Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finding Hope In Disaster

On Sunday our community was devastated by tornadoes. It's reported that 42 tornadoes occurred in Illinois. Within hours people were coming together to help those in need.

Three towns in my area were severely damaged. Pekin has reported 100 homes/buildings with damage. I live in a rural area between Pekin and East Peoria, which has damaged homes as well. Some completely destroyed. The worst hit was the town of Washington. Homes were leveled and sadly, one life was lost.

Steve Neubauer was a long time family friend. My sisters and brother-in-law were good friends with him. I've known him and his wife since I was a teenager. They are both wonderful people who would do anything to help out someone in need. Beth, his wife, just barely made it to the basement in time. Steve was on his way down behind her when the tornado hit their home. He is greatly missed by his family and his many friends.

This is the path the EF4 tornado took through the town of Washington.

I have friends who suffered minor damage to their homes and friends who have lost everything. My family who lives in Washington was thankfully untouched by the tornado but they are still without power and under a boil order. Our power went out on Sunday right as we made our own mad dash to the basement amidst tornado sirens, thunder, and heavy rain pelting our windows. Other than a few limbs down in our yard we had no damage. Our power came back on Monday afternoon.

This photo of the tornado was taken in Washington by Anthony Khouri.

One of the stories I read and can't stop thinking about was Julie Locke's story. Julie lost her son, Dax Locke, to cancer in December of 2009 and she is the founder of The Dax Locke Foundation. She now has a young daughter. Julie started writing a blog while Dax was sick and has since kept it up. She wrote about her experience during the tornado. Her house is in Washington. She had just gotten home from church when the tornado hit, they had little time to get to the basement. She covered her daughter's body with her own while the tornado hit their house. Once it passed and they were okay, she immediately went out to help others. She even gave her shoe to a person who had lost one of their own. I am repeatedly amazed by this woman's courage, strength and her spirit to help others.

One of my husband's long time friends was hospitalized with a broken vertebrae and collarbone. His house was also destroyed. His wife and children suffered minor injuries. You can watch his interview on the news here. You can also send a donation to help his family here.

These are just a few of the countless stories from Sunday.

In spite of the devastation, true beauty is everywhere. The beauty of the human spirit is shining bright in Central Illinois. People all over our area have come together to help in any way they can. Businesses are opening up their doors to those in need, organizing fund raisers, donating supplies. Churches have become Red Cross shelters. Utility trucks have arrived from out of state while utility workers are working around the clock on clean up and getting power restored.

One of my good friends, Danell, has a business called Go2Girl. She is one of the most kind-hearted people I know. She is donating her time this week by collecting and dropping off supplies/donations for anyone who needs assistance in the Pekin area.

Another friend, Kim, owns a chain of Papa Murphey's Pizza restaurants. She and her husband are donating 50% of their proceeds on Thursday of this week to the Red Cross tornado victim fund.

I've read about car dealerships offering free rental cars, apartment complexes and realtors offering housing, churches setting up free meals for those in need, furniture stores giving away mattresses and the list goes on and on.

There is a lot of work to be done. But there is hope. Central Illinois is filled with generous and giving hearts. Washington is the same community that came together to give 'one more Christmas' to Dax Locke. They are a very strong community who will no doubt rise above this tragic event.

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

If you would like to help, you can donate to the
Be sure to specify that you are wanting to donate to the tornado victims. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

HipS-sister Product Review and Giveaway!

I was able to try out my new SportS-sister HipS-sister for the first time on one of my runs last week. A HipS-sister is a hip waist pack with two zippered pockets and one top loading pocket. It's goal is to help you live your life hands free.

I chose a size Medium HipS-sister, which is equivalent to a size 8-10 in women's jeans. When I slipped it on I liked how firm it felt and how flattering it was. I took a selfie to show you what it looked like. 

The real test for me was to load it with my running must-haves and hit the pavement. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical that this new contraption would stay put once I got up to cruising altitude. 

I loaded my HipS-sister with my keys in the back pocket and my iPhone in the front loading pocket. As I started running I noticed the pressure of my keys, but mind you I have 8 keys on my ring and a picture holder. My keys weren't flopping around, but I felt them. I do not think there is any way that I wouldn't feel my key ring with the amount of keys I have though. Next, I payed special attention to my iPhone that was in the front loading, non-zippered pocket. I was astonished, no flopping! 

