Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lacy, ran her baby weight "Gone, Baby Gone!"

Lacy, is our third follower that has entered our Gone, Baby Gone Giveaway! She truly amazes me! At 9 months postpartum she started training for two ultramarathons, plus she has a great 
blog over called Lacid Toes. Read her story below!

Meet Lacy!

I most definitely "ran" my baby weight off. How you wonder? Well let me tell you...

Two years ago I was on a path to complete my first ultramarathon about three years ago but within the early stages of training I became pregnant. My passion for running did not subside and I dove into a prenatal exercise plan and finished a marathon at 21 weeks pregnant. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in February 2011. I never lost sight of that ultra goal and about 4 months postpartum became re-energized to go after it. I adapted what I learned about prenatal exercise and developed a plan to get my running base back during those tender postpartum months. I first had to restrengthen my core after suffering diastasis recti during the third trimester. Then I very slowly built my mileage back up as I patiently waited for the hormone relaxin to leave my body and stop the my-joints-are-gonna-fall-apart feeling, especially concerning my hips. Returning to my pre-pregnancy weight was easy for me and I credit it to staying active postpartum. I had the typical dramatic weight drop immediately after birth and then a slow taper to my normal weight by about 6 months postpartum. But I still felt fluffy. I knew I had lost a considerable amount of muscle since I last ran a marathon. I stepped up my training plan at about 9 months postpartum and signed up for two ultramarathons, the Oriflamme 50K and the PCT50 Mile Trail Race. My daughter was 14 months old and 15 months old respectively at the time of these races. Over 95% of my training runs took place behind a stroller and cross-training involved strapping 25 pounds of cuteness onto my back and hiking up the nearest mountain. By the time I ran the ultramarathons I was 10 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. I was actually at a healthier weight than ever before! Training for ultramarathons postpartum was a fun challenge and has set the bar for me to go after my next ultra goal...a 100 mile endurance run!  

I attached 3 photos. The first is after a 4 Mile 4th of July Race with my 5-month-old daughter. The second is from a post-ultramarathon 5k Community Run with my daughter who was 15 months old. The third photo was taken during the PCT50 Mile Trail Race and is of me nursing my daughter at the mile 27 aid station. My daughter is now 17-months-old.   

Thanks for reading my story! 
In Stride,

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  1. Great site, ladies! Danyelle- your "who am I" is so similar to me, it was crazy! Social worker, progressive Christian, runner, triathlete... we have a lot in common. :)