Saturday, December 1, 2012

SMR Weight Loss Challenge Winners

The results are in! 

Congratulations and Thank You to everyone who participated. I hope you are all proud of the work you put in! 

The top five winners in order from first place to fifth place:

First Place - Stephanie Lewis Vance lost 12.6% of her body weight!

Second Place - Paige Poole lost 11.8% of her body weight!

Third Place - Katie Mann lost 10.6% of her body weight!

Fourth Place - Val Olson lost 7.4% of her body weight!

Fifth Place - Trisha Meyer lost 5.8% of her body weight! 

Congratulations, ladies!!! You rocked it!!! 

We will be contacting you via email regarding your prize! 

Peace, Love, Happiness!!!

~Bekah and Danyelle

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