Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Virtual Run With You!

What a great way to start the morning...with a virtual run with you! My alarm went off and I knew you were counting on me as much as I was counting on you.
Ready to run with you!

The most efficient way I prepare for a morning run is by having all my gear laid out the night before. Let me be honest, my brain is too foggy to think about all those things when I just wake up. I laid out my running clothes (Wore my favorite tank from Old Navy...I so wish they still made it :(!) , running socks (Today I wore my Thorlo's), running shoes (Skora's), running head band (Wore my new one from Heads Up Bands), and the necessary iPod all charged up with my radio head headphones last night! After attaching all of these items to my body I gulped down a cup of Joe grabbed my phone, turned on Run Keeper, messaged y'all on fb, and I was off!

The first song that popped on was PINK! I knew this was a start to a good day! I pictured all of you running with me. I pictured all of the states that we might be running in and just smiled. You kept me just as accountable as I kept you. What a Win/Win!!

Honestly, I have not ran since June! The Steamboat Classic Race was the last date I can remember. From that point on I worked like a dog preparing for my 20 year reunion and vacation. I fully intended this run would be difficult and it wasn't easy, but it was AMAZING! Do you ever have those runs that were "Just what the doctor ordered?" Yea, that was me today and I credit that to all of you being with me! The sweat
Where did you run with me at?
poured off me. It was 73 degrees when I started. One thing to know about me is that I hate running in the heat. I am that girl that overheats, turns a ravishing bright tomato color, and then receives the most prickly cold chills followed by a strong urge to throw up. Yea, it is great to be me in the summer! Mostly what keeps me going is my mind. I am strong-willed. I find if I wrap my head around something that I will achieve it no matter what it is. I am not a quitter. Determination will get you far in life if you let it. No, I am never fast or first or the best, but I always finish what I start...always...nobody can ever take that from me or YOU! Remember a mile is a mile no matter how fast you go, a degree is a degree no matter how long it took you to earn it, and losing a pound is still a pound even if it took you a month to work that bad boy off!

Today I tried the Galloway Training program for the first time. I have to give 100% credit to my friend Beth who I watched put this plan in action during the Steamboat Classic race. I was intrigued and asked her about it. Yes, I heard about running and walking races but I had that stubborn mindset that you must "run" the entire race to consider completing it. Yea, that thought is stupid. Yes, I just wrote stupid and feel guilty. Stupid is a banned word in our house. Well, while I am at it...stupid, stupid, stupid...alright it's out of my system now. The Galloway system consists of running 3 minutes, walking 1 or running 4 minutes and walking 1. I really enjoyed it and Beth was right, I still finished at the same pace. Even better, it was fun! I may keep using the Galloway Training plan as I think this might improve my pace. Thanks Beth! Beth is a good friend as she also encouraged me at the end to sprint in with her at the Steamboat Classic. She knew I could do it. I did, too. However, I do this strange thing during the end of every race where I slow down even though I have energy. I don't know why I do it. Remember running is your own mental head game....I am still trying to figure this part out about myself. Running is like going through therapy...just peeling the onion one peel at a time.

As I continued to run with you I started to day dream as Maroon 5 came on. Yes, Adam Levine was singing to me. Yes, I day dreamed further. Kinda like this...

~and this~

Okay, decided not to post this! :)
My husband is laughing at me right now! 
Love my husband! 

Then out of the blue two giant Wolfhounds came out of nowhere barking at me. Dream Ended. My heart is pounding in my throat. After I fully recognized that they were contained I went back and took their picture. Thank god for the fence. Yikes!

The last mile I spent saying things like "If Freddy Krueger were chasing you I bet you would run faster!" Yes, welcome to the crazy in my head...and yes, I know YOU do it, too! How do I know? Because you are a runner! All of my lifelong friends remember that we watched Freddy Krueger at a sleepover in 5th grade together and I am still as terrified of him and all scary movies 28 years later! Yea, I still wonder what this Mom was thinking letting this be an appropriate sleepover movie...good times. I am sure my Mom wondered as well since I slept with her for an entire year after. Hey, let's look at the positives...I ran faster today!

Then I came to what all runners in our subdivision refer to as the "BIG HILL".  It sure doesn't look too bad in a car, but to a runner it is a big challenge and because I am stubborn I NEVER walk the "BIG HILL"! All of us talk about the "BIG HILL" and what we do mentally to complete it when we run. For me, I run to the top and high five the "No Outlet" sign!                                RUN DONE!!!
I like to pretend I am reenacting the movie the Great Outdoors
when I run this "BIG HILL, BIG HILL" (BIG BEAR, BIG BEAR!) lol!

My high-five end of run sign!
The end of my run corresponds nicely
with "No Outlet"! Very symbolic!
Another 3 1/2 miles were on the books. I was drenched in sweat, stunk to the high heavens, and I loved every minute of it! Thank you for joining me today! The challenges are not ending here though. There will be a challenge this week! Tomorrow's challenge is strength training! Tomorrow I am signing back up at Gold's Gym! I always take the summer off each year and it is time to sign back up. At 10:00 a.m. CST I will be going to Body Pump class! Who wants to join me at their local gym? Aren't a gym member? No problem. Here is a strength training challenge that you can do at home!

*Monday's Strength Training Challenge
This should be completed in circuits of 25
25 push ups
25 sit-ups
25 squats
25 jumping jacks
1- 30 second wall sit
1 - 30 second plank

Repeat this circuit 4 times!

So have fun and report back to me! Each person that completes the challenge and reports back receives an entry to win a FREE Spartan Race registration. Spartan Races are the bomb! Winner will be announced on Sunday, July 21! Make sure to continue checking our Facebook page for more challenges this week!

Challenge yourself with me!


*Remember you should consult a physician before starting any workout program! You should only complete what you are comfortable with. I am not a physician or a trainer and you are completing these challenges under your own liability.


  1. I did a virtual 5K with you today all the way from Gilbert Arizona! High Five!!

    Temperature of 104, I really got my sweat on! You can check it out here:

  2. That is so awesome! Thanks for joining me!