Friday, September 21, 2012

Featured Runner Friday: Meet Paula!

Every runner has a story...
At Sexy Mother Runner we believe that sharing those stories is a great way to share the gift of running while helping to motivate others. When we asked out Facebook fans if they would like to be a Featured Runner, Paula answered us. I'm so glad she did! I have huge admiration for anyone who starts running in their 30's and is doing marathons in a few years!

Meet Paula:

I started running in 2008 at the age of 36 after my family made a move to Texas. My intention was to meet other women and maybe get into shape. I joined a 5k training group and, while I met some really great women who are now wonderful friends, I fell in love with what running did for me!!!

I set a goal to run a marathon before I turned 40. In february 2011 (7 months before the big 4-0) I ran the Galveston marathon. My husband and kids were there to cheer me on and a really good friend, whom I met in my first running class, ran the last half with me. She scolded me for stopping to take a picture with these cute firemen at mile 23 but I really needed the breather :) (she wanted me to have the best time possible). I will always be proud of my time of 4:45

I still run and am planning on doing the Marine Corps marathon in 2013 with my best friend's husband who is a marine stationed in Kuwait until June. He is training over there (and did I mention he is a marine) so I know we will run about twenty steps together and then all I will see is his dust! But I'm still excited to train for it. 

Here is a pic of me and the firemen. Note: mile 23 and a smile on my face. It faded at mile 24 but I carried on!

1 marathon 4:45
8 half-marathons
1 warrior dash
Several 5k's, 10-milers and fun runs

Goal - MC Marathon October 2013 with better time than my first. 

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