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Sexy Mother Runner Featured Friday Runner: Meet Renee!

Sexy Mother Runner Featured Friday Runner is back! Today we are featuring one of our favorite stories of all time!

At Sexy Mother Runner we believe that every runner has a story and sharing those stories is a great way to share the gift of running while helping to motivate others. Today's featured runner is Renee. When I first read Renee's story, I couldn't stop crying. I remembered having the same feelings she talks about having.  I found her story so touching. I know a lot of people will identify with Renee.

Meet Renee:

When I was in the Army many moons ago we had to run. We had to run a lot. I dreaded it, hated it, cussed it, but I always found a way to do it! When I got excited I was, never to have to RUN again, and I didn't.

Years went by, and so did several sizes of pants. I was bummed a lot. Kept telling myself MOVE, do something keep this from happening. I got pregnant. I gained more weight, I had no idea getting pregnant would do that! LOL.

One day I went to put on my big pants and they were tight. I went on vacation to visit my sister in Mass....(in the summer). I saw pictures of myself and was humiliated. Was mad at my hubby, and friends for letting me get that big. (like it was their fault).
I was whining to my friend Colleen over some wine, about how disgusted I felt about my weight.

She told me to run with her and the Sisters! My first thought was .....Ha ha ha ha...I told myself I never had to or wanted to do that again. I made excuses for weeks of why I could not join her .....Then I went. I had a goal, I would run until I lose weight.

My first run with the Sole Sisters...I was embarrassed, stayed to myself, looked around at everyone. They all looked skinny, and in shape. Here I was in a paint covered pair of sweat pants (all I had that fit me at the time), felt huge, did not even want to talk to Colleen because I did not want to embarrass her. I had no idea where anyone was running, got lost, cried, felt alone and again swore I was never to run again!

It was abundantly clear why I don't run. Talked to Colleen that night and she some how convinced me to do the screaming pumpkin with her. I laughed. (all the thoughts came to mind about how I hated running) But, said OK. That was tough. I think I walked most of it. Felt bad again, for slowing her down. But that race changed me. When I woke the next day, I felt better, I felt like I could actually accomplish something, My mood was different. I felt Giddy. I wanted to run again. So I did, every Wed. night. The night I conquered the Bob Michael Bridge...I got my first runners high EVER! I am addicted to that feeling.

I try to run 3 times in a week. It keeps me sane, balanced, calm, excited, feelings I had forgotten about. I have had a bad run here or there, but I don't hate running any more. I LOVE it! I am also doing my first Half Marathon on March 31st. Who would of ever thought!

Before Sole Sisters
So far I have lost 54 Lbs. I now have the drive to do whatever it is I want! I ran to lose weight, but I found so much more!
After Sole Sisters
Colleen and Renee at the Jingle Bell Run in Dec. 2011

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