Saturday, January 28, 2012

Last Chance Workout and Week 3 Weigh-In!

Last Chance!!

This morning I was faced with the choice of running in the snow or on the treadmill. Normally, I would go with outside running every time but today I wasn't really up for a snowy run. I love the snow but I twisted my ankle a bit a few weeks ago and it is still a little tender. The possibility of slipping in the snow wasn't very appealing. Plus, I would have been running solo today and honestly, ever since a woman in Montana was abducted from her run several weeks ago, I'm a little hesitant to go it alone. That story has really bothered me and I find myself thinking about her and her family on a regular basis. (I will be picking up some pepper spray for future runs.) Treadmill won today.

My hubby and I worked out a nice schedule for this morning so he would take our girl to dance class while I would start my workout. Then he'd start his torture, er uh, workout when he got home and I would pick up our girl while he finished his workout. (His current torture of choice is P90X.)

I decided to just mix it up and have fun. I grabbed some dumbbells, plugged my iPod into my treadmill and got to work.

Normally, I just hop on and run to get it over with. Today however, I started out with the incline at 5 and a slower running pace while using the weights. I have very little coordination so running while lifting weights, even small ones, is quite a challenge for me... and I imagine pretty entertaining for anyone watching. Especially when Party Rock Anthem came on and I threw in some dance moves for fun.

I have a Pro-Form treadmill with iFit capability. My display screen gives me the option of showing me just incline and speed which is where I set it so I couldn't clock-watch. Five songs in, Rebel Yell by Scooter came on. I dropped my weights and bumped up my speed. I can't hear that song without running!

Forty minutes later, my workout had to be complete because it was time to pick up my girl from dance class. I felt amazing! My face was as red as Bob the Tomato and I looked like a drowned rat! It was pretty gross actually. But in a really awesome way. Must admit, I have a new found admiration for my treadmill now.

Last chance workout complete. Off to weigh -in for Week 3!

Week 3 Results!

Team SMR rocked it out again!

Brandon lost 5.1
Kristen lost 1.4
Danyelle lost 1.2
Fred lost 1.4
Bekah lost 2.5

A total loss of 79.3 pounds!

What are some of your favorite songs to get you moving? I'm always looking to update my playlist! Until next time.

Peace, love, happiness,


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  1. 80's hair band - Twisted Sister, Skid Row, Cinderella...oh yeah, bring it!