Now it was time to get up to cruising altitude and give my HipS-sister the real test! As I increased speed and added miles what I noticed was that I forgot about my HipS-sister, which means I wasn't feeling it any longer. I had grown accustomed to it. It was staying put and my items were, too! On that run I did 4.75 miles at a 10 minute pace. I think I gave it a true test. 

What I loved about my SportS-sister HipS-sister:

1. I loved that it stayed put and didn't ride up. Honestly, this was a big concern for me.

2. I love that it has room for all of the essentials for running, but also for living. I can see me using this for shopping and while doing my "life" chores when I do not want my phone an inch away from me while my kids are in school. I typically use my Tune Band for running, but it is not very stylish. I see friends laugh when I am wearing it while not running. Now I will use my stylish HipS-sister to fulfill that needed hands-free role.

3. HipS-sister is stylish! Even the black one I have is super-cute. Plus, if you go to their site here (HipS-sister www.hipssister.com) you can choose a variety of HipS-sisters! I really like the bling style!

4. HipS-sister is flattering! Okay, most of us that have had children have this beautiful accessory that came with our children as soon as the nurse gave us a mountain of paperwork to sign called a "shelf". You know that beautiful part of skin on your stomach that is right above your pubic bone, layered with stretch marks that no matter how much weight you lose or crunches you complete will never tighten unless you visit Doc Make-Me-Perfect for $10K!?? Ladies, you know what I am talking about?! Well, you're not alone! The HipS-sister is a great accessory to help hide that extra gift from your kids for around $30 and no anesthesia. Bonus! Now if they come up with something for the flap-jack, pancake, waist boobs from nursing....

5. I love the variety of styles of HipS-sisters! There is a Left Coast Sister, Park City Sister, Vegas Sister, Global Sister, Bling Sister, SportS Sister, SwimS Sister, and Sisters for a Cause. If you want to view the collection click here

6. The best thing about HipS-sister, Sisters for a Cause!

One cause dear to us is our "Military Community". At hipS-sister we believe that this is a "National Community". Our Military "Sisters" are Active Duty, Veterans, Spouses, Parents, etc serving within our national community. We honor these "Sisters" and our Military Service Members by donating $10 for each Camo Print hipS-sister to Military Outreach programs. Our Military Lifestyle Expert connects our Military "Sisters" & non-profit charities with support. We appreciate our sister-hood due to the sacrifices of our Service Members and their families. Thank you for purchasing the "Sister-For-A-Cause Camo Print" hipS-sister and supporting our National Community.
A second cause dear to us is "Girls and Boys Clubs of America". Girls and Boys Clubs are a great place to learn and grow all while having fun. It is the place where great futures are started each and every day. Club programs and services promote and enhance the development of boys and girls by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence. As parents ourselves, and as women, we understand the challenges in growing up and finding our voices in the world. We feel it is our duty to help the young mature and become amazing young adults. Part of the profits from all our ‘heart inspired’ apparel will be donated to this organization. Part of the profits from all our "heart inspired" apparel will be donated to this organization.

I am very happy with my new HipS-sister and know I will use it for a multitude of tasks. We think you would enjoy one too, so HipS-sister and Sexy Mother Runner are teaming up to give one lucky sister a HipS-sister this week!

Here is how you can enter to win a HipS-sister:

1. Go to our Sexy Mother Runner Facebook page by clicking here.

2. If you have not already "liked" us, please do. You must be a follower to win.

3. Share our HipS-sister Product Review & Giveaway Facebook Post on Sexy Mother Runner by posting it on your own personal Facebook page. You can share as many times as you like. The more times you share the better odds you have of winning.

4. Next start browsing for the new HipS-sister that you would like and let us know your favorite on our Facebook page. 

One lucky winner will be drawn at random on November 22! Winner must provide an email and mailing address to receive their HipS-sister! 

Good luck and start sharing today!


Want to chat to us more?
Email Bekah and Danyelle at sexymotherrunner@yahoo.com
We love hearing from you!

Enjoy the run!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Juice Fast Next Week!

Fred and I are going to be doing a juice fast next week. It starts this Sunday and will go through Saturday. I will post our recipes throughout the week so stay tuned! 

If you would like to juice with us we would love to hear about your recipes and your experience as well! 

Peace, Love, Happiness!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Once Again, Way Out Of My Comfort Zone

I've been telling people to get out of their comfort zones and try new things for over a year now. I've also been practicing what I've been preaching. Over the course of the last year, I've completed a Super Spartan, zip-lined, swam with sharks and stingrays, completed a 25k, and joined the PTL at my daughter's school. All of which were scary in one way or another, especially the PTL. ;)

None of those things were anywhere near as terrifying as what I did over the weekend: Singing. In public. Like, to a crowd of people.

