Friday, June 28, 2013

Sexy Mother Runner Featured Friday Runner: Meet Renee!

Sexy Mother Runner Featured Friday Runner is back! Today we are featuring one of our favorite stories of all time!

At Sexy Mother Runner we believe that every runner has a story and sharing those stories is a great way to share the gift of running while helping to motivate others. Today's featured runner is Renee. When I first read Renee's story, I couldn't stop crying. I remembered having the same feelings she talks about having.  I found her story so touching. I know a lot of people will identify with Renee.

Meet Renee:

When I was in the Army many moons ago we had to run. We had to run a lot. I dreaded it, hated it, cussed it, but I always found a way to do it! When I got excited I was, never to have to RUN again, and I didn't.

Years went by, and so did several sizes of pants. I was bummed a lot. Kept telling myself MOVE, do something keep this from happening. I got pregnant. I gained more weight, I had no idea getting pregnant would do that! LOL.

One day I went to put on my big pants and they were tight. I went on vacation to visit my sister in Mass....(in the summer). I saw pictures of myself and was humiliated. Was mad at my hubby, and friends for letting me get that big. (like it was their fault).
I was whining to my friend Colleen over some wine, about how disgusted I felt about my weight.

She told me to run with her and the Sisters! My first thought was .....Ha ha ha ha...I told myself I never had to or wanted to do that again. I made excuses for weeks of why I could not join her .....Then I went. I had a goal, I would run until I lose weight.

My first run with the Sole Sisters...I was embarrassed, stayed to myself, looked around at everyone. They all looked skinny, and in shape. Here I was in a paint covered pair of sweat pants (all I had that fit me at the time), felt huge, did not even want to talk to Colleen because I did not want to embarrass her. I had no idea where anyone was running, got lost, cried, felt alone and again swore I was never to run again!

It was abundantly clear why I don't run. Talked to Colleen that night and she some how convinced me to do the screaming pumpkin with her. I laughed. (all the thoughts came to mind about how I hated running) But, said OK. That was tough. I think I walked most of it. Felt bad again, for slowing her down. But that race changed me. When I woke the next day, I felt better, I felt like I could actually accomplish something, My mood was different. I felt Giddy. I wanted to run again. So I did, every Wed. night. The night I conquered the Bob Michael Bridge...I got my first runners high EVER! I am addicted to that feeling.

I try to run 3 times in a week. It keeps me sane, balanced, calm, excited, feelings I had forgotten about. I have had a bad run here or there, but I don't hate running any more. I LOVE it! I am also doing my first Half Marathon on March 31st. Who would of ever thought!

Before Sole Sisters
So far I have lost 54 Lbs. I now have the drive to do whatever it is I want! I ran to lose weight, but I found so much more!
After Sole Sisters
Colleen and Renee at the Jingle Bell Run in Dec. 2011

If you would like to be one of our Featured Runners, we would love to hear from you! Send us an email at or message us on Facebook!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Are You Ready For A Challenge?!?! Kiss That Comfort Zone Goodbye!

Last year I challenged myself to get waaaay out of my comfort zone and try a lot of new things. I did my first juice fast, joined a Spartan training class (by myself then later with Fred), I zip lined in the rain forest of the Dominican Republic, I swam with sharks and stingrays, I participated in a Spartan Super, I ran 2 half marathons, and I went for a run in the very same sand dunes where Fred once got us lost in complete darkness and I almost died of terror.

Tonight, I am once again stepping out of my comfort zone and going to a lesson to learn Salsa Dancing! I've rounded up  a few brave souls to join me. It's going to be fun! ...and a bit humiliating as I have no coordination.

I wasted so many years missing out on things that I really wanted to do. Things that I only saw other people doing, never myself. I didn't think I was capable, or that I should even try, for whatever reason. Oh, and trust me, I had a lot of reasons. I'm not fit enough, I'm not fast enough, I'm no thin enough, I'm not confident enough, I'm not good enough, etc, etc, etc. Well guess what?

I am enough!

Now I'm challenging you. What is that one thing that you've been wanting to do but for whatever reason you just haven't done it? A triathlon, a 5k, going to a water park, whatever it is... Stop putting it off, stop making excuses! Go do it.

I want to hear all about it too! I want comments and messages and emails telling me what you have accomplished that you never thought you could. 

So for anyone who sat on the sidelines because they didn't feel like they could do it, I'm here to tell you that YOU CAN.

July is going to be a challenge month filled with lots of motivation. We will be setting up some great challenges for you. We will also be bringing back our Featured Runner Friday where we will be posting a personal fitness story each Friday. We have four Featured Runners already lined up.

I will also be doing another 7 day juice fast in July. I'm looking for people who are interested in doing the fast with me. You will have to be serious and 100% committed. We will create a group on Facebook where we can give support, information, encouragement, share recipes, etc. I will post more details on this later.

So, are you ready to get serious and have fun with us in July?!?!? 

Peace, Love, Happiness!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Who Wants To Win New Shoes? Skora Running Shoe Review and Giveaway!

You've probably already read Danyelle's great review of her new running shoes from Skora Running. I won't go into all of the details she went into but I am going to tell you all about my new running shoes from Skora Running.

