Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Good runs, bad runs, and bizarre runs (lions, tigers, and bees)!

Trinity and I
I should have known that today would be a bad, bizarre run as my last two runs were amazing. Yes, the minute runners get a bit too full of ourselves we are quickly reminded that running is hard, weather can make or break you, and rest is important. After having two 3.5 mile runs with an average pace of 10:20 and a high that could have self propelled me straight to the moon I was due for a crusher!

This morning came early. Let's be exact 4:45 a.m. type of early. This week I needed to get my long 8 mile run in while juggling a very demanding schedule with work, kids activities, and school. Yes, my calendar looks like it threw up all over itself!!! There are two choices when life is like this...throw in the towel and skip my run...this is not an option...or make time when you would normally be sleeping. So, I gave up two hours of sleep. Luckily, I have a great running friend that lives near and we are training for the same half. She is the kind of friend that is on my front lawn waiting for me when I open the door to run at 5:30 a.m. Love her!

Our run started out okay and we didn't need breakfast because we could just chew on the air. It was 73, thick, and humid...and oh dark. I forgot that the sun doesn't rise until 6:21 a.m. Yeah, that would be because that is the time I normally start contemplating waking up.

Our run actually started out okay, but quickly changed at mile 3 to being very difficult. I said how far are we??? What??? We have 5 left! Then that quickly went to my friend having stomach issues. Yeah, usually when you are pouring sweat, running at 5 a.m, know you have work ahead, are already counting down when you can get to bed and hear you have 5 more miles you feel sick to your stomach. Luckily, the woods were near and we will just leave it at that! lol! ;)

The real fun happened once we turned around on our out and back run. I would say we traveled about a
Miley ain't got nothing on this! lol! ;)
mile into it and I said hello to some sweet ladies that always walk the trail. I said hello, bee flew in my mouth, I gagged, choked, scraped, and spit out a bee that stung my tongue crazily while totally freaking out! The swelling started instantly and I tried to joke with my friend while I lisped that she better sign me up for speech therapy and if I fall call 911. She half laughed and was half concerned. Yes, she is a good friend. I decided to make the most of the moment and take a Miley Cyrus picture! Maybe Miley had a bee in her mouth during the VMA's!? Maybe that is a good enough excuse for her interesting behavior?! lol! I still think all you have to say is "Former Disney Star" and that covers any and every little thing she does. I am also wondering at this time what the sweet walking ladies thought happened to me. Doubt they'll say hi again and instead say, "Remember that lady, that morning....I still wonder what is wrong with her"...followed by, "I hear she is that Sexy Mother Runner and you know runners...I hear they poop in the woods and drop trow during marathons if they have to...hhhmmmm". Okay, I have a vivid imagination and it is probably went nothing like this.

As my tongue swelled, we still ran (because that is what runners do) because we needed to get home as both of us had work ahead and kids that are hopefully ready to go to school thanks to our amazing husbands. Our final stretch was ridiculously hard and hot, but we kicked the big hill all the way to the top! #Determination! When we arrived at our 8 mile stopping point which was my house my friend  grabbed her phone and viewed a text from her husband that said "You set the alarm for p.m. not a.m.!". She said, uh oh, gotta run and off she went! This is our running life!

Here is hoping that your runs were amazing today and not bad, bizarre or contained lions, tigers, or bees!

Happy Running!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Handana Winner!


Linda Thomas

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Handana Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

Handana Sweatband
Handana is a cool new product geared toward making you more comfortable during your run or workout. It's designed to fit on your hand comfortably so you are able to wipe away sweat easily during a workout. No more lifting up your shirt to wipe your face during a run. Which, let's face it, is not only inconvenient but can be a bit awkward for everyone involved.