I actually did sing in public about 4 years ago. It was one song with my husband at a church function. It was a small audience at my church. Though I was nervous then too, I was mostly confident that no one in the church was going to be mean or boo me. Mostly...

So, I've spent the last week doing something that I really love. Singing at home with my husband. Here's the deal. My sister owns a little neighborhood bar, it's actually been in our family for 27 years now since my parents owned it before her. This month marked the 27th anniversary so she wanted to have a customer appreciation celebration. Lots of planning went in to this by both of my sisters and the employees. There was a bags tournament scheduled, a dart tournament, prize giveaways, food, and some live music.

My husband, Fred, was asked to provide the live music a week before the event. Just an acoustic set about an hour long. Fred played guitar in a band when we first met but hasn't done that for years. He plays a song or two on occasion but nothing like what they were asking. So, he said he would do it but what he meant was that WE would do it. I let my sisters know. Their response was, "You can sing? Though my response was, "Yes." it was more of an "I hope so."

Getting up in front of people and singing for the first time was a terribly scary thought for me. I love to sing but that doesn't make me good at it. I've watched American Idol, some of those people love to sing too and, well, yikes. I had to trust that Fred was not lying to me about the way I sounded or blinded (deafened?) by his love for me. He's the only person I've ever felt really comfortable singing around.

So we practiced a handful of songs all week. Fred playing his guitar and both of us singing. With one week to throw this together we decided to stick with some 'safe' songs that we have done before just around the house. We did throw in a couple new ones that we thought would also be fun.

Our kids watched us practice all week. They got into it too and had some jam sessions with us. You can watch a small sample of that here:


We got to my sister's bar and set up. I was so nervous. My hands were shaking a little and my stomach was re-enacting Mary Lou Retton's floor routine. But I did it. No one booed or threw tomatoes. There was no loud gong sound. (Yes, I just referenced The Gong Show there. It's okay if you didn't get it.) Some people even clapped and whistled after the first song. Okay, it was my Mom and sisters. But still.

We played through 10 songs. Then, our wonderful friend, Matt, who is a runner as well as a musician, took my place and he and Fred played. I was relieved and so grateful to be done.

Lots of people came up to me saying that they had no idea I could sing, told me I sounded great. My sisters both told me they were so nervous for me because they had no idea if I could sing or not. My sister, Dannette, said that she was actually in the bathroom when we started and that she knew it was me singing but she couldn't believe that I could actually sing like that having never heard me. So, yes, my sisters who I am very close to and very comfortable with never even knew I could sing. That's how petrified I am of singing in front of people. In fact, only a couple of my friends knew I was doing this and I kind of waited to tell them until last minute so that no one else would show up.

I don't think anyone was blown away but I think I did okay for my first time. When it was all said and done I was really glad that I did it. It may even happen again sometime.

It took 33 years for me to decide to become a runner. It's taken me 37 years to make myself get way out of my comfort zone and sing in public.

Don't let fear keep you from doing something you enjoy or think you might enjoy. Keep getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things.

Peace, Love, Happiness!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Race Recap: Komen Promise Run 13.1

I can't believe that it has been 2 weeks since I ran the Komen Promise Half. Time goes so fast during this season of my life! I am sure many of you are like me and your calendar doesn't even have a white space to spare to write anything else.

The Komen Promise Run was the biggest, pleasant SURPRISE race of my life! I signed up for this race as I needed a local (low cost) half to keep me motivated this Fall. Secretly, I wanted a PR too, but as I heard more and more about this race my PR spirit deflated. Friends started telling me that it was all hills, through boring neighborhoods, and a repetitive out and back course throughout the entire race. This disappointed me immensely. Honestly, if the race course map would have been disclosed prior to registering I wouldn't have even signed up. That would have been a HUGE mistake for me! A few days before the race I decided to change my attitude and just look at it as a fun race among friends that went to a great cause.

The morning of the race I met my friends Lori, Heidi, and Trinity to ride together and of course that started the morning off with many laughs. Yep, 6 a.m. laughing...who doesn't want that?! Then we met my friend, Kathryn and her husband, Kenny...more laughing ensued. Yes, my race attitude kept getting better and better. Then we ran into all our other fun running buddies for pictures, laughs, hugs, and cheers! That sealed the deal! An awesome race was ahead!

