Saturday, April 7, 2012

GU Energy Gel Review

If you have never heard of GU, it is a large company that has a big line of energy supplements as well as weight loss supplement products. GU is made for you to get through your toughest workouts. It is a gel substance that you are meant to squirt into your mouth at the peak of your workout. This gel is packed with the carbohydrates and electrolytes your body needs to continue working out even when your current energy levels are depleted. You take GU Energy Gel after about an hour of intense exercise and then drink as much water as you can to activate its ingredients. It is extremely simple to use and comes in a large variety of flavors. My favorite flavor is Mint Chocolate. Danyelle + Chocolate ='s Happiness!

There are pros and cons to GU. I like that they are easily portable, taste great, and are easy to eat during physical activity. The Cons are GU's thick consistency and some athletes experience stomach issues. I have not had any stomach issues, but during the extreme heat of the Christie Clinic Half Marathon I did feel like I had to choke it down. I must add that my stomach does not tolerate drinking while running real well, but I do love the results I receive from GU. While using GU during my long runs (over 7 miles) I feel energetic and have not have any hydration issues. Statistically, the results are noted that most people think GU Energy Gels are delicious and even when others have problems “choking it down” still state that it works. GU’s do wash down well with water and you can still reap the benefits even if you don’t like the taste or consistency.

So, where can you buy GU’s? Any running or sports/fitness store will carry them or you can find them for a great price on Amazon. (Isn’t everything at Amazon?!) Locally you can buy them at Running Central where the wonderful Adam White and his team will give you excellent personal attention and customer satisfaction. You can also purchase them at Dick’s Sporting Goods at Grand Prairie.

How much are GU's? You can purchase a single GU at Running Central in Peoria Heights, IL  for $1.50 or you can order a 24 pack of GU's on Amazon for $31.01.

My advice is to try GU on your training runs. Never try anything new on race day! Always put in action what you have practiced.

So, why not give GU’s a try today by entering our GU Giveaway!? You have nothing to lose and energy to gain! Leave us a comment below, on Facebook, or on our GU Giveaway post. The more places you comment the better chance you have to win. Winner will be announced on our blog Easter Sunday!




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