Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week One Weigh-In!

Well campers, Team Sexy Mother Runner truly worked their bums off this week! We all went in this morning for our first week weigh-in of the 55 Select Weight-loss Challenge. Before I get to the results, (because we have to have a dramatic pause, right?) let's do a quick recap.

All five members of Team SMR met and weighed in last Saturday. All of us vowed to eat right and exercise hard for this challenge. Brandon and Kristen worked out and ate right all through the week. One of their healthy meals involved a delicious salmon dish. I've been craving salmon ever since Kristen told me about it. Danyelle was hitting the gym, the pavement, and probably a couple other things in between! Fred has been juicing like a mad man! A mad man who prefers a healthy lifestyle, that is. I have been sticking to my eating plan and working hard to meet my exercise goals.

Last Chance Workout!

I went for a 'Last chance workout' this morning. Two mile run in the snow, felt like 4 or 5, with my friend, Stephanie. I pictured Dolvett from Biggest Loser running next to me shouting "Last Chance!" He was shirtless and beautiful, of course. ;)

Weigh-in Results:

Brandon lost 14.2lbs!!!
Kristen lost 8.4lbs!!!
Danyelle lost 6.7lbs!!!
Bekah lost 9.3lbs!!!
Fred lost 15.9lbs!!!

For a Team SMR total of 54.5 lbs lost in Week One!!!! Great job, Team SMR! Good luck with Week Two!

So what is my post-snowy-run/weigh-in-celebration meal? Something new for me and quite yummy. Irish Oats with a touch of Agave Nectar to sweeten them!

Peace, love, happiness!


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