Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Time for Viente!

Last Saturday's 12 mile taper run was a welcome relief! It was 35 degrees cooler than the following week's miserable 18 that we mastered. We kept an even pace of 10:45 on the first 6 miles and averaged overall at an 11:15 pace for the entire 12. I will take that! We were thankful for a much better training run than previous. So, what gives? I think two major factors are the cause and effect for this great run that we logged. 

1. 58 freakin' awesome degrees!


2. I did all my midweek runs!

Who knows it could have been partially psychological, too?! Going from 18 to 12 just sounds so much more doable if I do say so myself!

So, what's up this week? Viente! Twenty that is! The temps forecasted at this point look lovely. I am pretty excited about conquering this one! Let's pray it stays cool as it is time for another PR!

Until next time...Happy Running!


So, what's your favorite temperature to run in?!

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