First, like Danyelle, I was skeptical. Not because I pronate like she does but because I have been looking (for years) for a running shoe that is as comfortable for me as my Brooks. A girl needs choices. I've tried on so many different running shoes but always come back to Brooks.

So when Skora sent me these:

Skora Base

Umm, yeah... you could say I was a bit concerned.

Nothing at all like my usual running shoes. What some refer to as 'minimal running' Skora calls 'real running' because their shoes are designed to help you run the way you are meant to run. I understand this concept but I was still having a difficult time believing that this type of shoe would work and be comfortable for me. The shoe is very lightweight. It bends easily. The sole is incredibly thin compared to my other running shoes. This could be a problem, I thought.

I was still excited to put them on and see what they were all about. So, the first day I wore them all day without socks just to walk in and get used to them. I became concerned about the buckle on top which the strap slips through. I noticed that I could feel it through the shoe so I loosened the strap a bit and that helped. It was still bothering me though so I was worried about how they would feel when I ran in them.

Two days later I was going to be running four miles in preparation for the Steamboat Classic. I wanted to try the Skoras. I was still concerned about the buckle on top so I put on a pair of my thinnest running socks to see if that would help. I never felt the buckle again. I did however, have a fantastic run!

One of my friends said that I was running differently. She asked if I felt like I was running differently and I told her that I just felt like I was running. She said I looked like I was running on my toes. I've never been a heel striker but once I started paying more attention I noticed that my toes were more engaged in my run. In my other running shoes my toes have a lot more material around them. In the Skoras though, because of the way they fit, I feel like my toes are doing more work. Like my entire foot was more involved in my run. That run felt great and so did my Skoras.

I decided I was going to wear them for the Steamboat Classic. I wore my thinnest running socks with them again. Once again, the shoes, my feet, everything felt great. I really can't get over how good these shoes feel on my feet. They are lightweight and comfortable. I'm so excited to have another running shoe that I love!

Before you decide that your current running shoe is the only shoe for you, check out a pair of Skora Running shoes.

In fact, you should definitely enter our GIVEAWAY and try to win a pair of your own! 

Leave us a comment below then head over to our 
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Winner will be announced on Friday June 21st!

Peace, Love, Happiness!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Steamboat Classic, Skora Running Kicks & A Giveaway: A great combination!

Yesterday was our annual 4 mile race of the Steamboat Classic! It was the Steamboat's 40th Race year and I was pleasantly surprised with the overcast weather and mild temps. Usually this race is terribly hot and humid! Like usual, all us running girls met and took a pre-race picture together. I know I have said it before, but I am so thankful for these beautiful, sweet ladies! It is amazing how much this common interest bonds you with each other.

I am on the far, top left. Check out my new Skora kicks!
I am in a pair of Form shoes in Royal/White/Lt Blue.
Before I knew it we were at the start line. This makes the 4th year of completing the Steamboat Classic Race for me. It was so nice to not have any pre-race jitters and run for fun. It was a first race for many new runners and that is very exciting to watch their hard work unfold and become dividends!

The one thing that was new for me at this old race was my running shoes from Skora Running. Bekah and I were both given a pair to try from the company. She will post her review this week. I have to admit that I am in love with them! Honestly, I was skeptical. When I opened the box I thought can my pronating, stability seeking foot be happy in this light, leather, minimalist shoe? My motto in life is that I don't judge it until I try it! Like the old adage "first walk a mile in another person's shoes"....

That is exactly what I did. The first time I wore my Skora's casually without socks to my son's tee ball game. Instantly I was in love with the comfort. I am the kind of gal that wears flip flops once the temps are in the mid 40's and am found barefoot any temp above 60. I am also the girl that can no longer wear heels. (sigh...) These Skora kicks are so comfortable that I found that I wasn't taking them off as soon as I arrived home, because I didn't even notice they were on.

The real test would be when I ran. Would they have enough support? I have ran three times in these wonders. My mileage was 4 miles and  under on each of these runs. Again, I can't express how happy I am with these shoes! They are so light, so flexible, and very supportive. They are made out of goat leather, which is much more breathable and durable naturally than cow leather. I even wore my Swiftwick socks during the Steamboat Classic race and was just as happy running in them with socks as I was previously without. I am so thankful that Skora let me try a pair. If you don't believe me check out their Facebook page here and  read the comments from other runners that are giving Skora a try. Their reviews are phenomenal like mine! I am surprised to say this, but I am giving my old standbys a rest and kicking it in my new Skora's from now on!

Why is Skora different?

SKORA approaches design and performance from a practical, honest and realistic understanding of a runner’s true needs. We don’t cling to doctrine, new or old. We don’t hold ideology over practicality.
SKORA is designed for the real runner, in the real world. SKORA products are designed from a feature/benefit analysis based on common sense. Many athletic brands focus on "technology" to help a runner go faster, longer, stronger. We believe that the best technology available is the human body, and design our products to respect this. SKORA products allow the human body to function as naturally and efficiently as possible.
Rather than look for features to add, we look for features to remove. We believe that the best shoe is one that complements the human body, and allows it to perform naturally.

