Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One Hill Of A Run!

On Sunday morning I headed out for a run with two of my friends. We waited until 9am when the temp was a little more agreeable, a balmy 34 degrees I think... The sun however was shining bright and made everything just feel really good.

You know how some days your run is just calling out to you on a level where you know it's going to be awesome? This was one of those days.

We decided to run on Grandview Drive which is also known as 'The World's Most Beautiful Drive'. We actually have a tv station here whose call letters are WMBD in honor of said drive. It really does stand up to it's name. The views are gorgeous overlooking the river.

Overlooking the Illinois River

In order to get those kinds of views though, one must go up. A winding drive up a nice hill leads you right to those views.

Caution: Objects in windshield are larger than they appear.

The first time I ran on Grandview Drive was last summer with my Sole Sisters. I remember how hard it was the first time. By the third time we ran it, I could see a huge improvement in myself. Namely, I wasn't gasping and having to stop or walk at all like I did the first time. I was getting stronger. That is a fantastic feeling.

The three of us started our run at the top, made our way down and then back up. I've ran on Grandview Drive a number of times now but Sunday was the first time I ever ran so far down the hill. I tended to avoid doing that knowing that I would have to make my way back up. Or make that embarrassing call to my hubby to come and pick me up...

As we started going down, my friend, Traci, said,"You know it's great now but we will have to go back up at some point." We all laughed and kept going. It felt a little like an adventure. I knew what I would have to face but it felt good knowing that I was going to face it. Danyelle, on the other hand, was not as enthusiastic. She is a self-proclaimed 'hill hater'.

When we turned around to start back up I seriously questioned my sanity. What the... had I gotten myself into??? Halfway back up, Danyelle needed to slow it down and I being the ever so concerned friend offered to hang back with her. I'm very considerate that way... okay, so the hill was kicking my tukas! Traci, however, was full steam ahead. We cheered her on and watched her get the better of that hill. Danyelle and I got our second wind and caught back up. I kept thinking of a running quote I read recently, "It's a hill, get over it."

We all got back in pace together and just took in the beauty of the day. There could not have been a bluer sky. We finished our run talking and laughing and just enjoying everything that a run with friends on a perfect day has to offer. We finished up a little over 5 miles, great start to the day.

Until next time, hill. You may have won the battle but you will not win this war! ~Bekah

How do you feel about hills?
Are you a 'hill hater' like Danyelle or in a love/hate relationship with them, like me?

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