Monday, June 18, 2012

Race Recap: The Steamboat Classic!

Stephanie, Bekah, Me, Carrie, Heidi, & Laura

After 4 hours of interrupted sleep my alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. for the Steamboat Classic. My son had a nightmare so he crawled in bed and kicked, turned, and punched the rest of the night. I know all you Mamas have experienced this one time or another! I checked my weather app and the forecast was still “Steamy”. I would expect nothing less than that for the Steamboat Classic. It is always the warmest race of the year for me. This is the 4th year in a row that I have done the Steamboat Classic 4 mile race.

As I was getting ready that morning I noticed I was out of my normal pre-race bananas, how did this happen?! Well, because I have been burning the candle at both ends all week. I would work at my jobs during the day, train or go out at night. As I look back at the week, I am really unsure how I survived it. I worked every day having only 5 hours of sleep each night, completed a 14 mile marathon training run, ran with my Building Steam Group, attended an awesome Steamboat Pre-Race party…But I know the answer to that question. God and my husband! God gave me the strength and my husband made every thing that I couldn’t complete completed. Thank you to him I was able to keep moving in that forward pace. (Right Casey?) J Forward is a pace people. Never, ever forget that!

My pal Carrie
So, I downed fiber cereal with milk and a coffee, got dressed, and out the door I went. Let me state right now that this pre-race breakfast is a very, very, very bad choice. lol!!!  Off I went. It was great the minute I jumped in the car the phone started ringing. Carrie: “You on your way?” Me: “Yes, Ma’am!” Carrie: “Do make-up and hair in your car?” Me: “Yes! Park at the Riverplex!” So, we met and glammed ourselves up! This is one of my favorite things about races, because lets be real I am never going to win a medal unless they make one for having the most fun after the race!! That is the medal I would win! Carrie and I glittered ourselves and put purple hair color streaks in our hair. We were ready to run. We looked cute! Hahaha! Off to the bathroom (a must!) and to the race line we went. As the race started in 15 minutes!

The guy that make it all happen!
My awesome kids! :)

We grabbed some pre-race pictures with friends and before you knew it the race started. I felt pretty good in the beginning and held a 10:15 pace for the first mile, then a 10:30 for the second. Things started turning bad when the water wasn’t where it normally was at mile 1.5 and I didn’t bring my hydration bottle. I didn’t think I would need it as they always have water at 1.5 miles. I think this was a race oversight and other than this the race was wonderful. Suddenly, things started to take a downward spiral quickly for me. I started overheating at a rapid pace. When I finally did get water it was at 2.5 miles or 2.7 miles. I can’t remember exactly, but I started pouring it on myself. I couldn’t get cooled down or my pace back. I told Bekah and Carrie to go ahead as I started to not feel well. I slowed down considerably. At the last ¾ of a mile I started to feel good again and wanted to sprint down the hill, so I did. Then all of a sudden my stomach flip-flopped and heat rose into my cheeks and the salivating began. I stopped and almost tossed my cookies or Fiber One. My friend Laura was sweet enough to ask if I was okay as she ran by. Thanks, friend. I ended up getting it under control after about 20 seconds and then ran comfortably the rest of the way in. My finish time was slower than last year. At first I was sad, then my husband, kids, the friends and beer turned that cart right around quickly! What is there to be sad about my hubby asked?! You ran today! Good for you! Then off he went to work. Love him!

Abby rocked her 15K!
Kathryn left and Misty right! Kathryn is doing my first tri with me next week!
Liza who was in my Steppin' Eleven
Building Steam Running Group! Love her!
Liza and her mom rocked the Steamboat!
My friends, kids, and building steam group celebrated the race the rest of the morning together. We had so much fun and like that another Steamboat Classic was under my belt! Lessons learned and memories made!

Post Race Party celebrating Bekah's birthday!
Mmmm...Steamboat cookies!
Later that day we attended a really nice post-race Steamboat party (I love parties!) and celebrated Bekah’s 36th Birthday! It was indeed a good day shared with wonderful people!


How were your races this weekend? 


  1. I am new(er) the running. Ran a 5K yesterday AM. Still struggling with what to eat before a race. I tried yogurt and granola yesterday FAIL!! Love bananas. I will try that next time.
    BTW, I did PR yesterday which is exciting, but had to fight with my stomach about 3/4's of the race.

  2. Thanks for your comment. It is nice to know I am not alone. Hang in there! You will find what your body will tolerate. Good luck! ~Danyelle

  3. I love your race stories! We all have them and can learn from each other. It is hard for me as well to eat before a race. I usually do a banana and if my tummy will take it a greek yogurt for the protein. I think every "body" is different. You girls are such an inspiration to me :) Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks Krista! You are an inspiration to us, also! ~Danyelle

  5. Danyelle-so glad I got to meet you in person this weekend! Congrats on finishing Steamboat #4! Great job leading a group!