Thursday, September 6, 2012

Running away from hormones...awe push it!!!

Men proceed with CAUTION. Women I know I am preaching to the choir.

Yesterday my husband came home from work and I instantly bombarded him with my stress list: "I am so tired, I have laundry to do, I need to do case notes, I need to grade assignments, the dog needs walked, I need to do laundry, I need to call so and so, and I have to run. When am I going to get this run in?! Did I mention that I need to do the laundry? I just have to run. It is on my plan and I have to run." Yes, this is me. Don't you wished you lived with me?! The truth is that I keep it together 28 days out of the month and generally get stressed out for 3 of them. Ladies, you know what I mean?

So, being the awesome husband that he is...(yes, he was made for me) he listened and then said, "Go for your run. I will pick her up from school." I replied with an "okay, really? thank you!". Then I sat here for a minute looking at Facebook. My husband came back out from changing, looked at me and said "You haven't left, yet?!". Yeah, he's good like that.

Okay, let's be honest I really didn't want to run yesterday. I wanted to curl up in a blanket with my husband's boxers on, while eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's Pistachio Pistachio, while watching 27 dresses all while totally hormoning-out!! (Yes, "hormoning-out" is in Webster, right next to "lol"!) Instead I put on my running clothes and snapped on my SPIbelt. Let's start by saying I shouldn't have even looked in the mirror as I looked like I was 5 1/2 months pregnant and my SPIbelt needed let out. Nothing like starting a run when you feel like a cow that has been licking it's salt block all day However, I laced up.

As I complained inside my head about the marathon, "must train, wah, wah, boo, hoo don't want to do this, its hot" I went out the door. Let's start by saying when the wind blew by my arms the pores on my skin wanted to turn inside out. Yes, men this is all true. The minute I started my run my pelvis felt like it was going to fall to the ground. Awesomeness! Graphic enough for you, yet?! Well, it's all true. This is what some of us lucky ladies get to deal with every month. Please be patient with us. It doesn't last long.

My first half mile I listened to Elton John's "Can you feel the love tonight?" Are you kidding me?! Seriously, I am running to this?! And, tearing up I might add! Thank Goodness, Salt-n-Pepa's Push It came on next! I instantly started laughing at me being my crazy self and really started running. I started thinking about the movie "Something Borrowed" when they dance to Push it and I couldn't stop smiling. Instantly I was belting out 9:45 miles! BTW, If you haven't watched that scene you need to. Here it is!

I kept running and instantly came back from planet Venus back to Earth. I pushed those hormones out and kicked their smirky, little behinds!!! Hey guys, don't mess with a runner!!!

My three mile run ended with picking up my new Brooks! Yay, they were finally here! The day instantly got better, however I need a bigger size. Seriously, I am a 10 1/2 now?! When did this happen? Are my feet retaining water, too?! Nonetheless, they are going back for a bigger size, but I still love, love, love them! They are super-cute and I can't wait to being putting some miles on them!

Until next time I hope you have had a good laugh and...Happy Running!


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