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Healthy Collaboration: "B" is for Bicep!

Who doesn't want some Sexy Arms?!

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Today our letter of the day is "B"!
"B" is for Biceps!


Pushups build muscle and strength in your biceps, triceps, chest and back. If you lack the upper-body strength to do a regular pushup, consider doing a modified version. Place a barbell on a power rack at chest height. Put your hands on the bar and move into the pushup position. Attempt to perform 12 pushups with the proper form. Lower the bar one notch on the rack if you can complete more than 12 pushups, and raise the bar one notch if you can't complete 12 pushups.

Seated Bicep Curl

Seated bicep curls build muscle definition and strength in the biceps area while also working out the shoulder and trapezius muscles. Sit on a military press bench, and place your feet on the floor. Grasp two dumbbells with your thumbs wrapped around the handles and palms facing forward. Allow your arms to hang at your side while pushing your shoulders back and down.

Bring the dumbbells to your chest by gradually bending your elbows. Avoid arching your back. Keep your butt, shoulders and head in contact with the bench, and avoid flexing or extending your wrists. Lower the dumbbells to the starting position. Do four sets of 15 repetitions to develop lean, muscular biceps.

Alternating Cable Curls

Alternating cable curls help to add lean muscle mass to your biceps. Set the cable pulleys to low, and grasp the stirrups with your palms facing forward. Keep your elbows stationary, and pull one stirrup toward your shoulder. Slowly lower the stirrup until your arm is fully extended. Repeat the movement with your other arm. Do four sets of 15 repetitions to tone your biceps.


Engage in aerobic activity three days each week for 30 minutes per session to increase your heart health and shed fat, which will add definition to your biceps. Exercise your biceps once per week. Resting a body part for seven days helps you to fully recover and the muscles to build for subsequent workouts.

Source: www.Livestrong.com

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