Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Foam Rolling and Purple Dresses?!?!

What is Foam Rolling?

Concept of Foam Rolling

From an article on www.livestrong.


The muscles, bones and joints are insulated by a specialized connective tissue cal

led fascia. Along with tendons and ligaments, fascia is a type of dense connective tissue and it covers the whol

e body from the head to the toes. There are three layers to the fascia -- the sup

erficial fascia, the deep fascia and the subserous fascia. Deep within the fascia the

re are speculated to be trigger points that are precursors to certain types of mu

scle injuries. A foam roller is used to massage these triggers points and reduce the risk of


When should I use a Foam Roller?

Well, if you are like me then you will probably wait until you are experiencing pain. You should definitely use one then. The prime time to use a foam roller, however, is really before and after a workout. It will help to relieve soreness or stiffness that you may be experiencing.

How do I use a Foam Roller?

This video gives a great demonstration on how to use a foam roller on your calves, thighs, hips, and back.

Remember to pay close attention to your body. If a spot feels tender while using the foam roller, hold on that spot for several seconds to a minute. Maybe even apply a little extra pressure to those tighter spots. Listen to your body.

Have you used a foam roller before? What did you think?

Any tips or tricks you'd like to share?

What's Up With The Purple Dresses???

While visiting Holland, MI last weekend my family stopped in to the New Holland Brewing Company for a lunch. (They have a great selection of healthy options including several vegetarian and vegan items.) While we were eating, I kept seeing people run by outside wearing purple dresses over the top of their running clothes. Before long, a group stopped and gathered inside the bar area. I was intrigued. It's not everyday you see men and women donning purple dresses, boas, and tiaras in Holland, MI. Saugatuck probably but not so much in Holland.

Some of the race participants with Mark front and center.

Anyway, I decided to go and ask what was up with the purple dresses. That's when I met Beth Felicelli. Taking a cue from Red Dress Runs ( Beth and one of her friends put together a 5k Purple Dress Run in order to help raise money for her brother, Mark Wagner, who is battling pancreatic cancer. Purple is the color for pancreatic cancer awareness. Not only was everyone donning purple dresses but they were also wearing buttons that read: No One Fights Alone.

All of the money raised was donated to help Mark with his medical costs. What a fantastic reason for a 5k and what a fantastic sister!

Sexy Mother Runner wishes Mark great success in his fight!

Peace, love, happiness!


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  1. Awesome post! Can't wait to try it out, on my way to buy a foam roller!