Monday, October 15, 2012

Prizes for the Sexy Mother Runner Weight Loss Challenge!

I can’t believe the awesome prizes that are being given for our 
Sexy Mother Runner Weight Loss Challenge! 
We have some wonderful businesses and people 
who have contacted us wanting to give.
 How wonderful is that?!

We have five wonderful prizes to give to the Top 5 participants who have the highest percentage of weight lost. We have decided that the best way to award the prizes based on the proximity of our participants is to let our winners pick which prize they would like the most. For example, the participant with the highest percentage of weight loss gets to have the “pick of the litter” between all five prizes! The second person with the highest percentage of weight loss will get to pick from the four left prizes, etc. How exciting is this?!

Our friend Naomi Shea had given us a Grand Prize! She has given one lucky winner an overnight stay for two people in one of the Studio rooms including drinks from the bar and breakfast at the Mark Twain Hotel in Peoria, IL! How awesome is this?! I want to win this one! Check out their website here!
Thanks, Naomi Shea!

Running on the Wall is giving away one of their wonderful Wooden Race Bibs or Medal Display! You want to know the best part?! You get to pick which design you like! I can’t wait to get one of these! Start looking now at:! Make sure and visit their motivational Facebook page at here!
Thanks, Alex & Meli Anna A!

Janet Young from Body by Vi is giving one lucky winner a Balance Kit that is valued at $49.00! Wow! These extremely popular nutritional shakes taste amazing! Plus, they are Non-GMO! Check out her personal Body by Vi page at: or click here!

Janet has witnessed many fitness goals achieved and feels blessed to be a part of this wonderful business! Go check out Body by Vi!
Thanks, Janet!

Getting Healthy and Active with Abby is donating a sample and a shake from Beachbody and Shakeology! Abby is one incredible lady! She has lost over 100 lbs.!
Make sure to check out her Facebook page here!


“The truth is, I have been over weight my whole life, and done nothing about it. In 2009, I had my first child, and it finally hit me, that I wanted to live life to my fullest and bet the healthiest mother I could be for my child, I have lost over 100lbs and I still am continuing on my journey!” ~Abby
Thanks, Abby!


Suzanne Kelley McCurdy from the Nutrition Snob is giving away the workout tank of your choice! These tanks are super-cute! I will definitely be shopping on her site soon! Start shopping for the tank that you would love on her site here!


Plus, she has a great Facebook page that you should visit. Go to:

I love Suzanne’s bio and had to share it!

Hi, Suzanne here! A little about me! I love to run and eat healthy! I have a B.S. in Dietetics from Texas Woman's University and am a certified personal trainer, so this should come easy right? NO WAY! There is a fat girl inside of me trying to claw her way out everyday and I fight her with everything I have! This is the reason I created this clothing line, I need daily motivation to stay committed to this healthy athletic life I choose to live... and I want other women to wake up and feel as motivated and empowered as I do with these fabulous tops!

Shout it from the rooftop. Each day wake up and look as good as you feel, whether you feel flirty, cute, sassy or sexy, whether you are running, at the gym, yoga, working a 12 hr day at the office, or completing that never ending to do list these clothes are perfect for you. My clothes will have you ready and motivated to face whatever your day holds. Go from the street to the gym and back to the street and never lose your sense of self. There is nothing sweeter in the whole wide world than a happy girl! ~Suzanne
Thanks, Suzanne!

So, be healthy, get to losing to get to winning! 
Good luck to everyone participating!

~Danyelle & Bekah

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~Bekah & Danyelle

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