Stephanie, Kathryn, myself, Laura, & the photobomber, Debi!

The race was small with only 416 participants. It was near 40 degrees, which is my favorite race temp. It started quickly and easily. I was able to settle into my pace nicely. Of course, I had to dance, air guitar, and be goofy for the first mile as I decided to be the "special" (You can interpret "special" in so many ways....be nice...hahaha!) entertainment for my friends Trinity and Lori. It was Lori's first half and I was so excited for her!
Trinity, Heidi, Lori, and me

The course started with an out and back of the Bob Michael Bridge which is one of my favorite places to run. It's beautiful! I always feel like Rocky at the top and must sing..na na naaa...na na naaaa! One of the best race surprises was our cheering friends Debi, Shelly, Beth, and Renee who were waiting at the Bob Michael Bridge to cheer us all on! That started the race off with a ton of motivation for me and the best part was they continued to cheer throughout the entire race. They were at so many spots that I am not even sure how they did it! We had many hugs and motivating exchanges. I can't thank them enough for this! After this race they even drove an hour and a half to another race to cheer for our friend, Kassie who was finishing her first marathon. I am so lucky and proud to call them my friends.

Renee, Debi, Shelly, and Beth
Best cheerleaders ever!

Next we were off to Main Street Hill. I saw a few old family friends and Steph's husband, Joe. It was so nice to see all of the local faces! At this point we are getting close to already having 4 miles on the books. BAM! It felt good!

The Peoria Sole Sisters!
Yes, they rock!

Before I knew it we hit Lower Bradly Park where the Peoria Sole Sisters had set up a cheer and rest/water/supply station at the bottom of the hill. They were awesome! It was so nice to see all of their faces and hear them yell my name! I told them to keep yelling as I needed them to help me get up the Park Road hill that was behind them. This hill was huge!!! Here is a pic of my friend Stephanie hitting this hill hard core!
Steph has always been a hill lover and she nailed them again!

I never walked this or any of the hills throughout the entire race. I was very proud as hills have never been my friend, however I have forced myself to train them this year. This benefited me immensely!  I figured that if I didn't earn a PR then at least I could say I never walked a hill!

One of the things that I enjoyed the most about this out and back course was passing each of my friends! It really motivated me! Stephanie and Heidi were ahead of me so I was able to high five Steph a couple of times and yell at Heidi (even if she didn't hear me over her music...hahaha!). I was also able to high-five, thumbs up, or yell at Lori, Trinity, Laura G., Linda, Melissa, Laura, and Kathryn as we passed each other near Springdale Cemetary. That was really neat as it made this previously thought boring course very fun! 

As the course came to the final last few miles exhaustion started to set in, but I was not giving up as I glanced at my time and I was slated for a PR. I was so ridiculously happy I could have screamed! I pushed the mental envelope so hard at this time! I was even able to run a bit with a veteran runner friend, Louisa. However, at one point she took off and was then one minute out of my reach. I completely expected this to happen, but have to admit that I was very happy that I even kept up with her for a bit. I surprised myself...and probably her! hahaha!

As I saw the finish line I started sprinting. Ya know the kind of sprint where you make disgusting, unattractive faces while you hold the puke back from actually spurting out your nose and mouth like a thumbed garden hose. Luckily, Heidi got a great picture of that! She did ask permission to post it and of course I said yes. (Side Note: I sure love being the age I am as I don't care anymore about how I look or what goofy thing I do in public! What a blessing!) 

Almost to the finish!

As I crossed the finish line I saw a 2:22:39! Yippee! Skippee! I had a PR hills and all!!!! I didn't expect this at all with the course circumstances. I was elated! My first and only other half was at the Illinois Marathon 4 years ago on a flat course when I weighed 10 pounds less, so you can see why I thought I wouldn't have a PR at this race. My finish time for the Illinois was 2:28 (I can't remember the seconds). So I took off 5 plus minutes on my time. I was ecstatic!

After we watched the rest of our friends finish we went to the after race celebration. I thought it was very nice. The hall exhibited white table cloths on round tables surrounded by pink decor. There was a hot/cold buffet and a few vendors. Although there was not a lot of bling, they made up for it with a free photo booth. I think this was a nice touch! The girls and I had a blast taking pics together!

Lori, Trinity, Heidi, and I
Overall, there was only one major disappointment with the race. They did not have finisher medals for the participants. This is very important for runners, especially those completing their first half. However, the Komen Foundation listened to those concerns and finisher medals will be mailed out mid November to all finishers. I think the foundation handled this appropriately and we need to exhibit grace for this inaugural race.

