Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Running Skirt Review

I think running skirts look adorable. That was my motivation for heading to my local running store, Running Central, and trying some on with the intention of buying my first ever running skirt. All of the usual reasons for purchasing running wear, you know, like, functionality, comfort... yeah, those things honestly were not my main concern at the moment. Like when I buy shoes that are not running shoes.

Well, wait, I did buy a super cute, sparkly, running skirt to wear for a fun race in December but it's not your typical kind of running skirt.

Anyway, I tried on three different skirts, all different brands. (Brooks, Skirt Sports, Moving Comfort) I liked them all. They all fit nicely and looked adorable. Okay, so now here is where the things like functionality and comfort come in.

All three skirts had a pocket or pockets. Two of them had the pockets sewn into the sides of the under shorts. (I don't know if that's what they are actually called but that's what I'm going to call them because they are shorts under the skirt) Which gives you a pocket on each thigh. One of the skirts had a zipper pocket on the back waist band. I have to have pockets when I'm on a run. I carry my cell phone so I need a decent size pocket for it. I have my car key and need to have a pocket for that. Also, I'm training for my half marathon now so on long runs I need to take some GU with me. So, yeah, I need pockets.

With all three skirts having pockets, I still couldn't quite decide which one would be the best for me. They all felt light weight, had wicking capabilities, and were comfortable.

Oh, but wait, are those under shorts going to stay put or ride up while I run? I have thighs. By that I mean I HAVE THIGHS. I need to know these shorts are going to stay in place. A-Ha! Two of the skirts had a nice little rubbery band around the inside hem of each leg to keep them in place. The Brooks brand refers to this as a 'silicone gripper hem'. Nice...

Now I have to choose between the two skirts with the 'gripper hem'. One was the Brooks skirt and the other was Moving Comfort.

The final feature that made the deal for me was the drawstring on the Moving Comfort skirt. The Brooks skirt did not have a drawstring. Since I'm still losing weight and running clothes/skirts are not cheap, it's nice to have a drawstring to prolong wear when I drop another five or ten pounds. Or to just keep it from falling down when I'm running...

The Run Down: Moving Comfort Split Skort
*Pockets on the under shorts *see pic -------->
*Rubbery band around the hem to secure and keep shorts in place
*Light weight and comfortable

I was concerned about the rubbery band on the hem. I do not like anything feeling tight or snug on me when I run. I don't wear rings or gloves when I run because of this. I tolerate my Garmin but really don't like wearing it. I was afraid the hem on the under shorts would be too tight and bother me. It was slightly annoying the first time I wore the skirt. I have now worn it on four different runs. The last run, I didn't even notice the hem at all. The shorts did indeed stay in place. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! (If I still ate chicken)

I love my Moving Comfort skirt.

Peace, love, happiness!

What's your preference for summer running, skirts or shorts?

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