Do you wish that you could give Skora kicks a try? If so, we have a chance for you to win a pair this week. All you need to do is comment below and then go to our Sexy Mother Runner Facebook Page and share this post on your Facebook wall. This will give you two entries. There was also a post yesterday on our Facebook wall that you can share to give you endless entries for a chance to win new Skora Running shoes. So, get to sharing! We will be announcing a winner on Friday, June 21

Good Luck & Happy Running!


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We are so thankful for your support, friendship and encouragement!
As much as we inspire you, YOU inspire us...

~Danyelle & Bekah

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Maybe The Best Weekend Ever!

Me with my kiddos before the Color Blaze 5k!

It's Tuesday and I feel like I am finally catching my breath from an insanely busy and fun weekend! I'll start off with a confession. Juice fast ended for me on Day 14 and for Fred on day 16. We didn't make the goal of 30 days like we wanted but we gave it a good shot and feel great. We are still juicing but also eating now. We are definitely eating pretty clean too, it's amazing how juicing makes you want to eat better. We got our first week of veggies from the CSA we joined and have been enjoying all of the yummy greens, especially the chives!

We ran/walked the Color Blaze 5k in Springfield, IL on Saturday! Our kiddos went too! We met up with Danyelle and her family along with another friend and her daughter. They gave out one bag of color powder to each person registered and since we are all about 12, the color fight ensued. So yeah, we were all pretty colorful before the run even began. Who doesn't love a face full of colored powder!?!?

Our friend, Leslie!

The line was HUGE. They were letting people go in waves every 5-10 minutes but it still felt like the line wasn't moving at all. We decided to mosey up closer to the front and blend in. Okay, we totally cut in line but really I don't think anyone noticed or cared. Once we got moving, it took about an eighth of a mile before my kids were asking to walk. Then, my son fell and skinned his ankle a little bit but was a trooper and continued to hobble along. Not long after, my daughter was taken out by a woman who, once righted herself, didn't bother to see if the small child she ran over was alive, maimed, or scarred for life. Luckily, she was fine. Now I'm not going to say that my daughter had no fault in this. She tends to weave when she runs (we are working on that) but this was a race FILLED with small kids, parents with strollers and lots of walkers so running all out was kind of pointless really. Especially since it wasn't a timed event but a fun run.

 The color stations were fun! Be sure to keep your mouth closed and sunglasses on! Somewhere in the middle of the course we went through a neighborhood. People were sitting out watching as we all passed by in our rainbow parade. One couple had their sprinkler out and invited the kids to run through it. Even some adults took a turn.

By mile two, Fred and I were each carrying a child piggy-back. I figure it was just more exercise. We were still having fun. The 'finish line' was a bit of a dud. Which is code for there really wasn't a finish line at all which made it a bit anticlimactic and a little confusing. Fred and I were looking around and asking, "Is that it? Are we done?" So yeah, they really need to work on that. I felt robbed of my dream of all four of us running across the finish line, holding hands, Chariots of Fire playing in the background... it was nothing like that.

We had an ABSOLUTE BLAST though! This was the perfect event to attend as a family. Best part, the event benefitted the burn center in Springfield which is where serious burn victims from all over Illinois go for treatment.

Our super fun weekend continued with possibly the best veggie burger I've ever had. We stopped to eat in Springfield before heading home. Fred used his phone to search for a restaurant with vegetarian options and found The Brickhouse Grill and Pub. One review said, "best veggie burger ever" so we were sold. The review was correct. They actually have two veggie burgers which is unheard of here in the middle of cow and corn country or the Midwest. We each ordered one and then shared. They were both excellent burgers but the black bean burger was phenomenal!

We drove home and because we were totally covered in color from head to toe, thought it would be a great idea to go to Menard's. We wanted to check out play centers for the kids and also get the last few things needed for our raised garden bed.

Fred (The Sheik), myself, and our kiddos before
the run started. 

For those of you who don't know, Fred is incredibly good at getting great deals. He has no shame in talking anyone down in price on anything. When we were dating, he actually asked if we could go to lunch as 'Dutch Treat'... you know, where you each pay your own. Well, he's actually Dutch, so the ability to be frugal, (okay he's downright cheap), is in his DNA. Why am I telling you this? Because you need to know why I didn't even flinch when he asked the manager at Menard's how much more money we could get off of the playset, which was set up as a display and already clearanced, if he came in and took it apart himself instead of them taking it apart. The answer was another $200... turns out my husband is a frugal genius. Best part, we borrowed my dad's flatbed trailer to haul it so Fred actually only had to take the swing part off from the 'fort' part in order to get it home. It was back together and being played on in a very short amount of time.

Oh, and as a side note FYI, you can get FREE furniture from furniture stores if you are buying other items and actually ask them, "What else can you throw in?" Yes, I watched that happen. I have a jewelry armoir to prove it.

So, great time at the Color Blaze 5k, new play center for the kids, and our organic, raised bed garden is in! This really was maybe the best weekend ever!

Peace, Love, Happiness!

Finished product!
Have you done a Color Blaze before? What did you think?