Friday, January 4, 2013

Calgon...I mean Clean Eating Take Me Away!

I always feel vulnerable when I start a post like this however, today I feel like I am not alone. Yesterday, I posted a statement and question on our Facebook Page: "The key to fitness success is finding what works for you. Have you found what works for you?" I felt like I heard the sigh of desperation and frustration out loud as soon as I typed it. It seems like some people found the key to a successful healthy fitness and nutrition lifestyle the minute they were born and others of us keep searching for what is a maintainable lifestyle that fits well in our life. I know we are not alone as we wouldn't be inundated with hundreds of weight loss commercials and resolutions. I find that it can be confusing and overwhelming. It makes me want to scream from the roof top..."Calgon Take Me Away!"

I don't want to say, "I started blah, blah, blah and lost blah, blah, blah pounds!" only to restart with something entirely new the next year. For once it would be nice to "live it". Does anyone out there feel the same way?!  No resolutions, just a rinse repeat kind of lifestyle. It goes without saying that I admire every person out there who has found "their" key, however I am still searching for mine. Of course I have the exercise part down pat, but let's be honest that is only 20% of the equation. Nutrition is 80%! 

Honestly, I like to eat! Nothing will equivalate failure for me than starving myself of flavourful foods. Today I asked myself a few important questions:

What is attainable for me? What is attainable for my family? What can I do that doesn't require me eating something totally different than my family? What doesn't require a membership fee and weekly weigh in? What tastes good? What will I enjoy eating? What is budget conscious? What is real? What will my body internally thank me for nourishing it with? What can I eat that isn't processed and enriched with carcinogenic items, lead, dyes, and plastic? (Enter sarcasm smirk here) What won't make me freak out after five days and eat two big macs and five candy bars? Most importantly, what will I be successful at?

My answer was clean eating. Yes, that is a trendy little statement nowadays. It sounds like I just jumped on the clean eating bandwagon, right? Well, we will see. If there was a "test market" I would say that is where I am. I decided the best way to try clean eating was to try a recipe. Today I made "Turkey Muffins" (recipe coming soon) and was pleasantly surprised. They were flavourful, relatively easy to make, full of protein, low calorie, and low fat! The real test was giving them to my husband to eat for his lunch without him knowing that he was eating something healthy. He devoured three of them (360 calories, 12 grams of fat, 39 grams of protein), said they were awesome, and was on his way back to work! Wow, we really may be onto something!

As I continue to be a part of the clean eating test market I will update you on my progress. I can tell you one thing, I am not ready to give up my coffee creamer. I figure it is only 60 calories and gives me way too much enjoyment to go without and I feel I can live with that!

Moderation is key, never afraid of trying and always a work in progress...


Have you ever felt like I have?
Have you found what works for you?

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