Friday, August 2, 2013

Preparing for St. Jude

As I prepare for my St. Jude run tomorrow I can't help,
but listen to my children playing telephone upstairs.
How blessed I am to have a healthy 8 and 4 year old. As we all know parenthood is one of the hardest jobs and most rewarding. There are times when your kids are driving you nuts and you yearn for 10 minutes of quiet, but in the next moment as they are looking peacefully at a book you uncontrollably start kissing their feet, back, head, and cheeks in total admiration. When they hurt, you hurt. When they cry, you cry. There is such a bond and connection between a parent and their child. The kind where you would give your life to them in an instant. The kind where all you want to do is fix everything wrong and make everything right. Which brings me to Nathan.

I do not personally know Nathan, but our run is dedicated to him tomorrow. He is a newly diagnosed 4 year old boy from our area that is receiving treatment from St. Jude. His Dad, Corey came and spoke to us during our final meeting about his diagnosis and experience with St. Jude. As he spoke, I had to fight off tears as he explained what is happening with Nathan and their family. My children were with me at this meeting. As I watched my children listening to his words I couldn't help but feel deeply saddened for what his family is going through. It really hit home. Nathan's Dad expressed only positive things regarding their experience with St. Jude. This is why we run.

I can't even express in words what this experience has been like so far. It has not only impacted me and my family, but especially our children. The stories we have heard, the giving we have seen, the strong dedication and work put forth of our team leaders, and the sharing of materials needed from friends has been so touching. 

As we run for Nathan tomorrow, we will also run in celebration of our group leader's son, Corbin who is 5 years cancer free. What a blessing! Family, friends, please pray for Nathan and his family, pray for the safety of all St. Jude Runners, pray for all the St. Jude children, and please pray for a cure.

Thank you again to all of my donation angels. Without all of you this run would not have been possible. <3



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