Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hitting The Trail: McNotAgain

Hiking in McNaughton Park with our little kiddos in Fall of 2011.
I will be writing a recap of the Midwest Super Spartan so I don't want to give anything away but I will say, IT ROCKED!!!! I will fill you all in on the details later this week.

Right now I am focusing on my next race. It's a trail run through the woods of a local park here called John T. McNaughton Park. The race is called McNotAgain. It's a 10 mile loop through woods and a little bit of prairie, (no house), lots of hills, creek crossings, basically everything I love about trail running. Oh, and a pretty cool/creepy graveyard that dates back to early 1800's. It's really a pretty challenging course. You can sign up to do 10 miles or 30 miles, which is the loop 3 times.

I initially was planning to do the 30, however, with October throwing up all over my calendar, I have not followed a training schedule and therefore am not prepared to run 30 miles at this time. Fred, however, isn't going to let a little thing like lack of training stop him, he's going for the 30 with the thought that he can at least finish 20 miles. (2 loops) This craziness is catching... I was all set to just sign up for the 10 but I know I can do 10. I would like to push myself and see if I can finish 20. So, now I'm undecided. We will be signing up the morning of the race so I have a little time to figure this out.

After/during the Spartan, I was once again made to realize that I seriously LOVE trail running. I don't want to be a traitor to road running but I think I would totally kick it to the curb for a trail race any day. I love the challenge of getting up the hills, finding the right foot holds, jumping/climbing over natural obstacles. It all takes me right back to my childhood when my best friend, Mike, and I would run through the woods behind our houses all day long. We would come home with scratches, barefoot, and covered in mud. It was awesome.

Danyelle and I are already planning our race calendars for next year. I have committed to running the Chicago Marathon in October of 2013 and the Bayshore Half Marathon in May in Traverse City again. Other than that, I think I will be filling my calendar with as many trail runs as I can. Definitely another Spartan or two.

Fred and I are both doing a juice fast this week. It's day 2, kind of... I totally ate cheese-less veggie pizza yesterday at lunch but don't tell Fred. So, it's day 2 for Fred, day 1 and 1/2 for me. Shhhhh....

Peace, Love, Happiness!

What do you prefer, road or trail? Are you planning your race calendar for next year yet? 
Tell us about it!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Chicago Marathon Race Recap: I can’t wait to do it again!

I can’t believe that it has been 2 ½ weeks since I finished the Chicago Marathon! My body recovered within 5 days, my life resumed as usual, and I ran again within the first week! Not to shabby for a first time marathoner!

Let me start by saying, I can’t wait to do it again!!! Yes, I really said that! I told you those girls I am friends with knew something I didn't about completing a marathon. It was worth all of the pain, sweat, tears, trials, tribulations and juggling of schedules. Honestly, everyone should complete a marathon once in their life. There is nothing like it!

Of course, I have been living on a high ever since, but have had some time to reflect about why I am in love with the Chicago Marathon:

1. The Best Race Spectators Ever!!!

Let me start by saying that there were 1.7 million spectators at the Chicago Marathon on that chilly mid 30 degree morning. What a statement! Near freezing temps and they have come out to cheer all of us runners on. Melted my heart!

For an entire 5 hours and 27 minutes I high-fived the race spectators while they yelled my name and gave me encouragement! I never missed even one high five even from the little peanut toddlers that were two-feet high with their hand out that I had to run over and duck for…I would never change that! The kids would turn to their Dad or Mom after we high-fived with the biggest, eye-glowing cheeky smile ever. It brought tears to my eyes and I could not stop smiling! Who knows maybe one day they will become a runner? Honestly, my cheeks hurt that entire day from all of the smiling I did!

My name was on the front and back of my shirt (I highly recommend doing that!) so the crowd yelled things like “Danyelle, keep smiling! Your awesome! You’ve got this! You’re my hero! The finish isn’t far”! Complete strangers doing this for me helped me believe in humanity all over again! Thank you!

The signs the spectators made were hilarious! They stated things like “Don’t poop! You’re awesome! You have a long way to go!” lol! Of course my favorite was the one my husband and kids made for me (We love our Sexy Mother Runner with all of their names signed), but the second runner up was, “Bib # 45### I want to have your babies!”  Just cracked me up! I loved that one!

2. The Race Course was amazing!

There were two favorites spots for me: China Town and Boys Town! Dancing dragons, singing drag queens and a high five from an on stage Elvis! How can you beat that?!

