact that number had rose by another 5 pounds! Wow, a 15 pound weight gain! No it is not the marathon training's fault, but I have been so hungry and making some poor choices. I am a big believer in not focusing on the past, so it is time to get started on losing those pesky pounds and not have the need to buy a new wardrobe! :)

The *Sexy Mother Runner Weight Loss Challenge will last for 10 weeks. It will start this Friday, September 28 and end Friday, November 30, 2012! It's just in time for looking and feeling good during the holidays! Wouldn't it be something to not gain weight during the holidays this year and instead lose?!

Want to join us?!

1. To join please send your name and a picture of your weight scale to our private Inbox on our Sexy Mother Runner Facebook page or email it to us at no later than Friday, September 28, 2012. Please rest assured that we will keep your information confidential!

2. For accountability and pat-on-the-back purposes, each following week send a picture of your scale to either of our private Inbox's whether you lose or not. That way we can brag about you and encourage everyone to keep going! We will be sharing our weekly weigh in information with you, too! Remember, we will never share your actual weight or picture with anyone. We will only announce our biggest weight loss losers of the week!

3. The end of the challenge will be Friday, November 30. We will need to receive your final weigh in picture no later than November 30, 2012. We will announce a winner on December 1, 2012!  Bekah and I will find some cool prizes, too! :)

So, let's get started! Grab a partner if you want, make a team if that helps, start planning your meals, put exercise on your things to do list and send your picture to us today!! Whatever it takes to make it happen, do it! I for one am taking my measurements and starting today! I have everything to lose and nothing to gain!!!

I am so excited that you will be joining us!!

Happy Losing!!

~Danyelle :)

*Disclaimer: This is a fun weight loss challenge. Always consult your physician before starting any exercise or weight loss program! We are not doctors, nor do we play one on tv. Please take exercise and weight loss seriously. Winners must provide weight loss pictures 
by due dates and address for any prize winnings. 

Good luck everyone! ~ Danyelle & Bekah

Want to talk to us?! Email us at!


  1. a "Sexy Mother Runner" t-shirt would be an awesome prize!

  2. Hi Sexy mother runners :)

    Is this challenge open to people outside the USA?


  3. Yes, this challenge is open to everyone! Hope you join us! The SMR shirt is a great idea, too! ~Danyelle :)

  4. How fun!! Can't wait to join!! :)

  5. SO cool!! Thanks for doing this!! :)

  6. Super awesome! I will be joining this challenge for sure!

  7. I just saw someone's post about this on FB and I'm doing this!! I was planning to try to lose more weight before Christmas anyway so this works out great!

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