I am still surprised at how much I enjoyed the Komen (Hilly) Promise Run. It was a great learning lesson for me. Hills...I've got them! Lesson is, don't be afraid to try something new. Try something that you may not think you will like. Try something out of your comfort zone. You never know you may end up liking it, like me!

The best thing about this race is that there was $21, 236.53 earned for the Susan G. Komen Foundation and that I enjoyed a yummy cookie from an old friend and family! God's handy work was all over this!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Apple Crisp Recipe!

It is most definitely Fall in Illinois! It was even more Fall in Michigan when I went up there a couple weekends ago. Their trees turned before ours and were full of beautiful reds, golds, and yellows. While we were there, we took the littles to an apple orchard to pick apples. We always hit a local orchard at home but thought it would be fun to check out an orchard while in Michigan. So, we went to Crane's Orchard in Fennville, MI.

This place is pretty big and has lots of fun stuff for kids so if you go you may want to plan a whole day. We only had a few hours but were still able to have a good time. My kids loved going out and picking the apples. This was evident by the amount of apples we ended up buying. They had several variety that we got to try before we went out to pick so that we would know which ones to get.

The girl takes apple tasting very seriously.

There's really no other way to put it... the apples were GINORMOUS. No, I mean, really really huge. They told us that one they had weighed earlier in the day was 1.4 pounds. That's just one apple. Of course at this point my non-organic alarm is going crazy but I chose to ignore it because this was about having a fun day. I didn't ask if the apples were organic or not. I just went with it.

Twenty-six pounds of apples later, we left.

So, now I have all these huge, yummy apples sitting on my counter and of course they are taking up the entire counter. What to do... Vegan Apple Crisp!

I made this recipe yesterday and took it to a family dinner. Everyone ate it and said it was good. My family really has no qualms about brutal honesty so I took them at their word. Plus, I left with an empty pan. The 'crisp' part wasn't quite as crisp as I like but I thought overall it was still really good.


7 Cups Sliced  and Peeled Apples (Because I used GINORMOUS apples it only took 3 to make 7 cups)
   It calls for tart apples but I didn't have any tart variety so I used what I had and sprinkled lemon juice over them.

  • 1 c sugar ( I used half a cup instead)
  • 1 c water
  • 2 tbsp cornstarch
  • 1 Tbsp cinnamon
  • ⅛ tsp ground nutmeg
  • ⅛ tsp ground cloves (No cloves, I'm not a fan)
  • 1 c flour (I used 3/4 cup of Whole Wheat Flour and 1/4 cup of Almond Flour)
  • ¾ c quick oats
  • 1 c brown sugar
  • ½ c vegan margarine, melted (I don't have this so I used Coconut Oil instead and it worked great)

  1. Spread apples in an ungreased 9×13″ pan. ( I actually did grease the pan with Coconut Oil)
  2. In a medium saucepan, whisk together sugar, water and cornstarch.
  3. Cook, stirring constantly, until thickened and semi-translucent.
  4. Pour mixture over apples.
  5. Sprinkle apples generously with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.
  6. In a large bowl, mix together the flour, oatmeal, and brown sugar.
  7. Stir in the the margarine until mixture is crumbly.
  8. Sprinkle streusel evenly over apples. Press lightly.
  9. Bake at 350° for 40 minutes or until apples are tender and streusel is golden.

I wish I had taken a picture but I didn't think to do that... It looked just like apple crisp though so, you know, just use your imagination here.  :)

Peace, Love, Happiness!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Forecast of Hills: Komen Promise Half is tomorrow!

 Well, tomorrow is the big day around these parts...The Komen Promise Run.  The weather forecast looks great, however the course forecast looks hilly, hilly, and more hilly. When I signed up for the Komen Promise Run they had not decided on the course route at that time, however I knew I needed a half to train for and with it being a local, chilly, fall race it fit the bill for me. I had hoped to get a PR on this race, however everyone knows I am not a hill lover. However, I have come a long way with hills and now am not a hill hater. This is HUGE progress for me. So, this morning I came down for coffee and my husband said jokingly "Going for a sub -2 tomorrow?" I replied with, "Um yeah, actually I am going for a sub-3!" lol! 

