Friday, October 5, 2012

My Chicago Marathon Mile Dedication

Mile #1-Goes to God! I am thankful to god for keeping me safe, inspiring me, and giving me the ability to run.

Mile #2-All the Sexy Mother Runners out there!!! I appreciate all of your supportive messages. You all keep me going!! YOU are awesome!!!! Thanks for following us and being a part of this awesome journey!

Mile #3-This one goes to my brown-eyed girl, Haylee! I run to that song daily and dedicate it to her every time! I will be playing this Sunday and thinking of her the entire time! She gets #3, because she was born on the third and was the first best thing that happened in my life (Next to marrying her dad, but nothing compares to holding your first born for the first time!). I still remember holding her and thinking what an amazing gift I was given. She is a wonderful daughter that inspires me each day!

Mile #4- Goes to all of my family who ask about training and the marathon even when I am sure something else would keep their interest longer than me talking about running. The fact of the matter is, they still listen and they still care and that means a lot! Thank you. I love you all!

Mile #5- Goes to the 80 year old man that lives below me. God knew what he was doing when he helped get our house sold and then moved us into an apartment above a guy that is 80 years old that has completed nearly a dozen marathons! He gives me sound, good advice everyday and just yelled up the stairs at me:
”YOU can do it! Know you can, because you can and will!”

Mile #6- Goes to my friend, Natalie. Who has my four-legged daughter while I run. Thank you to the Reed family for always helping us out, taking care of our furry baby and being supportive!

Mile #7-Goes to my old college friend, Heidi who I ran with nearly every Monday morning in the summer and completed my first Spartan Race with. I love our runs together!

Mile #8-Goes to Carrie Pierce who I tricked and said we were not quite to mile 7 and we were nearly to mile 8. lol! I hope 8 feels that way Sunday!

Mile #9- Goes to my friends, Misty, Jenny, Leslie, Tara, Kristen, Brandon, Rhya, Matt, Michelle, Shawn, David, Susan, All the FAC, Ann, Erik, W.O.W. ladies, Mark, Julia, Lisa, and Larry. Thanks for helping us move.Thanks for watching the kids. You all are always so supportive! Thanks for all you do for us! You are all awesome friends! *Gosh, I hope I haven't forgot anyone. I am so scattered. lol! :)

Mile #10-Goes to Kathryn R. She has known me almost my whole life and has always been so supportive. Plus, she completed my first Tri with me! It was a great memory! Love you, lady!

Mile #11- Goes to all of you who have sent me good luck messages, called, given me hugs, and given me advice. I haven’t forgotten a one of them and I will think of them throughout the entire race. It means more to me that you can ever imagine and if I had the time I would write each and every one of your names down with a big thank you, but it is Friday night and I need to pack to go. Love you all! Oh, and Kristi W. who wants to do a marathon soon. YOU CAN DO IT! Louisa B., you are a gem! Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge and being a great friend!

Mile #12- Goes to my Aunt Barb and Joan L. Thanks for helping me with my kids. I couldn’t do all I do without you. I love you ladies so much and so do my kids!

Mile #13-Goes to a cherished memory of a wonderful day completing my first half marathon at the Illinois Marathon. Nothing compared to crossing the 50 year line and my kids and husband surprising me at the finish when they weren’t supposed to be there!

Mile #14- Goes to my Grandma Jobe! She watches my kids and helps me out whenever she can even so I can run. She is the best grandma anyone could ask for!

Mile #15-Goes to my husband, his birthday, and tax day!

Mile #16-Goes to the second best thing that happened in my life, my son Bowden being born on the 16th! My son has melted my heart and makes me smile daily. He just is this little bottle of sunshine. This mile is for you son.

Mile #17- Goes to Grandpa, Don Jobe who died in 2001 on the 17th of April. Since he has passed there have been many occurrences of him and the #7. If you are a religious person you know what this means. Mile #17 is to you Grandpa! I know you are proud!

Mile #18-Goes to my friend and fellow Sexy Mother Runner, Bekah. She gets #18 because I will never forget our 18 mile run together. Laughs, cries, pukes…and she still loves me. She is a beautiful person both inside and out. Thanks, yeah it doesn't cover it for how thankful I am for this lady.

Mile #19- Goes to my lifelong friend, Leslie. Oh the memories…J! She is such a great friend and has supported me in every adventure! She just called to wish me good luck. She gets it as she is a runner, too.

Mile #20-Goes to Stephanie Mischler! We completed our first 20 mile run together. She is a machine and makes me laugh on every run. She is such an inspiration. She is such a great friend and I am so thankful for her. She just completed her first marathon 2 weeks ago and I could not be happier for her!!!

Mile #21-Goes to a class act, Marianner Miller. I dedicate this mile to her, because she is one of our biggest cheerleaders and inspirations. I can’t even begin to mention all of the wonderful things she has done in our fitness community. Plus, even an accident can’t slow her down. I can’t wait to see her this weekend!

Mile #22 Goes to all the people that are unable to run. This one is for you!
Mile #23 Goes to all my friends in Miles & Mojo’s! I honestly don’t think I could have done this without you. You met me early, freaking early on Saturdays and ran with me even when you did not have to. I love you girls so much and can never tell you thank you enough! This one is for you!!! Also….Laura S.-Nirvana is dedicated to you! J lol!

Mile #24 Goes to “My Megan”. Never fails I always laugh when I am on the phone with her. I hate to miss her call as this means I miss out on a big smile. I have known her my entire life and can’t imagine life without her. Thanks for all of the encouraging words, friend. If I could possibly turn into an earth size hulk I would push both of our houses together and we would all live in the middle in Tennessee.

Mile #25 Goes to my awesome, Mom. Who believes in me every minute of every day! She just messaged me to say that one of your dreams is getting ready to happen. Mom’s…they always remember. She is an awesome grandma and is the best Mom a girl could ask for! I love you, Mom.

Mile #26 Goes to my husband and the awesome family we have created as this is our anniversary date. I could not have done any of this without him and my kids! I love you all more than words. Thank you for encouraging me, believing in me, and rearranging our life for me the past 18 weeks. You are my life and I don’t know what I would do without each of you.

Mile #.2 Goes to me! All Me!!! Whether I run, walk, crawl, or some awesome person drags me. It’s mine all mine! J 

Oh and the 27th Mile Party goes to everyone out there! It’s time to be proud of all of our accomplishments. Whether it is a marathon, a 5k, a wog, being a good parent, a good friend it is an accomplishment and it all happened, because you had the courage to try!

Here I come Chicago!!!!



  1. Danyelle! You will Rock this! I am so proud of you! Go get'em girl! Love ya

  2. Danyelle! You will Rock this! I am so proud of you! Go get'em girl! Love ya

  3. Beth, thank you so much!!! You are such a great friend!!!! I hope you have a great trip, too!!! ~Danyelle