Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Pumpkin Classic Race with my little pumpkin…pumpkilicious!

Last Saturday was one of the best days I have had all year! My daughter and I completed the Pumpkin Classic 2 mile race. The Pumpkin Classic is held every year in the Fall in coordination with the town of Morton’s (Illinois) town Pumpkin Festival. Morton is the home of Libby’s Pumpkin packing and the town is just adorable. I like to think of it as an all American small town. Good people, good food, locals, an-everyone-knows-everyone kind of place! I am one of the lucky people that live only 20 minutes from it and get to reap the benefits of it’s fall festival! This is the second time I have completed the Pumpkin Classic 2 mile race. The first race was 3 years ago and although it was fun nothing compared to doing it with my daughter!

My daughter and I had so much fun preparing for this race! We trained a couple of times, but nothing serious. Honestly, she runs around so much naturally that she was well prepared. (Don’t you wish you were a kid sometimes still?!)  The one on one time we had together during training was priceless. We talked “race”. We talked “hydration”. We talked “stretching”. Then this week we coordinated our race outfits to match. Seriously, this was fun! She was my matching buddy! I can picture it now…me matching her at college!!! Yes, I can’t wait….I am sure she can’t wait to do this with me, too! lol!

Race morning my daughter woke up at 4:00 a.m., because she was so excited!! So, we embraced the moment and started getting dressed. She was all about putting on her own race bib. She was awesome! At 6:00 a.m. we headed out the door.

Cars were driving to Morton with 13.1 stickers, Runner Girl, and of course Sexy Mother Runner on their plates. I always love this on a race morning! All cars going the same way for the same reason! To race! J My daughter and I followed the pack and met up with our fellow runner friends, W.O.W.! The (wonderful) Women Of Washington! We took a few group shots and we were off to the start line.

My daughter rocked the race and smiled the whole time. We walked probably five times, but before you knew it along came the finish line and we sprinted in hand in hand. Yes, I fought back the tears. Moments like this and many others I want to push the pause button on my kids!

My daughter was delighted at the race expo, especially since they had sugar wafers and she had never had them. She went back for seconds then I had to explain that the entire bowl was not for her and we needed to save some for others. J Therefore that meant we were off for pumpkin pancakes!

The pumpkin pancakes once again lived up to their reputation and were well worth the wait in line. They were pumpkilicious! Did you know that pumpkin pancakes make you silly?!

All in all another great race and great memories! I can’t wait to do another race with my daughter. When we arrived home my son expressed that he wants to do the next race! Looks like my little guy is going to be a racer, too!

Until Next Time…Happy Running!

~Danyelle J

Do you run with your children?!

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