Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Training for my first Triathlon!

Triathlons have sparked my interest for quite some time and this Spring I just could not get it out of my head that I wanted to complete one. The thought would come in and then negative thoughts would follow next. Thoughts like “When will you find the time to train?” “You really don’t have the proper bike for it!” “You know how to swim to keep yourself afloat, but you have never done laps!” Although those thoughts kept swimming in my head, the persistent urge of doing one never left me. Therefore, I started looking for the right one for me. Finding the “right” tri just fell into my lap. I wanted it close, I did not want an open water swim, and it had to be in June. When I put that criteria in the search engine the Tremont Triathlon popped right up! June 23, lap swim, and only 30 minutes away! Woo Hoo! Even though I found the right one it took me a week to actually sign-up. I asked a friend if she wanted to do it and she was hesitant and nervous. The urge still nagged me and finally I convinced myself that I was signing up either way. The stars were aligned and I knew everything would just fall into place.

As I was getting ready to press submit on the entry form a thought came to me about my friend Kathryn doing triathlons before. Kathryn is amazing! She is one of the nicest people I know and has known me since I was a kid. She has completed marathons, triathlons, etc. etc. I instantly messaged her to see if she had any interest in doing one and she instantly said, “Yes!” I was ecstatic! We both signed up within minutes of each other. I am bib #210 and she is bib #211. Woot!

Next, the bike and the swim. Thank god I know how to run already! J Let me start this by saying that I truly believe god puts special people in your life and if you trust in that and believe the rest will fall into place. The first example of that was, Kathryn.


The Bike:
While talking to my friends and co-workers at Gold’s Gym I told them I had registered for a triathlon and laughed that I did not technically know how to swim and bike, but I was doing it. The next the words out of my adorable, very pregnant friend Cyndi’s mouth was, “I used to be a competitive biker and you can use my bike”.  Instantly, I am speechless and overwhelmed with gratitude. Cyndi then invited me over and gave me a biking lesson. She taught me about clip-in shoes, gears, etc. and off I went with her Specialized Alez. Upon leaving Cyndi’s house she said to me while laughing, “Don’t break yourself….or the bike!” I knew at this moment that this bike cost some serious coin. I googled it and almost gasped at the price tag. Needless to say the bike is our new baby and on June 23 I will be delivering it with kid-gloves back to my friend. Thank you, Cyndi for the lesson and the bike.

The Swim:
In May, at a play date that I hosted at my house for our daughters (Glamour Shots for 5 and 6 year olds, this was seriously adorable!) as we were ‘glamming’ our little peanuts up I mentioned that I needed to learn how to swim this week while laughing of course! Various conversations were discussed and my friend Rhya said, “Did you hear that Danelle just said she was a competitive swimmer and was on team in High School?” Instantly I was surprised as my very humble, sweet friend has never mentioned this and we have known each other for 4 years. We even watch each other’s children often. She instantly offered to give me a lesson. What I learned from Danelle that day I contribute to every lap I successfully complete. I could not have done it without her. Plus, she helped this girl without ever making fun of her. She even helped me put my swim cap on the right way. Seriously, I can’t stop laughing at this! My pink swim cap actually looked like a condom had gone wrong on my head! J. She then showed me how to do a flip-turn. No, I won’t be doing this at the tri as I might hurt myself or someone else! Breathing was the biggest hurdle for me. After practicing for 3 hours a week for over a month I finally have got it down to a comfortable pace. I am so happy! I learned something new that was very challenging. I never knew how hard swimming would be, especially because I thought since I run great distances swimming would not be a big deal?! Boy, was I wrong!  Currently, I complete 16 laps in 13 minutes. Not too shabby for a girl who just learned how to swim. The best part is that I have become a better runner from swimming and will continue this new exercise long after the Tremont Tri is over. Again I want to thank you, Danelle.

I can’t believe that in three more days I will be able to say I have completed my first Triathlon! I am so excited I can’t stand it!

~ Danyelle

Have you completed a Triathlon or want to?
What is the biggest thing you learned from your Triathlon?


  1. I know you are going to do a great job on Saturday. More importantly, you will be meeting a goal you set for yourself which took you way out of your comfort zone and I know you will have a blast while doing it! :)

  2. i was in the same boat! My tri is july 22nd please post after race thoughts and insights

  3. Wow Danyelle, I am so happy for you!