                                                             The thing with running is you have to keep a sense of humor. You never know when you are going to get a good run in or a bad one. You never know when you are going to almost poop your pants. You never know when you will get stung by a bee or encounter a deer. You never know when you are going to get put in a ridiculous boot and your kids will ask you to drop them off for school a block away from the entrance. (Hehe, I know this hasn't happened, Bekah!) 

The point is you are out there running! Who cares what happens along the journey, as long as you are safe. Tomorrow another 13.1 will be on the books and I will make many memories with my friends & family! What a gift! ~Danyelle

Friday, October 18, 2013

What's Your Excuse?

I have a new blog-crush. It started about a month ago when someone 'liked' a post on Facebook and my newsfeed felt I would be interested so decided to share it with me. I can't even remember what the first blog post was about now but I remember thinking, 'I like this guy.' Since then I keep seeing more of his posts showing up in my newsfeed because someone I'm Facebook 'friends' with 'liked' or 'shared' his post. Finally, this week, I went to his FB page and decided to become a follower as well. I am now an avid follower of the Matt Walsh Blog.

Yesterday another of Matt's (I feel like I should be on a first name basis with him since he is my new blog-crush and all) posts popped up in my newsfeed. It was accompanied by a picture that I had seen before. In fact, I posted another blog post regarding the photo on SMR's FB page the day before. It's the now pretty famous photo of fitness blogger Maria Kang.

I was surprised to see so much controversy surrounding this photo once again. I first saw the photo several months ago. It was amidst controversy then too. Now it's being drug through the cyber mud again??? Seriously people, move on. Washington alone is giving us plenty of material to troll through and scoff at. But, last time I checked which was yesterday, Matt's post had over 450 comments.

The thing that bothers me most is just how negative and nasty people are toward Maria Kang. As though she personally, herself, committed some terrible terrible crime against them. When in fact, all she did was post a photo of herself showing that her hard work paid off even after giving birth to 3 children who were all 3 years and under at the time of the photo. Oh, and by the way, she posted the photo ON HER OWN FITNESS PAGE. You know, where she promotes health and fitness and Facebook users have the option of following her page... or not.

If they did take a moment to check out her FB page and see what she's all about, they might realize she's a pretty neat person.  She is very down to earth and even talks about having stretch marks. One of my favorite things I saw on her page is a picture of her sleeping through a morning workout with her 3 boys snuggled up with her. Oh, I can so relate to that one! Who wants to go workout when there are little ones to cuddle with?!?!

This goes deeper and hits on so many levels. Most of the nasty comments were from women. That is really sad. Woman on woman bashing is old and tired. Enough already. Many people even claimed that is was the statement of "What's Your Excuse?" that was offensive and set them off.

Below are a series of photos. All serving to send out the same message. Guess which one is the only one to receive THOUSANDS of negative comments to the point that it has made national news.

Does this offend you?

How about this one?

Surely this one is offensive. It even has the exact same statement. 

How about now?

Does this offend you?

How about this one?

Offensive? Yes, no?

How about now?

Getting my point?

Add caption

He's being totally offensive here, right?

Are you picking up on a common theme here?  

I'll be clear. The theme here is not "You are lazy, fat, ugly, and/or less than all of us." 

The theme is this: In spite of difficult circumstances, whatever they may be, do not choose to throw in the towel and give up. You too can overcome your own personal obstacles and reach your goals. 
Don't give up. Period. 

Stop reading into things because of your own insecurities. You are enough. Once you start believing that, you will probably make some pretty awesome things happen for yourself. 

No more excuses.

Peace, Love, Happiness!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

So, they gave me the boot...

I finally got in to see the Dr. today about my foot. They took x-rays and all that fun stuff. Then I met with the Dr. who showed me the x-ray. He enlarged it to show me that there is the tiniest bone spur starting on my heel. It's not big enough to be a major issue at this time but may be part of the issue. He poked at my foot a little bit and asked me what hurt. Then he explained that plantar fasciitis and possibly a stress fracture is the main issue. Of course, because when it comes to running related issues 'go big or go home', right? Ugh... Could have been worse though so I'm very thankful that it isn't more serious.

There is further testing that can be done to be certain of a stress fracture but either way the treatment is the same. If I wanted to know just for the sake of knowing for sure then they would do that testing but to me it seems a bit silly not to mention more time and money just to end up doing the same treatment anyway.

So, now I get to wear this fabulous boot. Grey is sooo the new black! 

Yeah, it doesn't look goofy at all...