3. The race was flawless!

I picked up my race packet at the race expo held at McCormick Place with thousands of other folks! Packet pick-up, chip check/activation, shirt bag! Done! It was flawless!
The race bag had every detail mapped out for you with step-by-step instructions. There wasn't a question unanswered. This was very comforting for a first timer in a big race! The expo was awesome, too!

Had to get a quick a picture at the Expo! 14+ hours until I try to become a marathoner!

Race morning was smooth as butter, too! They had us in start corrals and no one could skip into faster corrals as they monitored it. I thought that was great! Your race bib # was based on which start corral you were in and people respected that.
As you may have noticed, I enabled posts based on my timing chip to text my family and post to Facebook.  Every one of those checks worked! I would receive texts from my mom, husband, and friends during the race that ranged from “Your half-way there and doing great! I love you keep going!” Plus, my husband and kids knew where I was so they could see me throughout the course and be at the finish line at the right time.

I am still in awe of the race, the magnitude and organization of it were amazing. Although you may have read some scuttle about the Chicago Marathon running out of medals for finishers that day let me state that there should be more clarification. Yes, the Chicago Marathon ran out of medals for those who finished after 7 hours. The truth is that medals were only supposed to be given out to those who finished 6:30 and under. I thought that sure was nice of them to continue handing out medals even though it stated everywhere that you must finish in under 6:30. Secondly, the race director stated that someone may have stolen a box of the medals. This is quite possible as we all know in this economy that you see folks looking for metal to melt to make a few extra dollars and this race is mostly ran by volunteers. How would they know if someone grabbed a box who wasn't supposed to? Nontheless, the Chicago Marathon sent out apologies and private emails to each participant who did not receive a medal and mailed them one the next week. This is admirable! You can check all of this story out on their Facebook page, too.

4. I loved the fellow runners!

I met some wonderful people in my race corral and while running. I just wish I could reconnect with all of them. We hugged, wished each other good luck, shared stories and connected like runners do. Common bond, common goals, and common trials!  I just love runners! I raced next to a girl from Morton for most of the race. Thank goodness for that Morton Pumpkin Festival shirt as I recognized that in a second! We were beside each other off and on until the last 3 miles. I hope you had a great time girl! I just wish I knew how to find you!

5. The BIGGEST most wonderful surprise of my race: Her name is Kim!

Let me start by saying my friend Kim is one of the nicest people in the whole world. She is always smiling, even through tough times. I admire her and her undying faith. I am so blessed to have met her at my second job out of college. I just wished we lived closer. One hour apart with jobs and kids means we do not get to see each other as often as I would like to.

So, out of the blue the day before the marathon my friend Kim texts me asking if this is my marathon weekend? She states her Mom just bought a condo and she is visiting her in Chicago. I joked with her saying “Ya, know it is not advertised but you can jump on the course and run with your friend for a stint!” I never heard back from her and actually felt guilty, because I thought I put pressure on her when she was there to visit her Mom.
All of a sudden on Mile 12 this girl starts running beside me! OMGosh, it is my friend Kim! Of course, what do you think I did the entire time she ran with me?! Cried! In between intermittent sobs, I asked her how she found me?  How she knew I hadn't passed that mile marker? Kim said, “I didn't know and I just hoped and took a chance!” As she laughed she said, “This morning I thought I should have asked you what you were planning to wear!” That is my friend Kim. She always has faith, laughs, and takes a chance. I just love her! Honestly, it made my day! Before I knew it while laughing she said, “I have to go back now. I do not even know where I am!” We laughed, hugged and departed. Then I realized we hadn't taken a picture. I ran back to her. She said, “ Aren't you worried about your time?” “Of course not! I am not missing a picture with my friend, Kim!” Of course the camera wouldn't work the first three times but we finally ended up getting a great shot! Here we are!
I love you friend!

6. The finish line was amazing!

The crowd became bigger and bigger as if you were running into a stadium. My back was on fire, my knee was not working, and my leg was cramping up, but I didn't care! I was almost there! People were yelling, clapping, ringing bells, dancing, singing…through the pain I knew I was almost there and tears started streaming down my face. Tears of happiness! I knew my kids and husband were somewhere in the crowd watching me. It was simply amazing! I get chills talking about it! My pace started speeding up and I was so excited! I crossed and held my hands above my head as if I was the winner. I felt like the winner! Let’s face it, I was a winner! I just finished a freaking marathon! The finish line was so organized. They put a medal on you, congratulated you, covered you with the space blanket, handed you a race finisher bag, took your picture, then handed you a beverage if you wanted it! It was surreal!

