Friday, April 13, 2012

Sexy Mother Runner Featured Runner Friday: Meet Anna!

Sexy Mother Runner Featured Runner Friday!

Every runner has a story and we believe sharing those stories is a great way to share the gift of running while helping motivate others.

You don't want to miss reading Anna's story today! She has found so much more than running from a pair of running shoes. She has placed at many races and just made a new PR by finishing her Lincoln Presidential Half-Marathon last weekend in under 1:57! She inspires all of us to lace up! Plus, you can catch Anna teaching Body Combat or RPM at the Riverplex or listen to her on the radio @ 105.7
"The X Rocks". She is quite an amazing woman and
we are honored to share her story with you!

Meet Anna...

Through running I found my life, love and happiness, who knew all of that could come from lacing up a pair of shoes.

Years ago I tangoed with a boat propeller and lost, after countlessdoctor’s appointments I had surgery to repair a ligament in my ankle and that added another 10lbs on top of the 20 I already wanted to lose. Added a cheating boyfriend to the mix and I was slipping into depression. I made a change; joined Weight Watchers and got a Nike+. Something about that little shoe chip got me going, I remember my first mile like it was yesterday, it felt like death in 13 minutes.

After a few weeks of success I decided I needed a small goal, because that was my approach with weight watchers, make small goals then build upon them. My goal was the Race For The Cure! I followed the Nike Running 12 week training program and ran that race like it was nothing, lost more 15lbs and ditched the cheating boyfriendJ

During that summer a girl I had met through the Weight Watchers boards had asked me to run a half marathon with her in her hometown, Mankato, MN. I grew up in MN so she thought it would be cool for us to do that together, there was no debating I said “I’M IN”. By this time I had gained a ton of confidence, surpassed my weight loss goal and met my amazing boyfriend. For the first time in my life every aspect of it was perfect. I ran my first half marathon in just over 2 hours and I haven’t stopped running or growing.

In 2011 while training for my second half I won my first age group medal at the RunTo Remember it was a 5k in 24:15. It’s funny with running, I can’t remember yesterday but I can remember my time for pretty much every single race. Last year I won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals and even a 9th place overall female (and that was with an injury). But the biggest highlight was the night before Steamboat when Adam White from Running Central had asked me to be a part of Team RC. He had said that I’ve drawn so much awareness with my blog ( and with my job that he thought I’d be a great part of the team and to spread the word of running more.

I ran 3 half marathons last year, two with an injury, which was kind of an obstacle but with running its not IF you have an injury its WHEN. And last summer I was simply doing way to much and not resting/recovering enough. Eventually I went into physical therapy, started resting and healing. By the end of December I was given the green light to run again and by that time I had my sights set on a new goal, the 26.2, The Illinois Marathon, and my Mr. wonderful is running it. I love being able to share this passion and high with him. This weekend we'll tackle our first race of the season and my 5th 1/2 marathon in Springfield with some fellow Sole Sisters. I'm looking forward to an amazing weekend and hopefully I can obtain a new PR on a difficult course.

Last but not least this year I am honored to carry the name of a St. Jude runner, here’s a link to that story/donation page. I’ll be doing Chicago to Peoria and my goal is double the $1290 I am supposed to raise. This is by the far the run I am most excited for this year. I have idea what's in store with this run but I'm sure the rollercoster of emotions I'll go through will be the ride of my life and I simply cannot wait!
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  1. I have read all of Anna's blog and we have messaged back and forth a little! And let me just say she is one inspiring and motivating lady! I truely feel she has helped encourage me as a newbie and i can't thank her enough! Way to go on the Lincoln Half PR Anna!

  2. ahhh thanks Mindy, making me blush and thanks Sexy Mother(s) for letting me share my run story even though I'm not a momma (unless the furry ones count).