Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Importance of Teamwork!

The Importance of Teamwork


Team Sexy Mother Runner’s Week #5 Weigh-in Results
for the Select 55 Challenge 

As I write this Blog post today I feel so much gratitude towards my Select 55 Challenge Team. I feel gratitude for their friendship, gratitude for their encouragement, and gratitude for their commitment. Honestly, I know that I would not be where I am in this weight loss challenge without them by my side.

Friday we learned that Team Sexy Mother Runner was one of the Top 5 Teams out of 81 total teams who has lost the highest percentage of weight in the Select 55 Challenge! That was a huge boost for us! None of us thought when we started this challenge that we would actually win or even place, but what we did know was we needed to get healthy, exercise, and lose weight.

I love the names of the teams!!

Every one of my team members has been working very hard towards a new lifestyle. We have changed our eating and exercise habits. For all of us, this is about a permanent lifestyle change. A few members of our team have health and health history concerns that they were aware of that they wanted to address and for the rest of us on the team we are trying to be pro-active. Because lets face it, none of us know what health concerns may lie ahead of us.

Friday night text messages were going back and forth from team members about our Saturday morning weigh-in. Of course I started the first text message to everyone stating, “Are you ready to kick some A$$ tomorrow team?!” Next message, was “You Betcha”, followed by “Hell yes we are!”, followed by “Fred is doing P90x right now and I am doing P90x with him right now and it is BLANKIN’ HARD!” and lastly, “Hell yeah, P90x plyocide tonight…ouch!”

Saturday morning messages started flying in with the first two weigh-in results from Brandon and Kristen.  Kristen lost -5.2 lbs and Brandon lost -3.6 lbs. They rocked it! I was so excited now! It is going to be a good week! I started gathering my kids together with coffee in hand to get on the scale at Landmark. I was so excited to get my results! After a quick, extremely painful stop at the post office to mail my bf Megan’s birthday gift to Florida I was on my way. All you Mom’s know what I am talking about when I say “painful trip to the post office”. Anyone who brings two kids on a Saturday morning to the post office clearly has lost their mind or has no other choice. For me it was the latter.

Finally, I arrived at the Landmark. I started dragging my kids across the parking lot in breezy 21 degree temps. Lets just say it is a bit chilly here in Illinois right now. However, I could not be more excited to jump on that scale. As soon as I walk in I am greeted by this guy:

His smile is contagious!

This is Tyler. I have seen his smiling face every Saturday since we started the challenge. He is a Personal Trainer at Landmark Health Club. Honestly, I think the first time he saw us he thought our team might be crazy. I am not sure why? Kristen, only did the splits in his office during our first weigh-in. What can I say? The girl has talent and has to share it! At this point, I think Tyler has grown to love us. He smiles when he sees us and I think he is very proud of the commitment we have made to weight loss and health. Thanks, Tyler!

As I started to wait in line to get on the scale here comes Bekah up the stairs of Landmark to weigh-in. I am so happy we get to weigh-in together! Let me just tell you that Bekah looks freakin’ amazing! Plus, the smile on her face could light up a room right now!

So we jump in the room to weigh-in. I jump on the scale and Tyler says I lost -2.9 lbs! Yippee Ti Yi Yay! I am thrilled! I have been working my tail off this week and it paid off. Bekah, now jumped on the scale and she lost -2.7 lbs!! We hugged and jumped all around the room! We are doing it!! We are losing! My kids said congrats and off Bekah went to grab her husband Fred for his turn on the scale. I waited for Fred in the lobby to hear his results. Fred lost -5.2 lbs! Many high fives and congrats were exchanged!!!

Our team had a great week! I am on a high! Our hard work paid off! I think there is no saying more true than this saying:

Team Sexy
Plus, a team like ours is like family to me. Through it all, you stick it out.



To date we have lost a total of 104.4 lbs in 5 weeks!

Brandon has lost -27.9 lbs!
Fred has lost -25.6 lbs!
Kristen has lost -18.4 lbs!
Bekah has lost -16.3 lbs!
Danyelle has lost -16.2 lbs!

Thanks Team SMR and to all of the teams in the Select 55 Challenge we are so proud of you and wish you continued success! This is what a weight loss challenge is all about. Camaraderie, support, and encouragement! Keep up the great work!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Are you on a weight loss team and want to share your experience?

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  1. ❤ love this! I'm smiling ear to ear! Love you guys and I love that we are on this journey together!

  2. Kudos to you all for your hard work! Very inspiring ;-)

  3. Right back `atcha, Kristen!

    Thank you, Heidi!!