7. The Biggest Things I learned from the marathon:

You NEVER know what is going to happen with your body! True story: My right knee that had not been giving me as much trouble as my left popped the night before the marathon on our walk to dinner. It hurt so bad that I turned white (according to my husband) and I had to hobble back to the hotel in pain. I thought my marathon dreams were crushed. I texted two of my training buddies, Heidi and Steph and they gave me the exact answers that I wanted needed: “Get out there and show your knee who is boss! Rest, Ice, and stretch you've got this!” So, among the prayers received and given that is what I did. They are such good friends! I braced both knees that morning and off I ran.

Let me say that Mile 20 is where the race begins!!! The last 6 miles were the hardest part. My time slowed to a creep as my body started doing things that it never had done during training. My lower back went on fire!!!! It was so bad that I would have to go to the side and roll into the fetal position as if I were getting an epidural. I had to do this so many times the last 6 miles that I lost count. I later learned that this is a hip alignment problem, which I have had hip problems my whole life and KT tape would probably be my bf for the next race.

The next thing that was a first for me was leg cramps. My leg started cramping up constantly. I would go to the side and act schizo all while punching my leg telling it out loud that it was not going to do this right now! No kidding! I bet if I was on tape it would be hilarious!

Lastly, I wouldn't bring my water bottle. They had enough hydration and I wouldn't wear my long sleeve shirt. Although it was freezing I basically had that puppy off within the first mile.

8. Marathons are a family affair!

Signing up for the Chicago Marathon was a family decision in my household. We are your typical American family. We both work, we juggle swim lessons, gymnastics, dinners, play-dates, birthday parties and homework. All while making sure someone took our Golden Retriever on a walk. We are not perfect. We just do our best and signing up for the marathon added a lot to our already scheduled lives. Seeing all of this come to fruition at the start line was very emotional. We did it and I am so thankful for the family I have been blessed with. Kissing my kids and husband at the start of the race was extremely emotional. We made it to the start line!

Haylee made this before I left our hotel that morning on her sketcher!
It said "Go Mom, Finish" with a finish line picture!

Seeing my family again at Mile 2 grinning from ear to ear holding the pink “We love our Sexy Mother Runner” sign and yelling for me just tickled me pink. I just had to stop and kiss each one of them again! They are my biggest cheerleaders! They looked so proud of me. I hope I can always look that way in their eyes. HUSBAND BRAG ALERT: I just can't go without mentioning how much I appreciate him. My husband is amazing. He planned out the whole event. He mapped the directions to McCormick place and told me where to get my packet, directions to the hotel, mapped the course, knew the mile markers, and told me to stay on the left so they could find me. I would not have thought about any of that and he did this all while lugging around a 4 and 7 year old safely in a crowded city. He is my best-friend. I could not have done any of this without him.

Seeing them at the finish was priceless! Hugs, kisses, pictures! We did it! We did have a funny moment though. I went to sit down and did not realize my legs wouldn't work and landed on the concrete sidewalk in a mess and scraped my hand. Warning: Your legs do not work right after a marathon.

9. Doing a Marathon will change you!

Finishing a marathon is life-changing. The stress and the pain help you evaluate your life and what is important. Don’t get weighed down with things that really do not matter. Let the negative go. Know that sometimes no matter how hard you try you can’t change other people. Be who you are. Look who you are blessed to be surrounded with and focus on those positive people. Put your energy towards that. Be proud of who you are. Be thankful for each day. Hug your family. Call that old friend that you never have time to call and tell who you love that you love them. You never know what tomorrow will bring, but remember to live in the moment. 

If I were ever doing a marathon again I would make the same exact choice. It was perfect!   Chicago was amazing! Yes, there are already talks about doing this one again next year with a big group of us. I must admit that I have been secretly dreaming of New York, too! I am just not sure if I can pull all of those details off! According to Wiki, only 2% of the world’s population ever finish a marathon and in my opinion everyone should do a marathon once in their lives! You can do it!

Celebratory dinner at the original Grande Maggianos!