Handana recently sent me one of their sweatbands to try out. Normally, I do not like to run with anything on my hands, no rings, not even gloves in the winter. The idea behind the Handana sweatband intrigued me though because, well, I sweat. A lot. No, I mean I seriously sweat a lot when working out or running. Embarrassingly so. All of the women out there who have said things like, "Oh, I barely sweat." I secretly hate you... or at least want to shake off on you like a dog after my work out. Fortunately for you that is not very lady like and the thought grosses me out a little. (Yes, Danyelle, you are safe... for now...)

That's right, Danyelle is a non-sweater. So is my friend, Traci. I truly do love them both dearly as they are two of my best friends in the world but it is embarrassing to be the only one drenched in sweat after a run. To the point of having dried salt streaks on my face, eyes stinging from sweat that dripped into them, any mascara I had on now smeared all over my face. Not sexy.

So yeah, the Handana sweatband had it's work cut out for it with me. I wore it the first time for a very hot and humid 3 mile run. Temp was in the 80's and humidity was about 5000%. At first, I forgot I had it on. It's pretty comfy to wear. I was running and sweat was dripping and I actually used the back of my hand to wipe the sweat off my forehead, like I've done a million times, and then realized that I had on the Handana. Then I got all excited because it was actually working! The back of my hand alone doesn't usually work so well.

It was so nice to finally be able to effectively wipe away sweat during my run. It worked great for me! I think the design, which keeps my fingers free, is one of the reasons I'm so comfortable wearing it during my runs. Although I've only used it so far for running, I'm looking forward to using it for other workouts too. Normally, I'm the person at the gym carrying around a towel to wipe my forehead. I'm looking forward to using my Handana instead.

So far, I'm very pleased with the Handana sweatband! I am giving Handana a thumbs up. This product did everything that was promised. Definitely an accessory that I will use repeatedly!

Here's the facts straight from Handana's website:

  • Made of SupplexTM LycraTM fabric that is soft, durable and wicks away moisture
  • Comfortable, glove-like fit
  • Multiple sizes and colors
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight, natural fit around your hand
  • Perfect for allergy sufferers and people who sweat
  • Great for running, cycling, yoga, racquet sports and more!
  • Made in the USA

The awesome people at Handana offered to provide us with a 


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We will announce a winner next Tuesday! Good luck!!!

Peace, Love, Happiness!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Preparing for St. Jude

As I prepare for my St. Jude run tomorrow I can't help,
but listen to my children playing telephone upstairs.
How blessed I am to have a healthy 8 and 4 year old. As we all know parenthood is one of the hardest jobs and most rewarding. There are times when your kids are driving you nuts and you yearn for 10 minutes of quiet, but in the next moment as they are looking peacefully at a book you uncontrollably start kissing their feet, back, head, and cheeks in total admiration. When they hurt, you hurt. When they cry, you cry. There is such a bond and connection between a parent and their child. The kind where you would give your life to them in an instant. The kind where all you want to do is fix everything wrong and make everything right. Which brings me to Nathan.

I do not personally know Nathan, but our run is dedicated to him tomorrow. He is a newly diagnosed 4 year old boy from our area that is receiving treatment from St. Jude. His Dad, Corey came and spoke to us during our final meeting about his diagnosis and experience with St. Jude. As he spoke, I had to fight off tears as he explained what is happening with Nathan and their family. My children were with me at this meeting. As I watched my children listening to his words I couldn't help but feel deeply saddened for what his family is going through. It really hit home. Nathan's Dad expressed only positive things regarding their experience with St. Jude. This is why we run.

I can't even express in words what this experience has been like so far. It has not only impacted me and my family, but especially our children. The stories we have heard, the giving we have seen, the strong dedication and work put forth of our team leaders, and the sharing of materials needed from friends has been so touching. 

As we run for Nathan tomorrow, we will also run in celebration of our group leader's son, Corbin who is 5 years cancer free. What a blessing! Family, friends, please pray for Nathan and his family, pray for the safety of all St. Jude Runners, pray for all the St. Jude children, and please pray for a cure.

Thank you again to all of my donation angels. Without all of you this run would not have been possible. <3