Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sexy Mother Runner Featured Runner Friday: Meet Amy from Running for Health and Fun!

Today we are featuring one of our Facebook Fitness friend's, Amy. It is amazing to me that even though we have not personally met Amy that I feel like we know her very well. Amy and I will be meeting for the first time in October at the Chicago Marathon. I am so excited about this! Amy's story touches my heart. Read her story below.

Meet Amy:

I am a nurse and a mommy of 2 beautiful boys. I have been a runner on and off for the past 19 years, but nothing major, stuck more to 5K and 10k events. I did one 1/2 marathon 9 years ago and then was married and had my 2 sons. 

3.5 years ago I lost my mom, who was ony 61 years old due to complications of Diabetes and knew I needed something that could help me work through the loss and help me get healthy! So I started running! That year I did many 5K's and 10K's and 2 half marathons, lost 40 pounds and found myself! I took the step to sign up for a marathon and started running with the BEST group of friends a girl could ask for! They all help to motivate me every day! I have been running 5+ days a week since then and it really has been the BEST therapy anyone could have! 

In April I started my Facebook Page: Running for Health and FUN as positive, fun way to motivate others and at the same time motivate myself. Getting healthy is work, but it can be FUN! 

I am now training for my first 50 mile ultra that takes place in WI on September 15th. I am excited to run this event with some really great friends, there are 5 of us doing it together... and we will have a BLAST!!

If you haven't checked out Amy's Fitness Page you should! You can find her at Running for Health and Fun! Thanks for sharing your story with us! We wish you the best with all of your future endeavors!

~The Sexy Mother Runners~
~Danyelle & Bekah

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  1. Wow Amy!! Way to go woman! :) Bekah and Danyelle I awarded you the Liebster Blogger Award for being such an inspiration to so many people! See my blog for the details, but don't feel that you have to do it, but can if you want! I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you guys are :)