They were so proud of the race medal that they wanted to wear it!

This weekend Bekah and I are off to play in the mud with our husbands. Here we come Midwest Super Spartan! We are going to have so much fun!

Until Next Time I hope all of you are doing well and...Happy Running!


How were your marathons?

Have you ever considered a mud race
 or think you are Spartan Tough?!

I loved these quotes about Chicago!

I adore Chicago. It is the pulse of America.

- - - Sarah Bernhardt

It's a 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes; it's dark and we're wearing sun glasses. Hit it!

- - - The Blues Brothers

Perhaps the most typically American place in America.

- - - James Bryce, 1888

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Monday, October 22, 2012

I Swam With Sharks And Live To Tell The Tale

I've been home from the Dominican Republic for 11 days now and I still feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water. Vacation is great but playing catch up is not. Two days after my sisters and I got home, our mom was rushed to the hospital due to a serious spike in her blood pressure which caused some damage to her aorta. She is home now and doing well but it scared the hell out of us all. This was completely out of the blue. She doesn't have a history of high blood pressure that we know of. I say that because my mom had not been to the doctor in years and therefore has not had her BP checked.

When is the last time you had a check-up? This is your friendly reminder to schedule a check-up if you haven't had one in the last year.

So, back to my whirlwind of events... Fred and I ran our second half marathon on Saturday, September 29th, I left for Punta Cana on Wednesday, October 3rd, got back Wednesday October 10th.

The half was awesome. We both felt great for this one and we both enjoyed it immensely. In the last half mile my knee suddenly felt like someone had snapped a rubber band inside of it. I had to slow down, then stop and stretch, then hobble, then stretch some more. I was able to finish the race running. My knee bothered me for several days after but has been doing much better.

This was a very exciting race because it was the first half marathon for two of my friends. They did great!

Our first day in Punta Cana!
Dannette, Kari, Me

Punta Cana. Wow. This was my first trip out of the country. I loved it. My sisters and I all stayed at Dreams Punta Cana for 8 glorious days. Everyone there is so nice, so friendly, it really made the trip for us. The Dominican people are amazing.

We did 3 excursions while we were there. The first was called Bavaro Runners. They took us into the mountains to a sugar cane plantation, a coffee plantation, a cigar 'factory' (really just a little building with a 'master cigar maker' rolling cigars). Very cool though. We also had a Dominican lunch prepared for us and visited with a local woman who grows and sells coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, coconut oil, cacao, and honey. It was an amazing trip. My oldest sister had packed a back pack full of crayons, coloring books, markers, etc. to give to the local children. She was quite popular. If you travel to the Dominican be sure to do this, it is so appreciated.

Sorry, no pics of us holding the sharks...
Our second excursion was to snorkel with sharks and stingrays. Yes, sharks... nurse sharks, which are incredibly docile creatures, but still. I saw nurse sharks in the Keys once at an aquarium and they were about a foot to two feet long and you could touch their backs so I already knew they were not 'Jaws.' However, when I started snorkeling and looked down to see a six foot shark below me, it definitely made me pause. I guess I was still expecting a one to two foot fish. Not something bigger than me that actually looked like a shark. It was pretty cool. We also got to hold a stingray, very cool. Then we hopped back on the catamaran and enjoyed a nice cruise along the beach. Music, dancing, and a stop to hang out in the clear, Caribbean water. Perfect day. Plus, we made friends with two of the women on the excursion, a mother and daughter. We had dinner with them that night.

Last, the zip-line excursion. OMG!!!! Talk about getting me out of my comfort zone. Well, to be honest, this entire trip was totally out of my comfort zone from the get go when we arrived at a thatch-roof, open-air airport. But anyway, back to the zip-line. My sisters and I met a girl named Dawn who we talked into joining us in our craziness. She ditched a massage to go zip-lining with us on the last day of her vacation. How cool is that!?!? Clearly, being around us can cause a momentary lapse of reason.

I'm afraid of heights. Being 5'1" will do that to a girl. I was counting on my middle sister to chicken out so I would have an out. I kept thinking though that if Fred were there he would totally make me do it and say things like, "Come on, spartan chic, toughen up!" Then I thought, what would Alice do? Well, I think we all know the answer to that. She'd jump on that zip-line and probably be spinning in circles the entire time while shooting zombies because she is a badass. I heart Alice. So, I sucked it up and made myself do it. After the first one, I was hooked! They start you on the shortest one and you work your way to the highest then the longest. The highest line was 800 meters, luckily, I know nothing about meters so I really had no idea how far that was. I knew from everyone else's expressions that it must be pretty high but it wasn't until later that I was informed it's HALF. A. MILE. Holy tomato sauce, Batman!!!

