Friday, November 16, 2012

Electric Run Anyone?

Have you heard of this crazy fun 
run called the Electric Run
If not, you need to!  

The Electric Run is a 5k run/walk at night with amazing lighting effects that are synchronized to music! Participants are encouraged to get their glow on by dressing up with neon attire and glow accessories!

You run through areas like this!

And this!

And you look like this!

Yes, this race has quickly rose to the top of my "Races to do in 2013 List"!
I just hope they bring it close enough to Illinois!
The map below shows where they have races scheduled currently!
Bring the Electric Run to the Midwest...pretty pllllease!!!! :)

Would you like to do an Electric Run?

If you would like to check out the 
Electric Run more click here!

Until Next time...Happy Running!

~Danyelle :)


  1. Heck yes I'd do an electric run if they got close enough to missouri!

  2. Would love this race looks so cool!! I think I might could get me kids on board with this one!