Friday, October 5, 2012

Accountability Friday!

It's Friday! It's time for all the Sexy Mother Runners in the Weight Loss Challenge to show some accountability! Send your picture to us, brag to us here, if you had a bad week tell us about it! We've all been there! Whatever you do, don't give up! Week #2 starts NOW! :)

Today I am bragging about three lovely ladies that have 

had a great losing week:

Mindy Daum: -3.4 lbs!

Colleen Carter: -2 lbs!

Amy Cozart: -.5 lbs!

Way to go ladies!

What's the "Biggest Lesson" I have learned this week?

I do not drink enough water!

Below are a few handy ways to get your water in by Livestrong!

Good luck this week everyone!

~Danyelle :)

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  1. Just emailed my picture in when I got up this morning. I was down a pound which I am super happy about since workouts were non existant and stress was at an all time high with work this week.

    Congrats to all who had great weeks.

  2. well I didnt email my pic last friday but I am still very much in this and glad your doing it:)) I was out of town with my father in the hospital so I was not near a scale naked in my bathroom where I ritualistically weight in lol.... So friday I will email my pic:) thanks again for doing this I hope I win first pic of the prizes! I am sure gonna try!

  3. Remember that gallon is 128 ounces :P