Friday, July 5, 2013

Featured Friday Runner: Meet Pam

Every runner has a story...

At Sexy Mother Runner we believe that sharing those stories is a great way to share the gift of running while helping to motivate others! 

This woman's story brought tears to my eyes!

Meet Pam:

When my daughter was 3 years old she begged me to go to the lake with her and I said no because I was ashamed of who I had become.  The disappointment in her eyes killed me and I knew I had to change for the both of us.  

The next morning I started running slowly and I could not even do one mile.  I worked my way up and eventually completely changed our eating and lifestyle.  I lost 123 lbs with a ton of hard work and dedication.  I never took diet pills, drinks, or had surgery.  I went from a sz 24/26 pant and XXL shirt down yo a sz. 2/4 pant and an XS shirt.  With hard work and dedication anything can be done.  

I have maintained my weight loss for almost 3 years.  My.daughter is 9 years old now and that is her running with me in her practice 5k run yesterday.  I am so thankful for her inspiring me.  :)

If you would like to share your story of how running and fitness has made a positive change in your life, please email us at! 
We'd love to hear your story and share it with others!

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