I'm still shocked that I wasn't afraid of being up so high. Now, mind you, I did have a few flashbacks of 'Cliffhanger' where Sylvester Stallone tries to save a girl but instead totally drops her from the zip-line and she dramatically plummets to her death. How else does one plummet if not dramatically... yikes. There was no plummeting though and we all had a fantastic time.

I slacked on my running though. I only ran one time, six miles plus a weight circuit. The rest of the time was spent pool-side, ocean-side, and table-side.  Needless to say, Spartan class kicked my butt when I got back.

Table-side... Kari, Me, Dannette
I missed Fred and my kids terribly. It was a fantastic trip, especially since my awesome oldest sister won it and shared it with her sisters. I was ready to come back home though. Fred and I are talking about going back. I highly recommend a trip to the Dominican Republic, it's a beautiful country full of beautiful people.

The Super Spartan is this coming Saturday! Yes, I'm freaking out a little bit. Yes, I just threw up in my mouth a little also. A six mile run this weekend left me with some knee pain. My goal for the Spartan is to finish without injury. Wish me luck!!!

Peace, Love, Happiness!


Are you participating in our weight loss challenge? How's it going? Hang in there and know that you are worth it!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Prizes for the Sexy Mother Runner Weight Loss Challenge!

I can’t believe the awesome prizes that are being given for our 
Sexy Mother Runner Weight Loss Challenge! 
We have some wonderful businesses and people 
who have contacted us wanting to give.
 How wonderful is that?!

We have five wonderful prizes to give to the Top 5 participants who have the highest percentage of weight lost. We have decided that the best way to award the prizes based on the proximity of our participants is to let our winners pick which prize they would like the most. For example, the participant with the highest percentage of weight loss gets to have the “pick of the litter” between all five prizes! The second person with the highest percentage of weight loss will get to pick from the four left prizes, etc. How exciting is this?!

Our friend Naomi Shea had given us a Grand Prize! She has given one lucky winner an overnight stay for two people in one of the Studio rooms including drinks from the bar and breakfast at the Mark Twain Hotel in Peoria, IL! How awesome is this?! I want to win this one! Check out their website here!
Thanks, Naomi Shea!

Running on the Wall is giving away one of their wonderful Wooden Race Bibs or Medal Display! You want to know the best part?! You get to pick which design you like! I can’t wait to get one of these! Start looking now at: http://www.runningonthewall.com/! Make sure and visit their motivational Facebook page at here!
Thanks, Alex & Meli Anna A!

Janet Young from Body by Vi is giving one lucky winner a Balance Kit that is valued at $49.00! Wow! These extremely popular nutritional shakes taste amazing! Plus, they are Non-GMO! Check out her personal Body by Vi page at: http://janetlyoung.bodybyvi.com/ or click here!

Janet has witnessed many fitness goals achieved and feels blessed to be a part of this wonderful business! Go check out Body by Vi!
Thanks, Janet!

Getting Healthy and Active with Abby is donating a sample and a shake from Beachbody and Shakeology! Abby is one incredible lady! She has lost over 100 lbs.!
Make sure to check out her Facebook page here!


“The truth is, I have been over weight my whole life, and done nothing about it. In 2009, I had my first child, and it finally hit me, that I wanted to live life to my fullest and bet the healthiest mother I could be for my child, I have lost over 100lbs and I still am continuing on my journey!” ~Abby
Thanks, Abby!


Suzanne Kelley McCurdy from the Nutrition Snob is giving away the workout tank of your choice! These tanks are super-cute! I will definitely be shopping on her site soon! Start shopping for the tank that you would love on her site here!


Plus, she has a great Facebook page that you should visit. Go to: http://www.facebook.com/NutritionSnob?ref=ts&fref=ts

I love Suzanne’s bio and had to share it!

Hi, Suzanne here! A little about me! I love to run and eat healthy! I have a B.S. in Dietetics from Texas Woman's University and am a certified personal trainer, so this should come easy right? NO WAY! There is a fat girl inside of me trying to claw her way out everyday and I fight her with everything I have! This is the reason I created this clothing line, I need daily motivation to stay committed to this healthy athletic life I choose to live... and I want other women to wake up and feel as motivated and empowered as I do with these fabulous tops!

