Monday, August 20, 2012

The No Tears Twenty!

Saturday’s 4 a.m. alarm went off three times before it resonated with me. I stumbled through my house staring at the walls and making my way to the coffee that had auto-brewed. I poured a cup and went to the bathroom where I sat thinking “what in the world am I doing”…followed by the “your getting ready to run 20 miles this morning” thought.

Friday night I spent preparing everything for Saturday’s run. Clothing laid out, water and Nuun ready, charged my Garmin and iPod, and packed the SPIbelt with GU and pretzels. All things that are a necessity if you are getting up at 4 freakin-crazy- a.m.!! Goodness, I remember the times that I came home at home 4 a.m. not woke up then! Yeah, that was 15 years ago*sigh*.

As I walked out the door to leave for my run the breezy, perfect temp of 52 degrees greeted me. I began to smile. I turned on the tunes and jumped in my truck to greet my fellow, crazy, running friends at the planned running route.

The awesome ladies I run with!
My friend, Steph who is doing the Quad Cities Marathon planned an awesome running route. Followed by packing a great cooler. She is always a treat to meet! I met her, Deb, and Casey and off we went. As I started the run my body and brain thought like they always do, “I don’t want to run!” But, never listen to them folks as after one mile they realize that YOU are in charge of them. We chatted and before you knew it we finished nearly 8 miles. Casey turned back at this time as she had 14 on her plan and we met up with Linda, Trinity, Molly, Laura, and Emily.

We headed onto the East Peoria Trail. It is a nice, busy, paved trail. We all had different goals. Deb was going for 12 and she was only 4 away at this point. Trinity and Laura had 12 for their new PR goal and Linda had 10. Molly was nursing a knee injury so she was taking it easy and Emily was a walker today. As the miles went by, we all started to split off. Now Laura, Trinity, Steph and I were left with the balance.

Our sweet friend Trinity had placed a cooler earlier that morning with water at about our half-way point. This was very useful. She is such a thoughtful gal. She was even passing out water to fellow runners that she did not know. This is just one more reason why I love all these girls so much.

Honestly, the miles just kept passing by. I don’t remember feeling much pain until about mile 18, but at that point I knew we had this. All things pointed to a good finish. We kept chugging along encouraging each other and during the last mile I turned on the tunes and left the ear phones off. Sometimes distraction is just what you need and who can’t be distracted by Eminem and Nirvana?! You can’t stop when you are listening to those fellas!

As I looked up I saw Stephanie cover her face with two hands at the finish. Would this be tears?! Well, almost but no go! Even if, they would have been happy ones!!!
PR People! Deb, not shown but not forgotten!

As we all finished I can’t remember feeling more accomplished ever in my running career. Is career the right verbiage?! Hmmm…I doubt it, but it sounds good so I am leaving it! J I can’t believe we did 20 miles!!! I was so happy to share Laura and Trinity’s 12 mile PR! They made such an awesome time and are absolutely going to nail their half!!! We celebrated with hugs and chocolate milk. Plus, Deb made a new 12+ PR and Linda a 10 mile PR! Woot! It was such a great day!

Welcome to the 20 Mile Club!
It's a bit different than the mile high club! lol!
The rest of Saturday was spent lying around with bags of frozen fruit on my legs. Yes, they hurt. Yes, it was worth it as its Monday and I am still on a high! I still can’t walk normal, but I am still on a high.

I saw later on our Facebook page a follower wrote that they don’t think they could ever run 20 miles. I am going to tell you and everyone else who has ever thought this YES, YOU CAN!!!! If I can do it, you can do it. I remember having the same thoughts as you. I remember joking that I would only run if I was being chased. All you have to do is want to and never, never, never give up. Trust me, the feeling of accomplishing it is all worth it!!

Until next time…Happy Running!


What was your favorite running accomplishment?!

What is a goal you want to complete?!


  1. SO happy to read this!! I began running last year at the age of 52 -- had never exercised before in my entire life. I am now training for my first half marathon in November. I want to do a marathon before I am 55 but lately I have been thinking "I just can't do it." Now you have given me hope! I just need to believe I can do it, and I can!! Thanks!

  2. 20 miles run and done on Saturday! Mile 15 hit me hard and I think I wasn't properly hydrated, but we FINISHED! I can't believe I've only been running a year and I'm where I am today. It IS possible. :)

  3. This is so inspiring!!!! Very very awesome!!! I pray one day i can do that....

  4. You're right, you have to WANT to run 20 miles. I don't want to. :-) I love running, but have no desire to run that far. However, reading how "easy" and fun it was for you to run that far makes me think that maybe, someday, possibly I might want to run 20 miles . . . or not . . . :-) Good job!

  5. Yea! You laies are so awesome! So happt for you! Way to go!

  6. Thank you all! I promise you that you can do it! Always, always have the courage to try!!! There is no such thing as failure in my book as long as you try. :) Happy running!!! :) ~Danyelle