Monday, June 11, 2012

Running partners…if you don’t have any you should beg, borrow, plead, or rent one!

Today started out like most mornings lately since I am training for the Chicago Marathon and Tremont Triathlon, 5:00 a.m. the alarm goes off. I groan. The dog moves. I hope it is profusely storming so I can cancel. It isn’t. I smell the coffee that is on auto-brew. I stumble to it. Poor a cup and go sit in the bathroom for 10 minutes wondering what in the world I am doing. I come to. I get my running clothes on that I have laid out the night before. I get more coffee. Take the Garmin off the charger. Strap my iPhone on. Grab the keys, my hydration bottle, and head out the door to meet one of my running partners. Thank god for them.

I am blessed with many running partners and on most days I don’t know what I would do without them. A reliable running partner helps you succeed and provides safety in numbers. How do you measure the value in that? They help you achieve your goals. They push you through hard physical and mental journeys. They provide stability.

On Mondays I always run with Heidi. We run 4 miles and talk the whole time. It is a welcome relaxed run. We try if schedules allow to run later in the week, too. Heidi and I completed the Spartan Sprint together in October and she completed her first ½ marathon in April. It was a nice run today and even our friend Trinity joined us today, too!

Oftentimes, Carrie joins us. That is unless her son is puking. That is the only way we let her off the hook. Just kidding, friend. Carrie is my yes girl. I text her throughout the week and generally we swim and run, two to three times a week. She is my rock. She even completes the long double-digit runs with me. She completed her first ½ marathon with Heidi in April. She is deciding which full she is going to do in the Fall. While she decides she will be completely ready for it as she is training with me. These girls are awesome!

I also train with Stephanie. She is so much fun! She talks and tells hilarious stories all the time. She will complete her first full marathon in September. She is an awesome training partner! Please pray for Steph as she has had knee problems lately and I want her to recover without a hitch. She is a determined gal and I seriously doubt anything is going to get her down.

Bekah, well I think you have heard about her. ;) When that girl is not juicing she is right there with us. She has even offered to watch my kids for me if my husband can’t so I can get the long runs in. Honestly, thank you does not cover it.

Peoria is blessed to have a variety of running and Fitness Groups! W.O.W. (Women of Washington), Sole Sisters, Lovely Ladies, FitMoms, Fast, and IVS. I can post in any of these groups and find a partner, too. I am so thankful. Sure you can run alone, but I am a big fan of being safe ladies! Many runners have been attacked and we need to be careful. What if you don’t have a running group? Start one. I started one specifically for those of us in the area that are running the 2012 Chicago Marathon. We all post, exchange ideas, etc. We try to run together when our schedules mesh, too. It is wonderful! Camaraderie is where it is folks! Big Shout out to these lovely ladies who are going to rock Chicago this Fall with me: Laura R., Heather, Casey, Jennifer, Michelle, Laura M. R.!

I guess I am rambling on to say that if you are considering running or training develop a core group of reliable friends to run with. It makes training so much more enjoyable. If you have a family, develop a family plan and make sure your family is on board with your training. My family knew a marathon was on my bucket list since I was a teenager and they helped me pick out which marathon was the best fit for me to do. Chicago here I come! My family and friends are a huge contributor to my training success and I know that I will be thinking of them every meter that I swim, every mile that I bike, and every step of my marathon. Thank you to all of you.



“To the world you may be just one person, but to 
one person you may be the world.”
 - Brandi Snyder


  1. You are awesome, friend. I'm so thankful for you. I'm happy to see you reach your goals and if I can help you get there, well, that works too. :)

  2. Wow! Love this! I think you have a great group of gals to keep you running and on track! Way to go!

  3. You are so lucky to have rockin friends!