Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fitting in family, fun, fitness, and friends!

Sunday was a beautiful day in Illinois! We woke up to the sun brightly shining through the windows. Of course this brought much excitement! Much like a bear coming out of hibernation. The thoughts of a mid 60 degree day in Illinois in March started the planning bright and early. The kid's requests started rolling in. My daughter wanted to ride her bike and my son wanted to drive his Jeep. My husband and I both wanted to get our run in. Then a text message from Bekah came in "Have you ran, yet?" The creativeness began! How can we all get a run in with the kids? How can we all get what we want on our Sunday afternoon? Trail rides and runs were discussed and then the "ah ha" moment happened. Bicycle Safety Town!

Bicycle Safety town is a Peoria Park District supported learning track that boasts 3,961 feet of curves, one-way streets, a four-lane divided highway, traffic signals, overpasses, ramps and 79 various traffic signs. It provides a great place for younger riders to learn the rules of the road or a safe arena for older, more experienced riders to have fun. It is also a place where we could get our run in while the kids had fun, too! See map here. So off, we go!

We loaded the bike, Jeep, kids and the essentials. Bananas, water and the Garmin! We were all off like a bolt of lightening to Bicycle Safety Town to fit in family, fun, fitness, and friends!

As soon as we arrived the kids hopped to as Haylee jumped on her bike & Bowden jumped in his Jeep! Off they went!

It was Dax's 4th birthday and he was excited to get on his new
 bike that he had gotten earlier that day! 
The men and I were off for our run & Kaiah was so fast on her bike that I wasn't even able to snap a picture of her!
At about 1.5 miles in my run Haylee hopped off her bike and asked if she could run with me. I could barely keep up with that little scoot! Haylee is training for her first 2 mile race this year. She says she wants to be a runner like Mommy & I could not be more proud!

We finished our 3 mile fun run with a nice recovery walk & stretch chatting with our friends! It was such a nice day. We ran, we spent time with friends, the kids played and we celebrated the Dax man's 4th birthday! Everyone was happy! Sunday was a great day!                                                                            

As Robin Leach would say here's wishing you "Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams"!


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