Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Registration High!

Do you ever feel a "Registration High" after you register for a race? I do! In fact, if money wasn't an issue I would probably register for every race I have an interest in and live off adrenaline!

On Thursday I registered for my first race this year. It was just what the doctor ordered to get me out of "Running Hibernation" mode. I registered for the Color Blaze! This race was suggested to me by one of my good friends, Leslie. She knew I had been interested in completing a Color Run and this race is an exact mock of that race, except it has a few nice perks that sold me instantly! First, it is $27 vs the Color Run's typical $50! Second, kids can participate for free with a paid adult. (My kids are stoked!) Third, it is close to home! Fourth, it is with my lifelong buddy and her family! Lastly, I mentioned it to some of my other good friends and they are all "in", too! It is going to be such a fun day!

What is a Color Blaze?
"Color Blaze 5K is the most unique 5K race that you will ever do!  Our main focus is fun, family, and entertainment. This 5K does not get caught up in the times and strengths of the participants but rather involving the whole family and friends in a relaxed non-competitive event.  All participants are required to wear as much white as possible because during the event; you will get Blazed with waves of color transforming you into a tie-dye work of art. The great thing about this 5K is that everyone can get involved from seniors down to the finger painters.  Get your Blaze on!"

What’s going to happen?
"Here’s where the fun begins! Everyone is required to wear as much white as possible. Feel free to dress up, tutus’, vial’s, whatever as long as it’s FUN and mostly White! Next we are going to blaze you in color; Blaze Zones are located at every one mile throughout the marathon. That’s right we are going to turn you into a tye-dyed mess work of art!"
What are you blazing me with?
"Well that’s top secret! But I will tell you that it is 100% edible and biodegradable, so no worries. You could eat the stuff if you would like, although I don’t recommend it."
This seems a little crazy, is it?
"Yep! I don’t know how to better explain myself. This is the most fun you will have without breaking the law. If only Woodstock had this stuff!"
Is it harmful to me or this sexy earth?
"NO, No, & No, now I don’t recommend eating, or cooking with the remnants of this stuff but it is 1000% biodegradable and would make phenomenal compost, or makeup (ladies)."
Does this benefit a charity?
"Indeed, and that’s the best part. A portion of every registration goes to a local charity or cause. (Give us your recommendation)… If we can have a blast (of color) and help some cool peeps or pets, tell me why not?!"  I noticed when I registered for the Springfield, Illinois race that they had already chosen a local charity and you could fund raise or donate more if you chose to.
Is the race timed?
"Not this one? The only time you need to worry about is having the TIME of your LIFE. Although going fast is fun, all skill levels are encouraged! You can run, jog, walk, trot, skip, or hop, just have fun and enjoy the Blaze!"
Are kids welcome?
"Yepperoni!!! What kind of parent would you be if you let them miss all this action? Besides they’ll sleep well. All children must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Children 12 and under are Free with the company of a registered adult."
As you can tell it is Saturday and I am still on a "Registration High"! Tomorrow I am off for my first run outside in a long time. I am calling it my "Out of Hibernation Run". Gotta go, Off to Sled with the kids! Have a great weekend!
Happy Running!
Do you get a "Registration High" 
after you register for a race?

Have you considered or completed a "Color Blaze"?

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