Saturday, December 15, 2012

To the people of Newtown, Connecticut Tears are crying for you in Illinois

As I just heard the foot steps of my child running across our hardwood floors this morning I can't help but write about something other than running. As my daughter's foot steps became louder, that meant she was getting closer. Closer to me. Tears started to well into my eyes. Moms and Dads in Connecticut this morning aren't hearing that. As she came into my room I hear Saturday morning cartoons in the background and I just can't help but hug her. Hug her tight. She squirms and laughs saying "Mommy, why are you hugging me so hard?! I can't really tell her exactly why, but I say what I always do "I love you so much, do you know that?"

I can't get the pit out of my stomach or thought out of my head that 20 children did not come home to their families yesterday. Twenty Moms and Twenty Dads didn't tuck their kids into bed last night and twenty parents will not give those presents under the tree to their little ones this year. I can't stop thinking about the heroes that sacrificed their lives for others yesterday. Six adults who dedicated their lives to helping children were lost yesterday never to return to their families. My heart aches for the people of Newtown, Connecticut. Their lives will never be the same.

All I wanted to do yesterday was pick both of my children up at their schools early yesterday, hug them, squeeze them and then shelter them from society. I think many Mom's felt that way yesterday. It's our instinct.

Then I started assessing the security measures at both of my children's schools. I started thinking about what they could do differently? How could they be more prepared? That thought quickly changed to gun laws, mental illness, metal detectors and the thoughts reeled on and on. What are we to do?

We will never know exactly why this senseless massacre happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but this morning I pray. I pray for the families of Connecticut. I pray for healing for their town. I pray for strength. I pray that each of us in our own lives do not take anything for granted. Each day is a gift. Each moment a blessing.

As the rain pours down this morning in Peoria, Illinois I think it is tears from heaven mourning for the people of Newtown, Connecticut.


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