Tuesday, May 6, 2014

And then the vultures ate us...

Remember last year when I almost died? No? Well, okay, I didn't almost die, I just felt like maybe Death himself was moving at a not so brisk pace behind me as I forced my body through the 9 levels of 25k hell. It wasn't my favorite race.

The Run River City Marathon (+ about 15 other events) is back! So of course I wanted to sign up. They decided to not do the 25k again this year (which is really proof as to how miserable it was) and instead have a half marathon event. I thought about doing the half but honestly, I'm still gun shy about my foot. I have been taking it easy on my runs and so far no sign of plantar fasciitis flaring up, but I have been afraid to push training for a Spring half. My goal is to run a Fall half though. So, anyway, I talked some friends, and Fred, into joining me for the marathon relay.

My pretty awesome friends, Renee and Pradeep agreed to join Fred and I. We are not out to win any awards so there is no pressure. Just a fun race with friends. My favorite kind.

We had to come up with a team name. Which, turns out, is harder than one would think. Because we all kind of joked about being slow we decided on 'Vulture Bait'. Honestly, that is exactly what I felt like when I ran the River City 25k last year. It was hot, the water stops suddenly became extinct around mile 'are you kidding me, that's all???' and it was hot.

This year though, I'm ready. Team 'Vulture Bait' is going to have a great run and a great time. This will be my first relay so I'm really excited. Plus, it's not a 25k!!! So, hopefully, the vultures won't actually get to eat us.

Maybe the very best part though... my 8 year old daughter is signed up to run the kids marathon. This is such a cool event. The kids who sign up for this have to run 25 miles prior to the day of the River City Marathon. Then on race day they get to run the final 1.2 miles and cross the finish line to receive their River City Marathon medal. Right now she is up to 17 miles. We will be getting in another 2 miles today. She is seriously LOVING this. I can't even tell you how proud and happy that makes me. It would be fine if she didn't like running, my oldest daughter doesn't, so I would get over it. However, I'm thrilled that K truly is enjoying it. So cool to be able to go on runs with her and see her excitement, watch her really focus on getting better.

If you are in the Central Illinois area or feel like a road trip you can check out the Run River City events here.

Also, if you haven't joined our Squat Challenge, it's not too late to jump in and get started!

Peace, Love, Happiness!!!

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