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Sexy Mother Runner Featured Runner Friday ~ Meet Leslie

~Sexy Mother Runner
Featured Runner Friday~

Sexy Mother Runner is going to be featuring a different runner every Friday! Every runner has a story and we believe that sharing those stories is a great way to share the gift of running while helping to motivate others. Today's featured runner is our friend, Leslie.
 I could write a book about Leslie, but let me tell you six
very important words that describe her and her character.
Loyal, honest, trust worthy, hard-working, loving and commited.
She is a wonderful friend, mother, teacher, and runner!

This is Leslie's story... 

I started running in May of 2010 because,  I just couldn't get rid of those pregnancy pounds after having my daughter. I heard breast feeding would work. Well, it didn't work for me. I initially entered the biggest loser at my work and lost 10 pounds and won. That said, I still had 8 pounds to get back to pre preggo weight. Maybe this was wishful thinking. One of my bff's from junior high kept telling me about her running. I saw how great she looked after she started and thought ok if she can do this, so can I. Are you wondering who this bff is? Well it is the one and only Sexy Mother Runner, Danyelle. Yes we have been friends since we were 12.

My inspiration definitely came from Sexy Mother Runner, Danyelle. She has inspired me to run. Run and if I fall off the wagon jump back on. Falling off the wagon happens. Talking about falling off the wagon that is so easy for me to do. Life gets busy and family and work gets in the way. I find it easy to let running go first. I know that isn't the right thing, but that is just me. I do jump back on and start putting one foot in front of the other.

Races Completed--I find it easy to keep me focused if I sign up for a race. I know I can't fall off the wagon if I have a race coming up. That said, my first race was the Susan G. Komen in Peoria. My husband and I completed this together. My second race was the State Fair Parade 2 mile race in the heat of 111 degrees. Oh my was it hot. This race was terrible because of the heat. The heat exploding off the blacktop was nuts. I poured a bottle over my head while running. When I finished my darling husband and even cuter daughter were waiting for me. Thank heavens they had water and more water for me. I then ate the calories I had burned eating the famous corn dog and fries. :) Next race was the Wounded Soldier 5k. This race was the most difficult. This race had hills and it was chilly. The race was in the country. Another race was the Race for Victims Rights. This was fun. I was so happy to run for women and their rights. I was also excited to run this with SMR Danyelle!

Leslie & Danyelle

The next race, was the Half marathon in Champaign. The race was difficult, but when I finished I was so excited I had tears in my eyes. This was a huge accomplishment for me. I am glad my running buddy Kathy was able to help me train, run Saturday's with me and then run next to me in the race. She has been my support for over a year. When I don't feel like running she is there to say,"What time are we running?"  

Kathy & Leslie

My last race of the year was the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in ST. Louis. It was very hard!  The hills were killer. I did have to walk up most of the hills. With this said, my time was the same as Champaign. I think that is an improvement considering the hills. The last few miles were tough. My dh and daughter were waiting for me near the end. I was so excited to see them and gave them each a high five. I love that they can see me enjoy something that is healthy. When I finished I was so happy!  After the race we went to the zoo. Yikes! After running 13.1 miles the zoo was a hard walk!  But, my little one came and watched me for over two hours, so I could go to the zoo for her.

My favorite place to run is definitely outdoors in the bike trails here in Springfield. We are fortunate to have so many trails with shade. They typically aren't busy and the outdoors is a refreshing place to be. The fall is beautiful on these trails. One morning we even saw a deer. Look down the path in the picture and you can see him. So neat.

If the weather or schedule doesn't allow the treadmill takes second place. But I have to have my favorite songs playing loud. I love anything upbeat. I have to run to good fun music. I love the new stuff. I am also always looking for good music. So, if you have a good tune you run to, please send it to me or add to the blog. 

My Favorite saying came from a hard run one morning. Kathy and I were running a 7 or 8 miler. My family and I had camped out in the back yard the night before and cooked out hot dogs and smores. I knew better then to eat a hot dog, but took one for the family. Oh did I pay for it the next morning. During this run, I was hoping for a port a potty on the trail. Then I wanted the woods. Then I just wanted to get to the car and nearest bathroom. If you know what I mean. So my favorite saying is: "Run like you have to poop!!" When I saw this at a race I knew I wasn't alone.

I spend my days as a wife, mother, and teaching my wonderful kindergarten class. I also love to sell Thirty one as much as possible.
All of these things and running bring me joy in my life!


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 ~ Danyelle and Bekah

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