Shout it from the rooftop. Each day wake up and look as good as you feel, whether you feel flirty, cute, sassy or sexy, whether you are running, at the gym, yoga, working a 12 hr day at the office, or completing that never ending to do list these clothes are perfect for you. My clothes will have you ready and motivated to face whatever your day holds. Go from the street to the gym and back to the street and never lose your sense of self. There is nothing sweeter in the whole wide world than a happy girl! ~Suzanne
Thanks, Suzanne!

So, be healthy, get to losing to get to winning! 
Good luck to everyone participating!

~Danyelle & Bekah

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~Bekah & Danyelle

Friday, October 12, 2012

Featured Runner Friday: Meet Tammy!

Every runner has a story... 
At Sexy Mother Runner we believe that sharing those stories is a great way to share the gift of running while helping to motivate others. Tammy's story is is an excellent example of 'where there's a will, there's a way.' She's overcome the obstacles that so many runners face, obstacles that often deter a new runner. 

Meet Tammy:

I don’t know if I qualify as a runner… I’ve done 4 5Ks, and a ½ marathon.  I have been running less than a year…  BUT – I know I qualify as a mother!  I am a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) of 2 kids, boy age 10 and girl 
age 5.  Boy is in school all day, girl ½ day.  Being a SAHM is one of the toughest jobs in 
the world… because face it, you’re home all day – you can do EVERYTHING!!! 

My running career started while taking pictures of my sister (in-law, but have known her since I was 2, and we’re the same age… you get the point) finishing a full marathon.  I stood at that finish line for more than an hour watching strangers cross that line, running in with their kids, their husbands, friends , sisters, mothers, fathers….  It was so emotional!  I cried the entire time I stood there! I cheered my bloody head off for these people!  It was so amazing!!  I wanted to know what it was like to feel the other side of that fence, cross that line for myself…  I HATE TO RUN!!! Lol

That was in May of 2011, I decided to go for it and started training for a 5K on Thanksgiving in late Aug/ early Sept that year.  I didn’t tell anyone but my husband and 2 kids and my mom that I was running.  (boy, was my sister and MIL a bit ticked!!)  but it was local and I was afraid of many things, the least of all was not finishing.  I did, and oh that feeling of completing a race – no matter what your time was??!!!  I was hooked!!!  But the holidays were upon us as was winter, so running took a back seat for the next month and a half or so.

On Christmas day, at dinner my husband’s family was sitting around afterwards just talking.  My sister,, Aunt and I started talking about running.  I had said I may want to try for the ½ marathon in May, I swear my aunt said she’d do it too… I must have been hearing things!  For Christmas I had gotten winter gear and a heart monitor from my mom’s (mom and MIL).  I was set…. Dug up a training plan and was good to go.

I remember calling my sister after one of my 1st runs crying that I couldn’t breathe, my lungs were burning!!  She said I was just probably running too fast for what I was use to and the cold.  Okay!  Problem solved!

Over the next few months, my miles increased, my speed didn’t… but I was okay with that.  I was having other problems!  My feet!  Now, let me tell you… I hate feet!!  Mostly because I have stupid feet… a big ol’ bunion on the left foot really screws up and limits footwear options!  I had been fitted for running shoes by a very good running store, and actually LOVED my Newtons! (and still do…)  but I was getting blisters like you wouldn’t believe.  Painful ones, not just regular old blisters….  Of course not.  Tried different socks, then another pair of socks.  Tried Body Glide, moleskin, blah, blah, blah….  Was even filling my socks with corn starch before my runs (yeah, I ran in clouds!!).  Was about to have to replace my shoes… when I was told maybe custom orthotics would work…. well please hit me over the head with a 2x4!!  I had a brand new pair sitting in the closet b/c they were too painful to wear… but maybe it was time to get that fixed!  A wonderful local store fixed them right up for me!  Love, love, LOVE that store!  My painful blisters were gone!!!  Oh, I still had blisters (and a few black toenails) but they weren’t painful… I COULD RUN!!!!!

My longest run before the ½ was 10 miles…  with another issue rearing its ugly head.  ITB pain!!!  ugh….  If it’s not one thing, it’s another….

