Thursday, August 16, 2012

You Can't Out-Exercise A Bad Diet

How many times have you said/thought/heard, "I ran today, I deserve to eat this." I know I've been guilty of it. (You probably know by now my undying love for cake.) Treats once in a while are probably not going to do too much harm. (Depending on which study you read.) When it becomes a habit or lifestyle though, you will not get the results you want. You are pretty much undoing all of your hard work.

If it's not there, you can't eat it. 
Reward yourself for your hard work by tossing the junk-food! This will help get you the results you want and deserve. A healthy diet is what your body needs. Period. There is no 'two trains traveling in opposite directions' story problem to solve here. Eat carrots instead of chips. Eat some raw almonds instead of beer nuts. Just make some smarter choices. Fried green beans do not count as vegetables. In fact, just a good rule of thumb, if it's fried, don't eat it. I know it tastes good but how do you feel an hour after you eat it?

Nothing Tastes As Good As Thin Healthy Feels.

Need more reward? 
Me too! Set some goals, write them down. When you reach a goal reward yourself with something you've been wanting like some new running gear, a massage, a new outfit, a trip to Tahiti... whatever. When I hit the 30 lb loss I went out and got not one but two, oh yes TWO, new dresses.

That being said...
I'm not perfect with my diet, I love cake and even though I've sworn off fast food and soda, I still give in to a craving for Culver's cod and fries once every month or two. Yes, I realize this totally goes against my 'if it's fried, don't eat it' rule. Again, I'm not perfect. I'm getting better though. :)

 I do know that I feel a ton better when I am on the right track with what I'm eating. Not only do I feel better, my skin looks better, my clothes fit better, I'm just plain happier and the scale is off my hit list. I also know that I'm lowering my risk of early death, which is nice.  So, I've got that going for me.

Fred is watching videos and documentaries again which means we are likely in for another big change around here. I'm pretty sure he's going to spring 'vegan' on me next. I have to admit, I really do believe it is the healthiest way to go. Knowing and implementing are very different things though. And, hello, CHEESE. How can I not eat cheese??? We've already dropped meat (except fish occasionally) and gone to a mostly plant-based diet but (in the words of Bugs Bunny) that next step is a lulu! Totally plant-based is still a little scary to me. Again, cheese.

Until next time, peace, love, and happiness!


How do you reward yourself for your hard work? 
What big changes have you made to your diet?


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