Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Want to run faster?!

I know many of you have goals of improving your time and making a new PR this year, but are not sure where to start! Well there are many tips out there, but I thought I would outline a few for you.

Interval Training: A good easy way to complete a few intervals are to hop on a treadmill and immediately run at your comfort pace (for me that is 11 min. miles). Run at that pace for 2 minutes then bump it down to 9 minute miles for 1 minute. Complete this repetition until you complete a mile or longer. Remember never to have your heart rate jump over 170! As your workouts continue throughout the week shorten your "comfort pace" and lengthen the 9 minute mile pace. For example, 2 minutes at an 11 min. pace and 2 min. at a 9 min. pace. Before you know it you will be a 10 minute mile pace in no time!

Hill Training: Nothing gets you faster for a race than some good old hill training! Have you ever bumped your treadmill up to an incline of 4, ran your normal 3 miles, then popped it back down to 0? If not, you should! You feel like you can run like the wind! Great PR's happen on races that end with a decline! One of my favorite trails to train on is the East Peoria Trail. The reason I like it so much is because it is an out and back course that starts with a slight incline and obviously has a nice decline on the back. I always feel like a rockstar on that course! Remember on the downhills to watch your knees. People can really get hurt on hill runs! Listen to your body!

Race Smart: Don't blow your wad in the beginning of a race! Smart racers know this! If you use all of your energy up in the beginning you will have nothing left to give in the end. Pace yourself and practice the race route prior to the race when possible.

Tempo Runs: Complete a Tempo run once a week. I like to think of a tempo run as a hill run in my mind. Start with an easy 15 minute run, then run another 15-20 minutes at about your 10K race pace, then run the last 15 minutes in a cool down mode. This trains your body to adjust to varying paces.

Losing Weight: Makes sense and this is oh so easy, right?! Wrong! I know, I am preaching to the choir. Losing weight will make you faster. Moving around less is easier to do, obviously. If I could wave a magic wand and make this happen easily for every single person and myself trust me I would! End of story.

Rest Days: Rest Days are just as important as training days. Your body and muscles need this time to recover. Over training can make you slower and cause injury. Enjoy your rest says as your body and your mind need them!

Wanting to achieve a PR will be uncomfortable, but if you want it bad enough it will be worth it! Just remember to always be proud of yourself no matter what pace you are, what pace your friends are, and even if you do not meet your goals. What matters is that you are out there trying and that says so much about the type of person YOU are.

Happy Running...


This year do you have dreams of achieving a new PR?
If so, what are your goals?

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