Monday, January 16, 2012

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! How is your New Year’s Resolution going?

How true is this old adage? It could be one of the most factual sayings ever. So, this week that is what I am doing…planning.

I read an interesting article from Dr. Oz this week all about New Year’s Resolutions and how to make them stick. You must plan. You must put them in writing. That is exactly what I am doing.

What am I planning for? The “Dreaded Week 2 Weigh-In”, at least that is what they call it in Biggest Loser world. If you have followed our blog you know that we had a great first week with our weight loss challenge, but everyone knows that the first week is the easiest. So, I am trying to prepare for and prevent a zero weight loss or even worse a gain. I am planning my meals and planning my exercise. If it is on the calendar it is happening.

So, what is my plan?

I am following the Weight Watchers Points Plus plan, although I am not formally enrolled in the program I am doing it. It is the only eating plan that has worked for me long term in the past. Therefore, I am using my old tools and putting them into action again. I have 29 points to use and all of the fresh fruits and vegetables I want.

So, what’s on my plate?

Like my friend, Bekah this girl does not budge on her coffee with cream either. Let me be even more specific and say Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee from Fresh Market with low fat cream. I guess you can say, I am a coffee snob. LOL! J I am not kidding when I say to you that this is the most important item to me that I consume in a day. Coffee is my dearest friend. Without it, I am lost. Like American Express, I never leave home without it.

What I choose to eat in a day depends on what is on my schedule during the day. Am I taxi Mom today or am I working Mom? If I am working Mom generally everything must be portable.

This is the food that has been rolling through my household currently and in the past week:

Kashi Cereal, Kashi Bars, skim milk, bananas, oatmeal, blueberries, apples, cauliflower, red, yellow, and orange peppers, onions, Greek yogurt (sometimes I had a spray of fat free whip cream on top to cure my sweet tooth), chicken, fish, raw almonds, raw cashews, potatoes, low fat cheese, and an occasional Weight Watcher meal for the girl that is always on the go. As long as I am in my points range I just balance all of it and fill in the gap when I need to.

My only true slip up was last week when I lost a fight with Caramel Sundae Topping and was literally pouring it on Greek Yogurt at 9 o’clock Thursday night. That was an embarrassing moment to share with my team. Let’s just say, I have a sweet tooth and I know how to use it!

You got to move it, move it!

As far as exercise is concerned, I am running 3 days a week and cross training on the other 3. Plus, I am always stretching before and after each work out. My cross training days consist of weight lifting that incorporates muscle confusion and cardio that includes the bike and walking both forwards and backwards with an incline on the treadmill. Yes, you should try it. However try it slow. The turn around is where it gets you. J

So, what is going to happen if I encounter what some might deem as failure this week on the scale? I will pull a Tim Tebow and know that we can’t always win all of the time and keep working hard!

I will push through the adversity and know that “I can do all things who Christ who strengthens me”. Yes, that is my all time favorite verse and running quote. Every time I see it on the course I run harder. And most importantly, Life is about the journey, not the destination. My team is all about having fun and we are having it! So many people are so fixated on the destination or finish line that they miss the significance of the journey. For example, if you are running a race it is the running that gets you to the finish line!
So, tell us how are your New Year’s Resolutions going for you? Leave us a comment. Let us motivate you. Motivating you will motivate us!

Tonight I am going to sign out with what I think I need the most, so sing it Michael Bolton…
Until Next time…Time, Love and Tenderness,


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  1. Thank you for the bottom Tim Tebow pic, LOL, love him! Your team sounds very motivated and it's inspiring ;)