Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Surviving the "Dreadmill"!

Surviving the "Dreadmill"!

It is January in Illinois. Days typically look like this...

I wish I was like many of my runner friends who will run in any condition, but I am a wuss about it. I ran one time with my friend, Jess in 30 m.p.h. winds and freezing temps and vowed at that moment to never do it again. To put it lightly, I despised it. That is except for her company while sipping coffee after it was all done. But what choices do we have for all us Northerners? Not to run for 6 months out of the year? Nope. Off to run on the “Dreadmill”.

The “Dreadmill” is my friend, because it is always there for me. It is there for me in inclement weather. It is there for me if I am not able to get out on a run without the kids. However, it is my enemy because the runs on it are so boring and seem so long.  I love running outside! The "Dreadmill" is inevitable for a runner’s survival, though. How do I get through runs on the “Dreadmill”?

First, I cover up the display board with a towel or sweatshirt the minute I get up to traveling speed.

Second, I turn on my iPod and jam out to the best playlist I have.

Lastly, I never look at the display board.  If I am going to run 3 miles, I listen to 12 songs. This has been a fool proof method for me to minimally get in three miles and sometimes four depending on my speed or if I forget what song number I was on!  

So, what do you do to survive your time on the “Dreadmill”?

I would love to know!

~Danyelle :)


  1. Even though I can't run right now. I don't do music simply because I must be listening for children :P SO I think of my goals and try to stay there, play beat the clock always running a faster time trying to constantly go faster. Go to my upcoming race as if I were running it right then and winning even though that will NEVER happen. It is my thinking time

  2. Haha 12 songs! I survive the mill (barely) by changing the incline or speed every minute or 2 or else I'm bored silly.