Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Every Family Needs A Little Crazy

Our family may be convinced that we are the crazy ones. No meat, almost no dairy. Yeah, we've gone off the deep end. Fred actually said to me the other day, "You know they all think we're nuts, right?" I just laughed because I'm pretty sure they've all thought this long before we changed our eating habits. Like when we told them we were thinking of having another kid...

I made it though. I made it through Thanksgiving without getting too out of hand. I ate a pretty typical Thanksgiving Day dinner sans turkey. It smelled good but just didn't appeal to me so it was quite simple to do without. Honestly, I was a bit shocked at that.

I enjoyed the day, my family, and the dinner. BUT, I didn't exercise all weekend and, wow, did I feel it. I felt awful. On Saturday I put on my running clothes and was so excited to get to go for a run in the snow. I was trying to talk Fred into it when he blinded me with Ancestry.com... Next thing I knew, it was dark out and I have a great great uncle named Orange. Here, Gwyneth Paltrow thought she was so cool with 'Apple'... What now, Gwyn?

Anyway, long story short, ancestry.com will suck the life right out of you and eat your soul. Okay, not really, it's actually just very fascinating and makes you lose complete track of time. Fred has now followed his family tree back to the 1400's. I'm still stuck in the 1800's with Orange.

Speaking of family... Fred's brother always brings a gift when we all meet at their sister's house for Thanksgiving. He snagged this classy little guy as last year's gift. I believe it came from a truck stop. Anyway, it always looks great adorning the table. 

Nothing really says, "Give Thanks" like a deer wearing biker leathers, chugging a bottle of wine, with it's, uh, 'tail' in the air... yeah, we're the crazy ones. ;)

Tonight we had our Spartan class. It was a great post-holiday workout and I've little doubt that moving will not really be an option tomorrow. It's going to have to be though because I have been slacking long enough and I'm so over it. I have a run scheduled for tomorrow as soon as both kiddos are dropped off at school. I'm making Fred go with me because that's what you do when you are in a loving, committed relationship. You push each other to keep going, you support your mate by forcing exercise upon them, you pretend you were asleep and having a nightmare when you kick them in the middle of the night because they pissed you off in a dream. Just me??? Right.

I'm getting right back on track. No holiday is going to get the best of me. Come on Christmas, bring it!

Peace, Love, Happiness!



  1. That is certainly a conversation piece! Glad you enjoyed Thanksgiving!

  2. I love that deer! He not that unlike most of my family members at the holidays.

  3. That reindeer is so funny!! haha! Yeah I've stopped wondering what family thinks of my healthy habits lol