Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stressed? Who, Me???

I woke up this morning feeling a little squished. My son had crawled into bed with us sometime and was currently using my appendix as a foot rest. I felt my left eye, and the surrounding area, begin to twitch. A headache was also forming in my frontal lobe. All of this had to just be pushed aside though because today is my son's 4th birthday.

I gently removed his foot from my appendix and snuggled him closer.

The stress began to really sink in as all of the things I still need to do came front and center to my mind. Niece's birthday party, have to go get snacks for daughter's school for tomorrow (80 boxes of raisins for R week), double check everything for son's birthday party tomorrow, make thank you note pictures to attach to the goody bags, give my kids the bikes we got them for birthdays and take them for a bike ride before the rain gets here today, go for a run... and wait, it's really 9:00am, isn't it? Ugh... daylight savings.

The twitch gets worse.

None of that matters though because it is my little man's birthday and I have no choice but to put on a happy face and make this his best day yet. So, off I go to be supermom and pull it all together.

Today's run has it's work cut out for it!

Peace, love, happiness!

Do you get stressed out about birthdays and parties and all that goes along with it?
How do you deal?

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