I iced, I stretched, I rested, I strengthened, I popped the IBP and repeated… daily!!  It was okay…  I ran the ½ in 2:45.  Which was my 1st goal!!  (I had 4… 2:30-2:45, 3 and  just not last!!)  But I had walked more than I expected due to the ITB and blisters that kept popping as I ran starting at mile 7…. Nice, eh?!!  BUT WHO CARES??  I FINISHED!!!!  BRING ON THE FULL NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!

I ended up finding out, after my next 5k that was a month later, that my ITB was not tight, it had scar tissue build up from past surgeries.  (Nothing straight and simple for me!!)  Had a chiropractor do a release on it… and have not had any problems since!  (But, yes, I still ice, stretch and strengthen like a fiend!!)  AND… got Injinji socks!!  Answer to my feet’s prayers!!  AND (last one) my 5 black toe nails finally fell off and were starting to grow back!!

That brings us up to about June of this year….  I had suspected during my training that I suffered from EIA (exercise induced asthma).  I had borrowed my mom’s (such a no, no!!!) inhaler and was managing well.  My runs were still walk/run mixes anyway.  But I was okay with that.  Went to the doctors and was prescribed my own inhaler and a anti-allergy med to take daily.  Problem solved…. Or not.  Summer training was a bust.  I just can’t breathe.  Even with the meds.  Running was sporadic at best, more walking when I ran, lots of frustration, depression and aggravation!  Why do I run???

As I write this, I’m recovering from a 7 mile run this morning.  I’m not giving up. I will find a doctor who can help me find answers and a solution.  I will train like I’m running the full in May of 2013 – this gives me lots of extra time to go at it slow.  I’m registered for a 10K at the end of this month, and a 5k in the middle of Oct.  Hopefully I can find a few more before the weather really breaks into winter in southwest PA.

But I’m not giving up… as much as my head says to during my runs, I AM NOT GIVING UP!!!!

I have my sister who continually motivates and inspires me.  I have friends whom I inspired to start running. I have kids whom I am trying to teach goal setting. Also what achieving and hard work is really all about – esp. with obstacles.  I will not let these people down.


Friday, October 5, 2012

My Chicago Marathon Mile Dedication

Mile #1-Goes to God! I am thankful to god for keeping me safe, inspiring me, and giving me the ability to run.

Mile #2-All the Sexy Mother Runners out there!!! I appreciate all of your supportive messages. You all keep me going!! YOU are awesome!!!! Thanks for following us and being a part of this awesome journey!

Mile #3-This one goes to my brown-eyed girl, Haylee! I run to that song daily and dedicate it to her every time! I will be playing this Sunday and thinking of her the entire time! She gets #3, because she was born on the third and was the first best thing that happened in my life (Next to marrying her dad, but nothing compares to holding your first born for the first time!). I still remember holding her and thinking what an amazing gift I was given. She is a wonderful daughter that inspires me each day!

Mile #4- Goes to all of my family who ask about training and the marathon even when I am sure something else would keep their interest longer than me talking about running. The fact of the matter is, they still listen and they still care and that means a lot! Thank you. I love you all!

Mile #5- Goes to the 80 year old man that lives below me. God knew what he was doing when he helped get our house sold and then moved us into an apartment above a guy that is 80 years old that has completed nearly a dozen marathons! He gives me sound, good advice everyday and just yelled up the stairs at me:
”YOU can do it! Know you can, because you can and will!”

Mile #6- Goes to my friend, Natalie. Who has my four-legged daughter while I run. Thank you to the Reed family for always helping us out, taking care of our furry baby and being supportive!

Mile #7-Goes to my old college friend, Heidi who I ran with nearly every Monday morning in the summer and completed my first Spartan Race with. I love our runs together!

Mile #8-Goes to Carrie Pierce who I tricked and said we were not quite to mile 7 and we were nearly to mile 8. lol! I hope 8 feels that way Sunday!

Mile #9- Goes to my friends, Misty, Jenny, Leslie, Tara, Kristen, Brandon, Rhya, Matt, Michelle, Shawn, David, Susan, All the FAC, Ann, Erik, W.O.W. ladies, Mark, Julia, Lisa, and Larry. Thanks for helping us move.Thanks for watching the kids. You all are always so supportive! Thanks for all you do for us! You are all awesome friends! *Gosh, I hope I haven't forgot anyone. I am so scattered. lol! :)

Mile #10-Goes to Kathryn R. She has known me almost my whole life and has always been so supportive. Plus, she completed my first Tri with me! It was a great memory! Love you, lady!