After 3 weeks I will see if there is any improvement and if so then I can try a light jog. If not then I have to keep wearing the boot. I also was given a list of a few exercises that I have to do everyday along with continuing to roll my foot on a frozen water bottle.

Danyelle has already gotten a good laugh at my expense. She knows my schedule of drop off kid 1, pick up kid 2, then pick up kid 1, etc... which all means that I will be driving without the boot and then have to put it on before I walk in to pick up my kids, then take it back off when I get back in the car. Rinse and repeat all day long because I basically do little else than run my children to school and other activities. The velcro on this boot is going to get quite the workout. Plus, I get to feel just a little stupid having to wear the boot for the 10-15 minutes it takes to get my daughter or son into school and set up. Then just take it back off again when I get back out to the car.

Between Syria and the government shutdown my foot really doesn't rank very high on the list of world problems though. Keeping that in mind, I will continue to give thanks to God and choose happiness as I strive to stay sane.  :)

Peace, Love, Happiness!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Loving my BibFOLIO from Gone For a Run!

I received a package from Gone For a Run recently and was pleasantly surprised to review what I found in it! Yes, I was expecting a BibFOLIO in it, but not a BibFOLIO like this!

There are two rings (not shown) that
you attach to the top!

This BibFOLIO is made from hand-finished wood and is very easy to attach your race bibs into. It measures 9.5" X 8". You can even personalize it with your name or message. I especially loved the cute, inspirational running bag it came with!

Personally, I have never saved my running bibs (until now), but I also did not have this functional, organized BibFOLIO. It would look perfect as a conversational piece sitting on a coffee table. Also, I find it extremely motivational and inspirational when I view it! It would be especially great to see on those days when we don't feel like completing that run we know we need!

If you would like to view more of the products that Gone For a Run has click ~here~. They have so many great products that I can't wait to order something else! Hint: We will be having a Gone For a Run Giveaway soon, too! My Christmas Wish list includes a running medal hanger and a pony tail hat in case any of you have the direct line to Santa.

Until next time...I am Gone For a Run!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Parenting Is Hard, Stop Judging Already

I came across, in my opinion, a brilliantly written blog post about parenting. I posted it on our Facebook page but you can also check it out here. Anyway, it talks about how parents are sometimes put in difficult situations with a child having a meltdown during which the situation is often compounded by people staring or even making unnecessary comments. Parenting is hard, no one is perfect at it and all children are different so what works for some may not work for others. Really, that's it. Broken down in the simplest explanation. Yet, still there are people who have a difficult time grasping that while at the same time believe they know exactly the best way to parent a child. Those people often don't have children of their own.

Not all people who choose not to have children do this though. I have very good friends who are happily married without children and I have never heard them utter a word. We joke about kids but they are never rude or thoughtless about it. I value them greatly.

I have been a mom since I was 17 years old. I have been through a lot of rude stares. Then, it was undoubtedly due to my age and the assumption that I had no clue as to what I was doing. I found out that at 29, when I had my second child, I still had no clue what I was doing. I just kept doing my best. With my second and third child the stares weren't about my age but instead they were due to whatever bad behavior my child was exhibiting at the moment. Meltdown in the grocery store? Oh yeah. Hitting another toddler at the park? Sure. Crying in a restaurant because I refuse to let them get up and run around the table? You bet. Crawling down the middle of the aisle at church while dressed as an angel during the Christmas pageant??? Abso-freaking-lutely. That. Happened.

Some of the worst behavior I've ever witnessed though isn't from my children or anyone else's. It's usually from adults, often other moms. In fact, other moms are sometimes the worst. Don't believe me? Join a moms group. These are people who have been where you've been and still behave badly. It's nuts.

YIKES!!!! I think she ate the small child from whom she stole that hat!

It all started about 3 months after I became a stay-at-home-mom. I found a local moms group to join because I needed to have a conversation with someone who didn't poop their pants six times a day. I was pregnant with my third child at the time. I even talked one of my friends into joining with me so we could go to playdates together. Her argument against it was because these groups always had a bunch of drama. I made her join anyway.

