Monday, April 16, 2012

My Top 10 List of Really Cool Races

There are a lot of really cool races out there. I find out about new ones all the time. I've had a mental list of different ones that I really would like to participate in so I thought it would be a good idea to write them all down. These all sound like a lot of fun to me.

Top Ten Really Cool Races
(According to Bekah)

1o. Run For Your Lives - Zombie infested 5k obstacle course - I'm doing this one in June and I cannot wait! It's not everyday you can say to someone, "Yeah, I ran from zombies today. How was your day?"

9. Skirt Chaser 5k Series - This just sounds fun! Women start the race and 3 minutes later, the men (skirt chasers) get to start. Big party at the finish!

8. Beach Palooza - This is a fun obstacle course run. Jess over at Run With Jess has done this one before and says it's a blast. Think beach, grass skirts, and umbrella drinks! Sign me up! Plus, money from this race goes to St. Jude!

7. Dirty Girl Mud Run - The name pretty much says it all. Sorry guys, this one is just for the ladies. I have several friends participating in these this summer. I'm hoping to hit one next year as this year's dates did not work out for me.

6. Hot Chocolate 15/5k - All you need to know about this race is Ghirardelli. That's all I needed to know anyway. Friends who have participated in the Chicago race reported a very fun race with excellent swag!

5. Warrior Dash - Another obstacle course but this one boasts more of a challenge. It also boasts that it is the 'World's Largest Running Series'. Another supporter of St. Jude!

4. Spartan Race - To me, the Spartan races are THE ultimate obstacle races. These races scare the bejeezus out of me. Not kidding. I saw Danyelle's crazy huge bruises from the Spartan Sprint (3+ miles and 15+ obstacles) she did last year. Oh, and one of our friends broke her arm at that same race. So, of course I signed up to do a Super Spartan with her in October. 8+ miles and 20+ obstacles... I just threw up in my mouth a little...

3. The Color Run - This is a 5k running extravaganza of color! Runners get doused with a different color at each kilometer so by the end you have become a beautiful canvas. FUN!

2. Earth Day 10k- A 10k run along Coast Highway in Carlsbad, CA! An ocean view for this race makes it a must run. Plus, I'd get to go to CA and visit with some pretty great friends who live in that area. Win/Win!

1. St. Jude Memphis to Peoria - This run starts at the St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, TN and ends in Peoria, IL. It is done as a relay and raises money for the St. Jude Children's Hospital. This hospital treats children with cancer and other serious diseases. The families of St. Jude patients are never asked to pay a dime for the treatments and services they receive, EVER. The hospital runs on donations. If you are looking for a great charity to support, check them out. St. Jude Children's Hospital

I am participating in the the St. Jude East Peoria to Peoria portion of the race this year. Once I am registered, I will be taking donations to reach my goal of $750. I will be posting a link for anyone who would like to make a donation! I hope to participate in the Memphis to Peoria run next year.

Peace, love, happiness!

Have you participated in any of these?
What's on your race wish list?


  1. What a great list!! I just started running last year and have now completed my first 5K race. Made my goal which was simply to run the whole thing!! My oldest daughter and I will run the Boulder/Bolder on Memorial Day. Then we plan to run the Warrior Dash in Colorado in August. Very excited - and nervous. Would love to try some of the others on this list as well!!

    1. Thanks Kathy! It's really cool that you and your daughter run together. You'll have to let us know how your Warrior Dash goes! We are trying really hard to fit one in this summer.