Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Mother of a Valentine AND The Sexy Valentine Giveaway Winner!

My day started out with the usual race to get everyone dressed and out the door. I was irritated and feeling rushed. Both of my little ones were dressed and mostly ready but there were some last minute details that needed to be finished up for my girl's school valentines.

Fred jumped in and got to work with stapling cards to goody bags while I ran around trying to locate the rest of my running clothes. If you're like me and always have a never ending pile of laundry going then you may understand the run to the dryer to pull out items that you need right now. That was me this morning, and well, a lot of mornings, actually.

Finally, out the door, coffee in hand, little ones in tow, and ugh, snow on all the car windows. Luckily, it was soft and didn't require scraping just a little wiper action and rolling both windows down and then back up to clear the snow from them. Which actually takes a little skill because you have to know how to do this without the snow actually falling into the car. What can I say, I'm a master.

I love my daughter's school. Really I do. But sometimes I feel like 'that' mom. Pretty much every mom or dad drops their child off looking photo ready at any given moment. Me, not so much. I'm usually wearing workout clothes, not necessarily fashionable ones either, my hair is in a messy bun (heavy on the messy) and I may or may not have mascara smeared under my eyes. Usually my son is screaming some sort of protest to and from the building. It's awesome. (Song running through my head - One of these things is not like the others...)

Today it was topped off by my epic fail of not stopping Fred from loading the valentines into a (gasp) plastic grocery bag in lieu of either a decorative gift bag or a reusable shopping bag. (Even the dad's are carrying one of these more socially acceptable options) I thought of swapping them out and into the Fresh Market bag that's still in my car after a friend returned it to me a couple weeks ago. But, we are going to be late if I do that so I just go with the plastic bag and let the shame envelop me.

Acceptable Option For Transportation Of Valentine Cards

Not An Acceptable Option For Transporting Valentine Cards

Oh well...

Off to the gym with my little man. Got in a nice workout while regaining some of my sanity. Back to school to pick up my girl and then it's off to get the last minute gift for Fred.

Upon arriving back home, I start to open my door and before it's even open I can smell... cleaning products??? Be still my heart. Fred apparently took Danyelle's valentine post to heart! I don't know who I want to hug more, Fred or Danyelle! My house is clean, looks great, smells great and all of my irritation from the morning just melted away. Best. Valentine. Present. Ever.

There will be no romantic dinner for two. No candlelit night of romance. (Unless one of my sisters are reading this and decide to be awesome by watching the kids for the night. hint hint) No special way to really mark the day that IS love and romance.

Instead, I have a clean house and two little ones jacked up on candy. I'm good with that.

How are you celebrating Valentine's Day?

What's the best gift you've ever gotten for Valentine's Day?

Sexy Valentine Giveaway!!!

The winner is... The Blayneys!!!

When I read the suggested place to wear the boa, "I think you should wear it to the gym, while lifting weight near one of those guys who grunt while lifting, hahaha! And you need to grunt too!", I seriously spit my drink. This cracked me up! I can't wait to see Danyelle grunting alongside some big beefcake while wearing the boa!!! Okay, so I'm probably going to have do it too. It will be so worth it though, hilarious! Be sure to check back for video/picture proof!


  1. Bekah - there is never a dull moment with you. All of your stories make me laugh!

  2. IMO a clean house (that wasn't cleaned by moi) trumps all. Lucky you!

  3. Yay!!! I can't wait to see the pics, hahahaha!