Friday, August 24, 2012

Featured Runner Friday: Meet Debbie!

Every runner has a story...
At Sexy Mother Runner we believe sharing those stories is a great way to share the gift of running while helping to motivate others. Today's Featured Runner is a woman who decided she wasn't willing to just give up and give in. She took back her health and her life. Oh, how I love a good story about overcoming health issues! 

Meet Debbie: 

Hi there, I'm a mom and a runner also. I love to hear other runners experiences as well as share my own. If I can give some one else motivation to run or shape up with my story then it will have been worth telling .

 About 6 years ago I went thru a bad break up and started having daily head aches. I happened to work for my doctor, so I mentioned them to him. Turns out my blood pressure was high. He told me he wanted me to lose weight, he was giving me a few weeks before he put me on blood pressure meds. He said to me that he knows I can't run because of my asthma ( he's an avid runner himself) but I should walk a few miles everyday. 

At that time I was on 2 inhalers and 1 pill for my asthma. I also couldn't tolerate cigarette smoke or strong odors from cleaners or perfume, as well as extreme temps would make it difficult to breath.  But what I was thinking was if I couldn't run at 37 what happens when I'm 47, I can't walk? And 57 oxygen? I couldn't accept that. Sooo I ran. 

I had always lifted weights & worked out but my eating was not controlled. But I dragged my self to the track & every week I added a lap in a combo of running & walking. I soon signed up for a local 5 mi run. I loved the camaraderie so much, I then signed up for a 10k followed by a half marathon. By then my asthma symptoms were lessening & I didn't get sick for the entire year . 

I ran my first full marathon 1 year after I was told I couldn't run. The rest is history, I've now come off all of my meds , I haven't had an asthma attack in 5 yrs & have run 11 marathons as well as a bunch of shorter races, oh & I lost 30 lbs in the process, & my blood pressure is normal. 

I started a fitness page so I can help others realize any one can achieve a higher level of fitness if they try.
  Thanks for reading,
          Debbie from


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  1. Debbie, that is a great story! Wow! You overcame every obstacle! Get out there and just try people! You never know the outcome until you do. ~Danyelle :)

  2. My mom is amazing and my inspiration! I love her so much and am very proud of everything she's accomplished!
    -Debbie's Daughter :)

  3. Way to go! I love your story! Way to overcome your health issues!