It started out pretty good. We met a few other moms who were nice and friendly. Then all of a sudden part of the group split off and started a new group. So I told my friend that we should join that group too so we can meet more people and do more stuff, plus a few of the moms I had met were in this other group. So we applied to join. (Yes, you have to apply to join most mom groups so they know you're not some weirdo out to steal children... or possibly a spy.) Anyway, we applied and were accepted into the group by one of the members. A day or so later we each received an email asking how we got into the group and who we were because it was a 'closed group' and we weren't supposed to be in it. No, I'm not making that up. We said we applied because we knew this person and that person and we were let in. Well, turns out we weren't 'okayed' by the right person. See, this is where we found out that there was a huge drama-fest going on between some members of the two groups. We ended up getting kicked out of the second group because although we were just up for 'Margarita Night' some members thought for sure we were spies. You know, because 'moms groups' are hardcore when it comes to stealing craft ideas or stain removal tips. Again, not making this up. A few weeks or so later they let us back in which wasn't weird or awkward at all.

During this time, my friend would call me everyday saying, "I told you so. These women are all nuts!" We had a lot of laughs. We both stayed in the first group and ended up making some wonderful friends. That's how I met Danyelle.

I also met several of my other close friends through that group and I will be forever grateful. I witnessed a lot of mom on mom hate crimes in that group but I also learned the value of having other women around who are going through parenthood right along with you. Just like it's great to have a buddy or group of buddies in running, it's really important to have that group of moms or dads who understand first hand what it's like to clean up puke at 3am when all you really want to do is cover it with a towel and call it good.

So, moms, dads, remember to be kind when you see the mom or dad with the kid in full on meltdown. Remember that a kind smile instead of an irritated stare will help them to get through what is already a very difficult time for them. Remember that some moms really just want to go out for margarita night with no ulterior motives.

Now when I see people stop and just stare at the struggling parent, I stop and stare at them. And whether your kids 'never acted like that' or not, a smile or kind gesture is always the best way to go. We have no idea what anyone else might be going through on their journey. Kindness doesn't cost a thing but it has tremendous value.

Peace, Love, Happiness!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back In The Saddle Again

Confession time. I gained 10 pounds between July 5th and September 4th. My oldest daughter left to move to California on July 5th. I had just finished a 16 day juice fast the month before and was feeling healthy, energetic, and just plain incredible. As soon as she was on her way I went to lunch and ate mashed potatoes. I spent the next two months comfort eating which for me means a lot of french fries, mashed potatoes, trips to DQ for a hot fudge sundae or blizzard, and delicious mocha espresso drinks. I was running regularly but we all know you can't outrun a bad diet. I made a few attempts to make better food choices but it didn't last long. Finally, when I ate my way into a muffin top, I realized enough was enough.

I started a new workout and nutrition program on September 4th. It's close to home and very convenient for me. I'm getting a great full body workout twice a week at the gym during a group circuit class. It's similar exercises to what I did in the Spartan training class but we also use machines. So far I like it, it's a great workout. I miss aspects of the Spartan class though. I especially miss the people and trainers but it is a much longer drive and just not as convenient for me.

I'm also journaling my meals. This is really important for me. It's easier to say no when you have this kind of accountability. Unless, the pumpkin festival is in town... Last week was pumpkin fest which is like the World's Fair here. Pumpkin everything you can imagine. My favorite though is the pumpkin ice cream! Yes, I ate some. Yes, I wrote it in my journal. Instead of eating it every day of the fest, I just ate it the one time. That is some serious progress right there.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I want all of you to know that I'm not perfect. Not in anything I do. I have seriously cleaned up my eating for myself and my family in the last year and a half but I still  have difficult moments. I've cut out all of the junk food, soda, meat, and most dairy in the last year and half. It doesn't make it into my house. But, I still have times when I go for the fries instead of the steamed broccoli while dining out. I'm sure there will be more times to come when I really miss my daughter and try to cope with some sort of ice-cream-oreo-cookie-goodness. If that happens I will keep in mind that a great workout can make so many things better.

Not being able to run right now is really difficult for me emotionally. I had to miss the Pumpkin Classic 10k last Saturday. I just have to say, that sucked big monkey balls.

The workouts help with not being able to run though. So, I'm back in the saddle now. I'm feeling better physically and mentally. I've already dropped some of the weight I gained. The rest will come off as well because I know what I need to do and I'm going to do it. Mainly, I want to continue to feel good every day. I like having all of my energy back.

For everyone out there who has thrown in the towel and thought about just giving up on eating clean and working out, DON'T. Sometimes we all go through things in life that make it harder and we slip. I slipped my way into ten extra pounds. Does that mean you are lazy or lack will power? I don't think so. I think life happens sometimes and as humans we sometimes deal with it in the worst ways health-wise.  Get up, dust yourself off, and get back to it. That's what I'm doing. We are all worth it.

Peace, Love, Happiness!