Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Who Wants To Win New Shoes? Skora Running Shoe Review and Giveaway!

You've probably already read Danyelle's great review of her new running shoes from Skora Running. I won't go into all of the details she went into but I am going to tell you all about my new running shoes from Skora Running.

First, like Danyelle, I was skeptical. Not because I pronate like she does but because I have been looking (for years) for a running shoe that is as comfortable for me as my Brooks. A girl needs choices. I've tried on so many different running shoes but always come back to Brooks.

So when Skora sent me these:

Skora Base

Umm, yeah... you could say I was a bit concerned.

Nothing at all like my usual running shoes. What some refer to as 'minimal running' Skora calls 'real running' because their shoes are designed to help you run the way you are meant to run. I understand this concept but I was still having a difficult time believing that this type of shoe would work and be comfortable for me. The shoe is very lightweight. It bends easily. The sole is incredibly thin compared to my other running shoes. This could be a problem, I thought.

I was still excited to put them on and see what they were all about. So, the first day I wore them all day without socks just to walk in and get used to them. I became concerned about the buckle on top which the strap slips through. I noticed that I could feel it through the shoe so I loosened the strap a bit and that helped. It was still bothering me though so I was worried about how they would feel when I ran in them.

Two days later I was going to be running four miles in preparation for the Steamboat Classic. I wanted to try the Skoras. I was still concerned about the buckle on top so I put on a pair of my thinnest running socks to see if that would help. I never felt the buckle again. I did however, have a fantastic run!

One of my friends said that I was running differently. She asked if I felt like I was running differently and I told her that I just felt like I was running. She said I looked like I was running on my toes. I've never been a heel striker but once I started paying more attention I noticed that my toes were more engaged in my run. In my other running shoes my toes have a lot more material around them. In the Skoras though, because of the way they fit, I feel like my toes are doing more work. Like my entire foot was more involved in my run. That run felt great and so did my Skoras.

I decided I was going to wear them for the Steamboat Classic. I wore my thinnest running socks with them again. Once again, the shoes, my feet, everything felt great. I really can't get over how good these shoes feel on my feet. They are lightweight and comfortable. I'm so excited to have another running shoe that I love!

Before you decide that your current running shoe is the only shoe for you, check out a pair of Skora Running shoes.

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Peace, Love, Happiness!


  1. I am all about trying new shoes! I have been on the fence about trying Vibrams five finger shoes and definitely am not going to run barefoot on pavement. This concept is rally interesting. I want to run for a long time and at 42yrs old, I already hear my knees crackling. I hope I get to try these!-- Judy S. in Buford GA

  2. I just read born to run and am excited about going more "bare"

  3. Love!!! I would love new shoes!

  4. Always on the hunt for comfy running shoes! I'm a Brooks girl, too!

  5. I'm definately a pronator and also have dealt with issues of plantar faciitis. Trying to go more minimalist. Would love to have new options in running shoes. You're right. Don't settle for one brand or pair, especially when they tend to change up the 'style' slightly with each year release!

  6. I definitely need good running shoes! I'm new to running and haven't been able to find MY shoe yet!

  7. I'm a minimalist runner (solved stress fracture and plantar fasciitis issues) - would LOVE to give these a try!

  8. I'm always looking for a good pair of shoes. A girl can never have too many!

  9. I too am a Brooks lover, but would love to try these! Hope I win!

  10. I'm a Brooks girl too and have been trying to correct my form to a better forefoot/toe landing. I'd love to try these shoes!!!


    I posted your giveaway here!