Mile #11- Goes to all of you who have sent me good luck messages, called, given me hugs, and given me advice. I haven’t forgotten a one of them and I will think of them throughout the entire race. It means more to me that you can ever imagine and if I had the time I would write each and every one of your names down with a big thank you, but it is Friday night and I need to pack to go. Love you all! Oh, and Kristi W. who wants to do a marathon soon. YOU CAN DO IT! Louisa B., you are a gem! Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge and being a great friend!

Mile #12- Goes to my Aunt Barb and Joan L. Thanks for helping me with my kids. I couldn’t do all I do without you. I love you ladies so much and so do my kids!

Mile #13-Goes to a cherished memory of a wonderful day completing my first half marathon at the Illinois Marathon. Nothing compared to crossing the 50 year line and my kids and husband surprising me at the finish when they weren’t supposed to be there!

Mile #14- Goes to my Grandma Jobe! She watches my kids and helps me out whenever she can even so I can run. She is the best grandma anyone could ask for!

Mile #15-Goes to my husband, his birthday, and tax day!

Mile #16-Goes to the second best thing that happened in my life, my son Bowden being born on the 16th! My son has melted my heart and makes me smile daily. He just is this little bottle of sunshine. This mile is for you son.

Mile #17- Goes to Grandpa, Don Jobe who died in 2001 on the 17th of April. Since he has passed there have been many occurrences of him and the #7. If you are a religious person you know what this means. Mile #17 is to you Grandpa! I know you are proud!

Mile #18-Goes to my friend and fellow Sexy Mother Runner, Bekah. She gets #18 because I will never forget our 18 mile run together. Laughs, cries, pukes…and she still loves me. She is a beautiful person both inside and out. Thanks, yeah it doesn't cover it for how thankful I am for this lady.

Mile #19- Goes to my lifelong friend, Leslie. Oh the memories…J! She is such a great friend and has supported me in every adventure! She just called to wish me good luck. She gets it as she is a runner, too.

Mile #20-Goes to Stephanie Mischler! We completed our first 20 mile run together. She is a machine and makes me laugh on every run. She is such an inspiration. She is such a great friend and I am so thankful for her. She just completed her first marathon 2 weeks ago and I could not be happier for her!!!

Mile #21-Goes to a class act, Marianner Miller. I dedicate this mile to her, because she is one of our biggest cheerleaders and inspirations. I can’t even begin to mention all of the wonderful things she has done in our fitness community. Plus, even an accident can’t slow her down. I can’t wait to see her this weekend!

Mile #22 Goes to all the people that are unable to run. This one is for you!
Mile #23 Goes to all my friends in Miles & Mojo’s! I honestly don’t think I could have done this without you. You met me early, freaking early on Saturdays and ran with me even when you did not have to. I love you girls so much and can never tell you thank you enough! This one is for you!!! Also….Laura S.-Nirvana is dedicated to you! J lol!

Mile #24 Goes to “My Megan”. Never fails I always laugh when I am on the phone with her. I hate to miss her call as this means I miss out on a big smile. I have known her my entire life and can’t imagine life without her. Thanks for all of the encouraging words, friend. If I could possibly turn into an earth size hulk I would push both of our houses together and we would all live in the middle in Tennessee.

Mile #25 Goes to my awesome, Mom. Who believes in me every minute of every day! She just messaged me to say that one of your dreams is getting ready to happen. Mom’s…they always remember. She is an awesome grandma and is the best Mom a girl could ask for! I love you, Mom.

Mile #26 Goes to my husband and the awesome family we have created as this is our anniversary date. I could not have done any of this without him and my kids! I love you all more than words. Thank you for encouraging me, believing in me, and rearranging our life for me the past 18 weeks. You are my life and I don’t know what I would do without each of you.

Mile #.2 Goes to me! All Me!!! Whether I run, walk, crawl, or some awesome person drags me. It’s mine all mine! J 

Oh and the 27th Mile Party goes to everyone out there! It’s time to be proud of all of our accomplishments. Whether it is a marathon, a 5k, a wog, being a good parent, a good friend it is an accomplishment and it all happened, because you had the courage to try!

Here I come Chicago!!!!